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Last Updated: 20 October 2006

Richard ranks 14th in TV Guide Channel's "50 Sexiest Men on TV"

Richard dives into the horror genre with a part in Eli Roth's "Hostel: Part II," now filming in Prague

"Firestorm: Last Stand at Yellowstone" available on DVD in November; pre-order now! 

Richard joins Team USA at the Northern Rock All*Star Cup charity golf tournament in Wales, August 26-28

Desperate Housewives drops Richard to recurring character status for Season 3; Richard films first episode in October

Write ABC and Desperate Housewives!

"Desperate Housewives" updates and Richard's Season 3 episodes.

Writer Mary McNamara ponders the implications of Richard's drop from full-time "Housewives" cast

TV Guide interviews Richard for Sept 4th-10th issue

Charlotte, SC's WFBC conducts phone-in interview with Richard for Hawk n' Tom's Sept 18th morning show

Richard collects press kudos for "Desperate Housewives" Season 2 work as "lovable doofus" Karl 

Richard cohosts "Extra Juicy" edition of Extra to launch "Desperate Housewives" Season 2 DVD set

Richard shoots second summer hiatus film -- "In God's Country," with Kelly Rowan

Official "Shanghai Red" website now online, features bios, photos, and a trailer with lots of Richard

The Sentinel: The Complete First Season DVD set now available for purchase

Sentinel creators Danny Bilson & Paul DeMeo record podcasts for selected Season One episodes

"Cellular" airs on the Encore Wam, Encore Action, and Starz Edge cable channels in October; Richard plays Craig Martin

"Fun With Dick and Jane" airs on Starz Oct 28th with additional airings throughout Nov; Richard plays Joe Cleeman

"In Her Shoes" airs on HBO Signature and HBO Zone Cable channels in October; Richard plays Jim Danvers

Canada's SPACE: The Imagination Station now airing "The Sentinel" 

"The District" has moved to the A&E Channel, and Richard's episodes are playing! 

Catch Richard's "Judging Amy" episodes on TNT's "Primetime in the Daytime"

Got a Burgi fan on your gift list? has you covered!

Write to Richard through the RBFC

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Richard ranked 14th in TV Guide's 50 Sexiest Men on TV [20 Oct 06] *** Richard Burgi ranked 14th in TV Guide Channel's 50 Sexiest Men on TV*** -- Richard came in at # 14 in the "50 Sexiest Men on TV" special, which began airing on the TV Guide Channel on October 1st 2006. Richard and his Desperate Housewives costars held the 12th through 15th spots:

12 - Jamie Denton
13 - Ricardo Chavira
14 - Richard Burgi
15 - Doug Savant

While the special featured short interview snippets for the Housewives men and many of the others in the rankings, Richard was represented by a few stills from the show; most likely his work in Prague precluded a video interview.

The show's host made up for the lack of video footage by commenting on Richard's "killer blue eyes," as well as him playing a bad boy, adding that women love bad boys.

(Thanks to Deana for the info)

Richard joins cast of Hostel: Part II, playing Todd [20 Oct 06] *** Richard Burgi dives into the horror genre with a part in Eli Roth's "Hostel: Part II"*** -- Richard is currently working in Prague, Czech Republic, where he is filming the balance of his scenes in the much-anticipated sequel to writer-director Eli Roth's horror blockbuster, "Hostel."

Richard plays Todd, a character who pairs with Roger Bart's Stuart in search of the ultimate thrill offered by the film's signature slaughterhouses. 

The official Lionsgate synopsis has this to say:

"Last January, writer/director Eli Roth terrified moviegoers with the blood-drenched HOSTEL, which catapulted to the top of the box office charts and became the first Number One film of 2006. One year later, Roth takes us back to where it all began, and deeper into the darkest recesses of the human mind.

In HOSTEL: PART II, three young Americans studying art in Rome set off for a weekend trip when they run into a beautiful model from one of their classes. Also on her way to an exotic destination, the gorgeous European invites the coeds to come along, assuring them they will be able to relax and rejuvenate.

Will the girls find the oasis they are looking for? Or are they poised to become victims for hire, pawns in the fantasies of the sick and privileged from around the world who secretly travel here to savor more grisly pursuits?

