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Daytime TV Magazine - August 1987
by Janet Di Lauro

Sometimes Richard Burgi's wardobe doesn't leave much to the imagination!

Sometimes having an incredible physique can be more of a curse than a blessing. Take the case of Another World's strikingly handsome Richard Burgi.

Before joining the Bay City set Richard, predictably enough, was a model, who earned his keep showing off his assets in swim suit commercials. But deep down inside he desperately longed to put his sexy pin-up image to rest. Then, word came that he'd landed the part of Chad Rollo on AW. Richard thought his days as a half undressed hunk were over.

"I was thrilled," he recalls. "I remember thinking to myself, 'Finally, I can get back to serious acting. No more beefcake!' Then, I got to the studio to tape my first show and found out my wardrobe consisted of a skimpy bath towel," he laughs.

Well, Richard's daytime debut did have one advantage. It made AW's female fans sit up and take notice of him pronto. They couldn't help but fall for the smooth-talking pimp named Chad Rollo.

"Chad is nothing like me," insists Richard. "He's a ruthless bastard. I'm a romantic. I don't have the business sense Chad does either. I know there's a soft side to Chad, but right now it's buried underneath his dark side."

Growing up in Montclair, New Jersey, Richard always knew he wanted to become an actor, but he had a great love for sports, too. In high school he was All-State in swimming and lacrosse. 

After graduation, Richard traveled all over Europe and became a Jack-of-all-trades. "I worked as a musician in Germany, restored paintings in Italy, and lived in a New Age community in Scotland," he says. "I literally did it all."

Six months later Richard returned to the States, moved to New York, and began earning a living as a squash pro at health clubs around the city. His squash success eventually took him back to Germany, where he organized a number of squash clubs. In time, Richard realized squash wasn't the career of his dreams.

RB's debut as Chad Rollo
Chad gets a massage

Richard Burgi's AW debut as Chad Rollo really showed off his incredible physique.

TOP: Chad torments his "best baby," M.J.
(Sally Spencer).
ABOVE: He gets a back rub from one of his call girls
(Nina Tremblay).

"I got tired of chasing balls around," he jokes. "So, I moved back to the U.S. and decided to commit myself to acting. I started taking acting lessons at night. During the day I worked on a construction site in Harlem."

Richard's hard work and dedication have paid-off nicely. Before joining Another World he made appearances on Ryan's Hope and Guiding Light. So, he was well prepared to tackle his first contract daytime role.

These days Richard is quite content with just being an actor, but that jack-of-all-trades inside him is still alive and kicking. When he's not working at AW's Brooklyn studios, he can usually be found pursuing his favorite "hobbies" - motorcycling, painting, hot-air ballooning and scuba-diving. Well, nobody can ever accuse Richard Burgi of being boring!


(Thanks to Ruth Crenshaw for the article and images)

PRIVATE PIX! - circa 1987

Daytime TV Magazine

Richard Burgi, who plays Chad Rollo on Another World, recently invited Daytime TV to visit his Manhattan apartment for the day. We accepted his invitation and received a personal tour of his home. 

The perfect host, Richard graciously consented to allow us to photograph him as he escaped the pressures of the studio and relaxed in comfortable surroundings. It was a laid back day for Richard and deservedly so. He's been working hard on AW's AIDS storyline and was recently rewarded with a one-year contract. Bay City and AW scored big when they hired Richard.


RB barechested

LEFT: Sorry ladies, this photo is as close as we could get to a beefcake pose. Always wanting to look his best, Richard greeted us clean-shaven.
RB in the kitchen

LEFT: Richard is a multi-talented individual. Not only is he able to prepare a meal for his guests but also he is able to give you his rendition of Norman Bates in Psycho. Anthony Perkins, watch out.
RB with fan mail

LEFT: Part of Richard's day off was spent reading his fan mail. "I read all the letters. The fans, at first, were not too pleased with Chad, but now they're starting to like him. I really appreciate their support."
RB with bro Chuck

LEFT: Finally, a photo especially for Mom. Richard's brother Chuck stopped by for a cup of java and a quick family photo. Chuck is a drummer who has toured with a number of rock bands, including Bon Jovi.
RB and Ann Heche

LEFT: One... two... three. Richard playfully pins his costar Ann Heche. Ann portrays Vicki Love on AW, and she stopped by to see her castmate and friend. Don't read anything into this photo. These two are not dating and will not be part of Wrestlemania TV.

(Thanks to Kat for the scanned article and images)


Daytime Soaps Magazine
Article double-page spread AT HOME WITH RICHARD BURGI

Richard Burgi, who plays bad-guy turned good-guy "Chad Rollo" on Another World, recently moved into a new apartment and was happy to invite us for a look inside. So, with camera in hand, we went to his apartment and Richard showed us around. He also introduced us to co-star Anne Heche ("Victoria") who stopped by for a visit.

RB juggling eggs

LEFT: Taking a shot at juggling, we'll never know if that egg was caught or if it landed on the floor.
RB with Anne Heche

LEFT: Anne Heche ("Victoria") stopped by for a visit and had a little something to munch on, courtesy of Richard.
RB playing with drum kit

LEFT: Richard practices his drumming on a drum kit. He likes playing the drums, so whenever he has the time, he practices as much as he can.
RB at piano

LEFT: Is Richard giving some serious thought to playing the piano?
RB reading script

LEFT: Richard relaxes as he prepares to read over his script for the next day. 
RB headshot

(Thanks to Debbie for the scanned article and images)

CAN'T KEEP HIM DOWN - circa 1988

Daytime TV Magazine

Daytime TV article

Working on his third soap in the past year, Richard Burgi says, "It's great to be back on daytime." He's just joined As The World Turns as Glenn Harrington, an undercover cop working as a journalist.

Early in 1988, Richard left Another World and the role of Chad Rollo only to turn up on One Life to Live after, as Randy Stone. His stint on One Life was short because he looked too much like co-star Doug Wert (Wade).

"I'm happy to be on World Turns now. It's going to be fun - my first good guy role!"

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