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Last Updated: 18 October 2000


TV Guide and Yahoo will be hosting three chat sessions to mark the season finale episode of The Sentinel - The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg.

On Friday May 24 Leigh Taylor Young (Naomi Sandburg) and Udo Kier (the Ice Man) will be online, followed on Monday May 24 by Richard Burgi and Garett Maggart in the hour preceding the season finale episode on the east coast.

For more information on the chats and how to participate visit the chat sections of Yahoo and TV Guide. The TV Guide site also has a link that allows you to start submitting questions now.

Monday, May 24
  8pm ET
5pm PT
  TV Guide Online chats with "Sentinel" stars Richard Burgi and Garett Maggart
Just in time for the fourth season finale, TV Guide Online chats with Richard Burgi and Garett Maggart, the stars of the hit UPN series The Sentinel. Since the season finale of this fan-favorite series is entitled "The Sentinel: By Blair Sandburg", you can be sure that this episode of The Sentinel will be explosive and have far reaching consequences for both Detective Ellison (Burgi) and Sandburg (Maggart). Join TV Guide Online as we chat with Richard and Garett on Monday, May 24 at 8pET/5pPT.


In the lead-up to the season finale episode of The Sentinel on UPN, Yahoo/TV Guide hosted chat sessions with the stars of the show.

Richard Burgi and Garett Maggart joined fans online Monday May 24 prior to the screening of The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg.


Yahoo / TVGen Sentinel Special Chat with Richard Burgi and Garett Maggart  


Richard Burgi and Garett Maggart, May 24, 1999

    Moderator: We're here tonight with Garett Maggart from THE SENTINEL. Richard Burgi should be joining us shortly. Welcome Garett! And guys - send in your questions now.

    Mod: And we have Richard Burgi now with us! Welcome Richard!

    Richard Burgi: Hi!

    Garett Maggart: : Hi and thanks for coming on line!

    MV21: This is not a question but please tell Garett happy birthday for MV and all the The Sentinel fans.

    GM: : Thank you!

    Faelana: What is the one experience you've had while working on this show that stands out the most for you?

    GM: : My experience was the whole experience, the whole thing has stood out for me. The friends I've made and the whole experience of working that long was wonderful.

    RB: Wanting to bash a certain director's head in - and not doing it? And the love and fun and joy of frolicking in the chaos of the show everyday. And struggles.

    linda301a: Thank you both for creating such wonderful characters and entertaining us over the last four years, and we look forward to watching you both in your next endeavors. One of the things we like best about The Sentinel, and will miss the most, is watching you two work together. Any chance of you working together again, either as Jim & Blair, or as other characters?

    GM: : No clue, probably not as Jim and Blair.

    RB: I'm putting into future contracts that I won't work with Garett again. He's too handsome to work with! I'm open, I'm open. If he and I work together again. I still hope we go back to Vancouver. I got too much furniture up there.

    GM: : Hey Rich - we're not going back up to Vancouver.

    RB: I had a dream - or a nightmare - that we were picked up for another two years. And my dreams are never very accurate in their foretelling.

    GM: : But they're exciting, I've heard them!

    Rusty2_4219: Richard, you did a subtly moving performance on Touched by an Angel. Was it strange going in on a new series after being on The Sentinel for so long?

    RB: Yeah, it was actually good to feel like a hired gun and not feel like I had to carry the show. Or be the quarterback. But I had a great time to just do something completely different.

    blkequus: Hi Richard! When you were on Touched by an Angel did you get to meet Ali?

    RB: Ally McBeal? No, I didn't. I missed Mohammed Ali by a day. I delayed my flight by a day.

    Jim_and_Blair_Forever: There has been a difference of opinion on some Sentinel groups and I hope you can settle a question. How old is Blair and Jim's characters of the show?

    GM: : Jim - 22, Blair - 26.

    RB: No, Jim has to be pushing 40, Blair has to be pushing 30.

    Vancouver_rain: GM, when do you officially get to cut the hair, or is it a done deal already? <POUT>

    GM: : It's not a done deal. Just haven't gotten around to it, I haven't thought about it much.

    RB: It's like Linus and his blankee.

    _lulu_2: What month/year was The Sentinel's pilot filmed?

    GM: : August or September of 1995. We think.

    TarisMare: What do you think would do Jim with his senses when he is 60?

    GM: : Lose 'em. Hey, where'd they go??

    RB: Try to remember where he put them. Either that or he's going to be like Hugh Hefner w/out the viagra.

    All5987: For Richard - Richard, do you ever get back to New Jersey?

    RB: yeah, I was just back there a little while ago.

    TerBear70: Richard and Garett - Are you single or married? and how old?

    RB: I'm married.

    GM: : I'm not married but I'm with someone.

    RB: What's his name?

    GM: : Ruth.

    BlairAngel_1: Who has bigger hands? Richard or Garett?

    RB: I think mine are a little bigger! But there's no correlation between hand size and penis size!

    kildi499: Hi Richard did you play on the show from Hawaii with Cheryl Ladd?

    RB: Yes I did.

    Lady_barebackrider: What was your favorite on site location for taping an episode?

    RB: Samoa.

    GM: : I don't know, there were so many.

    Mod: Richard, what kinds of things would you have done differently if you had been writing the scripts?

    RB: I would have developed some more complex female characters. And I wouldn't have assumed that the audience was dumb. And I would have tried to have more fun instead of all the exposition about the case, I would have had more fun with the characters.