With Hostel, Eli Roth cemented the cutting-edge credentials he earned with his debut feature Cabin Fever (2002). In HOSTEL: PART II, Roth invites fans to take another frightening trip where suppressed urges - once unleashed - have chilling consequences."

Is Todd an eager customer, or part of the gruesome organization? Find out when the film premieres in 2007!

To learn more about "Hostel: Part II," visit the film's IMDb page at

(Thanks to Richard for the info, and to Steven for the confirmation)

Firestorm available on DVD in November; Richard plays Richard Danville [20 Oct 06] *** Richard Burgi's "Firestorm: Last Stand at Yellowstone" comes out on DVD in November *** -- Richard spent several weeks in late Spring in Vancouver, BC, working on "Firestorm: Last Stand at Yellowstone," a TV movie for A&E Television Networks

"Firestorm" premiered on A&E on Labor Day -- Monday, September 4th  at 9:00pm ET -- and aired multiple times throughout the month.

Drawing inspiration from the situations and events of the record-breaking 1988 wildfires which scorched Yellowstone National Park, and from co-producer Rocky Barker's book "Scorched Earth," "Firestorm: Last Stand at Yellowstone"  focuses on a present-day Yellowstone firefighter and his team as they battle a similarly monstrous inferno erupting over the July 4th holiday weekend.

Richard plays firefighter Richard Danville and costars with Scott Foley (Scrubs' Sean Kelly; Felicity's Noel), who plays Clay Harding. Canadian Provincial Parks and areas including Squamish,Princeton, and E.C. Manning Park provided look-alike locations for Yellowstone National Park.

Filming on the Vancouver-based production ran from May 8th to June 5th, with John Lafia directing from a script by John Fasano and Mark Wheaton.  "Firestorm" was produced by Cypress Point Productions in association with Jaffe/Braunstein Films Ltd.

To learn more about "Firestorm: Last Stand at Yellowstone," visit the film's IMDb page at

The "Firestorm" DVD is available through both the A&E website and A&E lists a release date in late October and a price of $19.95, while Amazon lists a release date in late November and a discounted price of $14.99.

DVD at A&E --

DVD at Amazon --

(Thanks to Kat and Debbie for the research)

Richard plays at the All*Star Cup in Wales, Aug 26-28 [20 Oct 06] *** Richard plays at the Northern Rock All*Star Cup charity golf tournament, August 26th - 28th*** -- Richard flew to the UK in late August to join Team USA in the USA vs. Europe charity golf tournament. The All*Star Cup was held over the August Bank Holiday weekend -- Aug 26th - 28th -- at the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport, South Wales. As the All*Star Cup was a charity event, Richard designated the Pacific Marine Mammal Center as his charity of choice.

Richard's Team USA team-mates included William Baldwin, Michael Brandon, Alice Cooper, Patrick Duffy, Michael Johnson, James Keach (subbing for the injured Chazz Palmineri), Meat Loaf, Aidan Quinn, Richard Schiff, and Jane Seymour.

Saturday was devoted to practice play, with actual tournament play taking place on Sunday and Monday. Saturday's events were rounded out with "An Evening With The Stars" -- the All* Star Cup Gala Dinner, which consisted of a drinks reception and gourmet three-course dinner. 

"While golf is the reason for the event," reported the Western Mail, "the crowds were there to be entertained not just by the sport but by the antics of stars from both sides of the Atlantic."

According to fans attending the weekend-long event, while Richard was off his game on the course, he more than made up for it with joking, laughter, and camaraderie and soon had the crowds eating out of his hand.

Team Europe won the tournament by a score of 101.5 points to 78.5.

(Thanks to Sue for the photo, and to Ali, Gilly, Rae and Sue for the reporting)

Richard's Karl dropped to recurring status for Season 3 [20 Oct 06] *** Desperate Housewives drops Richard to recurring status for Season 3*** -- As first reported by E! Online's Kristin Veitch in her June 29th "Watch with Kristin" column, Richard's status has indeed changed for the Fall 2006 season of Desperate Housewives, going from series regular to recurring guest star -- his status during the show's first season..

No particular reason has been announced thus far for the decision to drop Richard as a series regular. As Richard told TV Guide's Tracy Phillips in the magazine's September 4th issue, "They did not pick up my contract." He continued with "It is what it is. They changed the writers and one of the main producers, you know, and I think it came down to just a change from the top down."

Thus far, Richard has been called back for one episode of the new season -- episode 3.08, "Children and Art," which went before the cameras the week of October 9th. The episode will most likely air during November sweeps, possibly on November 12th.

Hopefully Richard, and kooky, caddish Karl, will be brought back for additional episodes as the season progresses; his charisma, chemistry, spark, and wonderful comedic timing are assets too good to let lie fallow.

(Thanks to Becky and Cap_it for the screengrabs)

[20 Oct 06] *** Praise him, praise him *** -- Though Richard -- and Karl -- will apparently not be as prominent in the Fall 2006 season of  Desperate Housewives as in Season 2, this is still a good time to contact The Powers That Be at ABC and Desperate Housewives to let them know how much you enjoyed Richard's work with Karl last season, and how much you look forward to seeing him continue putting Karl through his paces now that Season 3 is in production.

Richard joined the full-time cast of  Desperate Housewives in July 2005 and appeared in 15 of the 2005/06 season's 24 episodes as Karl Mayer, Susan (Teri Hatcher) Mayer's ex-husband. Described by one TV Guide correspondent as a "lovable doofus," Karl continued to moon over Susan while stringing live-in girlfriend Edie (Nicollette Sheridan) along and working as Bree's (Marcia Cross) lawyer. Richard has earned repeated kudos from reviewers and columnists for his "impeccable comic timing" as he's put Karl through his paces. While Karl will be back to further bedevil Susan in the Fall 2006 season, the number and timing of his appearances is uncertain..

Quick notes to ABC and the producers of Desperate Housewives are a good way to remind them that you are watching and enjoying Richard's work on their network and show. Let them know how much you're enjoying seeing Richard putting Karl through his paces! Include a bit of demographic information if you feel so inclined.

The ABC network can be contacted through the ABC website, where an email "comment" option is provided:

  • Go to
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you will find a line of text links; look for the "contact ABC" link.
  • Click on the "contact ABC" link and fill in the appropriate blanks in the comment form
  • type in your comments and click the appropriate button at the bottom of the text window.

The show's producers, The Edestein Company, can be reached by "snailmail" at the address below. A postcard is a quick and easy option and is definitely more eye-catching, while a more traditional note allows you to wax a tad more eloquent.

Desperate Housewives
The Edelstein Company
100 Universal City Plaza
Building 2128B
Suite G
Universal City, CA  91608

[20 Oct 06] *** Desperate Housewives Update *** -- Desperate Housewives is now back in production for the 2006/07 season (Season 3) and premiered September 24th. Richard will appear in the following Season 3 episodes:

Season Three (2006-2007)

  • "Children and Art" (12 Nov 06 estimated) Prod. #308, episode #3.08

Journalist Mary McNamara discusses Richard's DH status change [20 Oct 06] *** Entertainment journalist Mary McNamara comments on the unexpected news of Richard's  drop from the regular cast of Desperate Housewives*** -- Titled "Have Desperate Housewives Producers Written-Out One of Their Biggest Assets," McNamara's 08 Aug 2006 entry on her M2tv blog focuses on Richard's unexpected departure from the regular cast and his contribution to the show's second season (excerpted below).

At this point it's common knowledge that we probably won't be seeing much of Karl Mayer (Richard Burgi), the mischievous Desperate Housewives philanderer, during season three.

Street word is that Burgi has definitely not been optioned and he'll appear in only a handful of upcoming episodes. And w/ spoilers indicating that a leading cast member will be killed in a grocery store hostage shoot-out - predictably during November sweeps - viewers should gird themselves for the worst.

With Jeff Greenstein's chatter about "maximum dramatic impact" and "hot drama" and getting "up and running fast," are the producers sounding a little....desperate? And have they thrown Karl out w/ the bath water?

As the narcissistic "Karl the Cad," (origin unknown) Burgi added much needed spice to last year's Desperate Housewives, an otherwise lackluster season which veered off-course w/ the Betty Applewhite subplot.

Let's be honest: Burgi's Karl Mayer saved season two.

Burgi's impeccable comic timing and his hang-dog expressions, his ability to humanize the exasperating Karl, was laugh out loud funny. Burgi lit the screen and upstaged his cast mates on all counts - range, physicality, and chemistry w/ Teri Hatcher.