    Cedara3: Would you do a The Sentinel movie, if asked?

    RB: Sure, I'd love to work with Garett and Bruce again.

    GM: : Of course I would!

    RyfsButtonLady: Richard, would you have done anything different during Blair's 'death' scene?

    RB: I think I would have held his head under water! I would have rid myself of this pest in my apartment and finished the job!

    BlairK_2: Okay, guys, what was your proudest moment working on The Sentinel ? The moment that made you stand back and just go "wow".

    RB: That I could fart and stay in the moment, in the scene!

    GM: : That I could let him! That I was able to stay in the scene! And I never thought that was possible!

    RB: LOL!

    GM: : This is horrible. But it's the real deal!

    Shadomine: Hi Richard! Happy B-day Garett! Thanks for spending time with us again! The fans of course would love for The Sentinel to get a 5th season, should SciFi decide to make new eps. But we only want to fight for this, if it's also what you both want. How do you feel about returning to The Sentinel?

    RB: I love the people I work with and I love the people in Vancouver and for the most part we have a lot of fun at work. I think that's what I would miss most. I would love to do more. I love a) the steady work, it's fun showing up each week and doing what we do. And b) I enjoyed the people I worked with, especially Garett and Bruce.

    GM: : Yes!

    s_s97: Greetings form Alabama. Anything currently in the works for either of you?

    GM: : No.

    RB: Maybe. I did a piece on a pilot called Action.

    McCougar: How different would Jim be if Blair hadn't conned his way into his life?

    RB: I would imagine there would be a lot more skimpily clad scenes cavorting around the house with cherubic goddesses!

    GM: : I would not have a clue.

    akablonded: Richard, any plans for some theater work?

    RB: I actually just talked to my manager about it the other day. I would love to.

    RyfsButtonLady: We know how Jim reacted to Blair's 'death'. How would Blair react to Jim's death?

    GM: : Pretty much the same way.

    RB: He would want a little more lip contact! GM: : I would have gone a little further with the mouth to mouth. As long as he was still warm. RB: LOL!

    Cobainchick67: Did you have a role model growing up? If so, who was it??

    GM: : My brother and my father. Completely conflicting styles of life.

    RB: I'd have to say the same thing. And Ray Nitschke.

    mselaine99: Happy 30th, Garett, and Happy Birthday couple months early, Richard. Garett, did Richard get you that tie-dyed spandex bodysuit for your birthday?

    GM: : Yes I'm donning it right now.

    RB: He runs sprints in it at the Santa Monica Track Club. With his Flo Jo hair piece!

    MV27: What are your (both RB and GM) plans for this summer? Any projects in the works or is it vacation time?

    GM: : Vacation time for me and trying to get work. Hopefully in about a month, I'll get back on the audition trail.

    RB: I'm working my backside takeoff!

    Jim_and_Blair_Forever: What has been the funniest thing that has happened to you on The Sentinel?

    GM: : I think we'd have to go back to that fart comment.

    RB: I prefer the term flatulence.

    GM: : What always sticks out for me was when we beat Brian up with snowballs at the toilet factory. During the Light My Fire episode, and he was screaming no more snowballs, and the whole crew pelted him. It was not planned. But everyone nailed him. It was hilarious.

    RB: There were so many. I remember so many bent over laughing until my ankles shook.

    ysmccool: What kind of characters are you hoping to play?

    RB: Masculine.

    GM: : Studly types.

    RB: Masculine with panache. Or feminine with vigor!

    linda301a: Either of you have any parting comments for UPN? (The fans sure do!)

    Both: Adios!

    celtcrow4: Are you guys going to stay in touch now that The Sentinel is over...for now.

    Both: I hate him!

    RB: No, I'm going over to his house to celebrate his birthday. But that's only because I need to borrow ten bucks to get home.

    HauntFox12: Richard, have you been able to get any surfing in lately?

    RB: Oh yes. Lots. But never enough.

    Valkeyre: A friend of mine in Germany who couldn't make it wants to know, what do you think of UPN's decision to pull The Sentinel off the fall schedule?

    RB: I never understand decisions that are motivated by business thinking minds in an emotional arena, I guess. But whatever they felt was best for their programming. It never seemed to be something that the network was fond of. So....

    GM: : I don't understand messing with a winning plan. Moving it around and shuffling it. But it's not my network. So god bless them and I hope everything works out for them.

    RB: It is a business. That's why they call it the entertainment business. It seemed like we were doing a good job of entertaining.

    GM: : Wednesday nights. They moved us to Monday and it killed us.

    RB: It's hard trying to figure out what the network was doing. I guess we feel disappointment. It's always a bitter pill to swallow when you don't feel what you've done has lived up to expectations. And/or hasn't been good enough. But I guess I feel good in that I showed up everyday wanting to make it better. And learned a lot through the process of what it was to struggle and then finally let go.

    iluvjimnblair: Which episode this season was the most fun to do?

    GM: : For me the most fun and also the least fun, was the last one, not knowing if it was going to be the last one but having a pretty good feeling that it was going to be.

    RB: My favorite episode was the pilot. This season I think it was probably the one with Robert Vaughn.

    Mod: Thanks for coming and chatting with us tonight. Good luck on all future endeavors! Hope you have you guys back!

    RB: God bless all the folks who have tuned in. Thanks for your support!

    GM: : Thanks for all the years of support and I hope y'all had a good time. Cause we did and we appreciate each and every one of you!!!


(With thanks to Duranee)
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