Visit McNamara's Blog to read the entire article:

(Thanks to Mary for the Blog info and to Becky for the screengrabs) 

Richard interviewed for TV Guide's Q&A section -- 04 Sep 06 issue [20 Oct 06] *** Richard interviewed for the Q&A section of the September 4th TV Guide*** -- TV Guide's Tracy Phillips interview with Richard coincided with the premiere of "Firestorm: Last Stand at Yellowstone, " with "Firestorm" and Desperate Housewives being the main topics covered. (Excerpts below)

What appealed to you about the project [Firestorm]?  I thought about trying to take the firemen's test in New York City a ways back, and a good friend of mine went on to a career in the fire department, and has since retired -- his last job was 9/11 -- so I've always had a real admiration and appreciation for that work.

Did you like playing with fire?  Yeah, very much so. Cause it's like water. It has an elemental energy to it that is really profound and wise.

You've played the good, the bad, and the cad, do you have a preference? Each one tickles something in the viewer, so I don't know. I think a lot of men discover their mischievous side later on after they've been the good boy -- sometimes mischief is rinsed out of us by society -- so [in acting] we can actually act out some of the more shadowy components of out psyche.

Speaking of mischief, your character Karl on Desperate Housewives blossomed into quite the scene-stealer last season... but there's a rumor you're leaving the show. They did not pick up my contract.

Say it ain't so!  It is what it is. They changed the writers and one of the main producers, you know, and I think it came down to just a change from the top down.

(Thanks to MJ for the page scan and to Judy for the heads up )

Richard joins Greenville's Hawk n' Tom morning show for call-in interview [20 Oct 06] *** Richard joins WFBC's Hawk n' Tom morning radio show for call-in interview*** -- Lucky radio listeners in the Greenville, SC area got to listen to Richard chatting with WFBC's morning show hosts, Hawk and Tom, on Monday, September 18th.

As described by listener Teresa, the live telephone interview seems to have consisted of  Richard's trademark mix of tongue-in-cheek aside and humorous commentary. "He was funny and charming," said Teresa, adding that the show's hosts referred to Karl as "a likeable sleazeball."

After introducing Richard as one of the stars of Desperate Housewives, the hosts chatted about how Richard got to make out with both Teri Hatcher and "Edie" (Nicollette Sheridan). Richard commented that Teri was "a doll." When asked who the biggest star he'd met thus far was, Richard said Cameron Diaz (who he worked with on "In Her Shoes."). When one of the hosts said he thought Diaz was rather plain, Richard joked that he felt that way beacuse he would never get to "bed her."

When asked if he'd known that Desperate Housewives would be a hit, Richard replied that while he'd liked the title, he really had no clue what would do well and what wouldn't, mentioning his previous series, Point Pleasant, as an example.

(Thanks to Terry for the heads up and info)

Richard featured in Charlotte Observer's Sunday insert -- 01 Oct 06 [20 Oct 06] *** Richard interviewed for the Celebrity Q&A section of the October 1st  Charlotte Observer*** -- The Charlotte Observer's Jacqueline Cutler interviewed Richard for the paper's Sunday, October 1st entertainment insert.

Q: How old are your sons now, and what do you do together?
A: They're 6 and 9. We go down to the beach all the time, and we're in the water a lot. We go bird watching, looking for all sorts of animals and edible plants. We're exporing nature. A squirrel was eating a plant, and we wondered if we could eat it too.

Q: In your latest TV movie, "Firestorm: Last Stand at Yellowstone," you played a firefighter. Did you go on ride-alongs with firefighters to get a feel for them?
A: I have really good friends who are firefighters and just from knowing them, and firefighters around on the set, I knew the guys. We did a lot of car chases and pyrotechnics on "The Sentinel" for four years. I got to know a lot of guys and talk with them about their experiences.

Q: From which show do people recognize you the most?
A: When I was in Europe... "The Sentinel" is really popular over there. "24" is really popular; some people know me from "Fun With Dick and Jane." A lot of people watched it. People do come up. "Desperate Housewives" is very popular.

(Thanks to Ruth for the heads up and article scan )

Richard catches reviewer eyes as Karl Mayer [20 Oct 06] *** Richard collects kudos from TV reviewers for his Season 2 Desperate Housewives work *** -- Richard Burgi's Fall 2005 return to Desperate Housewives as a Series Regular proved quite successful, with Richard and his caddish character Karl earning a steady stream of compliments and kudos from viewers and reviewers alike.

Richard plays Karl Mayer, Susan (Teri Hatcher) Mayer's cad of an ex-husband on ABC's award-winning hit series.  Introduced in Season One's "Pretty Little Picture" and "Move On," Karl was back to bedevil his ex in "One Wonderful Day," the highly-anticipated season finale. Karl returned to Wisteria Lane for the second episode of Season Two and was a neighborhood fixture throughout the season, carrying a not-so-secret torch for his ex-ex-wife, Susan, while shacking up with, and later proposing to, neighborhood sexpot Edie (Nicollette Sheridan) Britt. In between rounds of juggling Susan and Edie, Karl found time to hire on as Bree (Marcia Cross) Van De Kamp's lawyer in the increasingly ugly emancipation battle with her son Andrew (Shawn Pyfrom).

Sadly, the critical acclaim did not dissuade the show's producers from allowing Richard's series regular contract to lapse this past summer, returning him to season 1 recurring guest actor status for Fall 2006. 

Our collection of recent kudos begins with the April 24th - 30th issue of TV Guide, which put Desperate Housewives on the "HotList" and said "Let's hear it for Richard Burgi. His lovable doofus Karl cracks us up, even when he's breaking up with Edie. (Just don' tell her why!)"'s Amy Amatangelo echoed the sentiment in her April 24th column, "TV Gal Changes Her Mind."

"Richard Burgi as Karl on 'Desperate Housewives': We all know that 'Desperate Housewives' has made some mistakes this season ... but its smartest move was adding the delightful Burgi to the full time cast. Burgi, who makes the most out of every scene he's in, is deliciously smarmy but charming enough to make us understand why Susan would fall for his shtick."

While Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune is "Desperate to figure out" what all the fuss is about, she finds the cast to be one of the show's best assets. "I do think 'Housewives' has a talented, even gifted cast (Richard Burgi, as Susan's ex-husband, Karl, deserves a special shout-out for his impeccable comic timing)," said Ryan.'s Matt Webb Mitovich also interviewed Richard for the online "Insider" column. The piece, titled "Richard Burgi is Desperately Happy," found Mitovich chatting with Richard about his return to Desperate Housewives, his take on Action, his history with 24, his plans for the summer hiatus, and the $64,000 question -- would he be back for Season 3?

"Burgi: Myself? I don 't know. Nobody knows. If the show is back, I'll probably be coming back to stir up some s---. The cliff-hanger is interesting in how it leaves several of us in a place where we're sort of... uncertain."

To learn more about the show, visit the "Desperate Housewives" page at the ABC website.

(Thanks to Deborah, JoAnn, Julie, et al for article info, and to Becky for the screengrabs) 

Richard cohosts Extra Juicy edition of Extra on eve of DH Season 2 DVD launch [20 Oct 06] *** Richard appears on "Extra Juicy" weekend episode of Extra to promote the Desperate Housewives Season Two "Extra Juicy Edition" DVD Set*** -- Richard joined Extra cohost Jon Kelley for a special weekend edition of the entertainment news show. The "Extra Juicy" episode aired during the August 26th weekend and highlighted the Season Two DVD set.

Richard joined Jon in some of the DVD segment lead-ins and segues and sat down with him to discuss "Firestorm: Last Stand at Yellowstone," which premiered a little over a week later. Richard also conveyed the sad news that he wouldn't be on the show as much in the Fall 2006 season.

The DVD set, which was released on August 29th,  earned Richard some additional reviewer kudos:

"This season's most intriguing female storylines -- a nun covets Gaby's husband, Bree pursues her sex-addicted AA sponsor and new addition Betty (Alfre Woodard) has problem sons -- get stale when stretched over multiple episodes. Only the show's supporting roles (like Richard Burgi's Karl) are fresh," said Entertainment Weekly's Aubry D'Arminio in the magazine's September 1st issue.

.Desperate Housewives fans and Burgi aficionados don't have long to wait for the feature-packed Season 2 DVD release.

In addition to the 24 episodes of the 2005/06 season, the six-disc "Extra Juicy Edition" DVD set will contain an assortment of features and extras:

  • An exclusive unaired storyline featuring Susan (Teri Hatcher) Mayer and her mother Sophie
  • A Director's Diary look at the steps and ingredients that go into comepleting an episode
  • Insights and wisdom from a selection of "TV's most iconic housewives"
  • 'Desperate Husbands': the male actors speak about the wives!
  • A joint interview with Creator/Executive Producer Marc Cherry and his mother
  • Deleted scenes & Bloopers
  • Audio commentaries on selected episodes
  • "And Much More"
The DVD set is available through where it sells for $42.65 after discount.

(Thanks to Gord at TVshowsonDVD for the updates)

Richard films movie with Kelly Rowan, titled In God's Country [20 Oct 06] *** Richard films second Summer movie, "In God's Country," for CTV and Lifetime TV *** -- Hot on the heels of his appearance at the Newport International Film Festival, Richard was off to Toronto, Ontario to work with The OC's Kelly Rowan on "In God's Country," a TV movie for Canada's CTV and Lifetime TV in the US.

CTV's Susanne Boyce, President of Programming, gave this opening description of the film:  "In God's Country is a powerful, revealing story of how one woman's unwavering determination gave her the strength to fight a life-time of submission to save the lives of her children."

"Across North America, there are communities whose citizens adhere to the nineteenth century Mormon belief that a man must have at least three wives and as many children as possible in order to reach the highest level of Heaven. A woman's role is to serve her husband and be submissive to his needs," continued Boyce. 

Richard plays Church Bishop Josiah Leavitt, the polygamist husband of Rowan's character, Judith Joseph. Judith is one of the charismatic Leavitt's six wifes, and mother to four of his children in addition to her own older daughter from a previous marriage. Several traumatic events spur Judith to do the unthinkable -- flee her small community with her children. Leavitt, of course, gives pursuit, luring Judith's oldest daughter back home with promises he doesn't intend to keep. Judith has no choice but to return home and make a stand.

"In God's Country" is produced by Shaftesbury Films Inc in association with Colossal Entertainment, Salient Point Productions, and CTV as part of CTV's "Heroes, Champions, and Villains" series of original features. The film will most likely air on CTV in Canada and on Lifetime TV in the States in 2007.

To learn more about "In God's Country," visit the film's IMDb page at

(Thanks to Ruth and Deana for the initial heads-up, and to Steven for the role confirmation)

Shanghai Red official website now open [20 Oct 06] *** Official website for "Shanghai Red" now online *** -- Richard worked on "Shanghai Red" in June 2005, traveling to Shanghai, China to shoot the dramatic film from Mar de Oro Films. Richard stars with Vivian Wu, who co-produced the film with her husband Oscar L. Costo, who also wrote and directed the film.

In addition to the cast and crew biographical information and story synopsis, the website features several galleries of production stills and a trailer which whets the appetite and intrigues rather than giving away the story.

(NOTE: The site requires Marcromedia Flash for proper access, and may not open on browsers other than MSIE).

The "Shanghai Red" website gives the following description of the film:

"SHANGHAI RED is the dramatic film about a young, contemporary mother, Meili Zhu (Vivian Wu -- 'The Pillow Book', 'The Joy Luck Club', 'Heaven and Earth'), in an ever-changing Shanghai.

Meili's guilt over her husband's death leads her into a double life of murder and deception where she eventually meets Michael Johnson (Richard Burgi -- 'In Her Shoes', 'Fun With Dick and Jane', '24'), an American expatriate from Chicago escaping from his own dark past.

Shot in its entirety in Shanghai, China, SHANGHAI RED expores the conflicts caused within the heart between tradition and modernization."

To learn more about the film, visit the "Shanghai Red" website at:

To learn more about Mar de Oro Films, visit the Mar de Oro site at:

(Thanks to DebbieLD for the website info)

The Sentinel Complete First Season DVD set now available [20 Oct 06] *** The Sentinel Complete First Season DVD Set now available for purchase *** -- Though it has been a long time coming, fans of Richard Burgi and The Sentinel can now purchase the first season of the series (which ran from 1996 to 1999) on DVD.

As announced at the website, Paramount has released the show's first season (10 episodes) as a 3-disc boxed set. The Sentinel: The Complete First Season was released on April 18th

Sadly, the otherwise attractively packaged DVD set does not include any of the "extras" DVD purchasers now take for granted. This may be rectified in later Season boxed sets.

Richard plays Jim Ellison, a former Army Ranger now working as a detective in his Washington State hometown. A solitary stakeout reawakens dormant sensory abilities which lead Ellison to doubt his sanity, until a graduate student name Blair Sandburg (Garett Maggart) explains what is happening to him. Ellison is a Sentinel, someone whose senses --  sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch -- are all developed to an extraordinary degree. With Sandburg's help, and the cooperation of his boss, Captain Simon Banks (Bruce A. Young), Ellison uses his abilities to give him an edge in the war against crime.

Ordering information can be found at

(Thanks to Becky and Steffi for the screengrabs)

Bilson & DeMeo record Sentinel podcasts [20 Oct 06]*** Sentinel creators and producers Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo record Season One episode commentaries*** -- One of the disappointments of the Sentinel Season One DVD set has been the lack of episode commentaries. David Gutierrez is working with Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo to record commentaries for various episodes in the DVD set. Bilson and DeMeo are joined on some of the commentaries by Sentinel writers, directors, and other people associated with the show's production.

The commentaries are available at the iTunes website (via the podcasts link below) or through a new Pet Fly blog on

MySpace page:

PC users will need to download the free iTunes application and subscribe to the Pet Fly podcasts at the iTunes site. The initial "get you started" information can be found at David Gutierrez' website:

(Thanks to David Gutierrez for the info)

Catch Richard in Cellular on Encore,  Encore Action, and  Starz Edge Channels in  October [20 Oct 06] *** "Cellular" airs throughout October on the Encore Wam!, Encore Action, and Starz Edge Channels *** -- Richard plays Craig Martin, the "wrong place at the wrong time" realtor husband of movie heroine Jessica (Kim Basinger) Martin.  Unbeknownst to Jessica, Craig has videotaped crooked cops executing drug dealers -- and the crooked cops are desperate to tidy up loose ends. To get Craig and the camera, they abduct Jessica and the Martin's young son. Jessica has one ace up her sleeve -- she's managed to patch a busted phone together enough to tap out random phone numbers, and the guy on the other end, Ryan (Chris Evans), is willing to help. Problem is, he's on a cellphone, doesn't know where Jessica is... and his battery's running low.

For further details on the Encore airings, go to the Encore website at:

Details on the Starz airings canbe found at the Starz website:

(Thanks to for the heads up, to Danny for the screengrabs, and to Encore for the scheduling info)

Catch Richard in Fun With Dick and Jane on Starz in October [20 Oct 06] *** "Fun With Dick and Jane" premieres  October 28th on the Starz Channel and repeats throughout November*** -- Richard plays Joe Cleeman, the upwardly mobile next-door neighbor of Jim Carrey's Dick Harper. Joe and his wife Veronica (Angie Harmon) are the couple Dick and Jane (Tea Leoni)  play "keeping up with the Joneses" with, battling for pecking order supremacy over cars, landscaping, and swimming pools.

Released in theaters in late 2005 and on DVD in April 2006, "Fun With Dick and Jane" is now available on the premium cable movie channel Starz with multiple airings throughout November.

For further details, go to the Starz website at:

Additional information on "Fun With Dick and Jane" can be found at the IMDb website:

(Thanks to for the heads up, to Danny for the screengrabs, and to Starz for the scheduling info)

Catch Richard in In Her Shoes on HBO in October [20 Oct 06] *** "In Her Shoes" airs throughout October on the HBO Signature and Zone Channels before moving to Cinemax in November*** -- Richard plays Jim Danvers, the weak-willed boyfriend of Rose (Toni Collette) Feller. Jim sees Rose as the kind of woman he could fall in love and settle down with, but succumbs to temptation in the form of Rose's 'party girl' sister Maggie (Cameron Diaz).

Finding Jim and Maggie en flagrante pushes Rose to the end of her rope, triggering her breakup with Jim and her estrangement from Maggie. Both sisters begin journeys of their own and find inner strengths they didn't know they had -- and in the process, find a grandmother (Ella, played by Shirley MacLaine) and, eventually, each other once more.

For further details, go to the HBO website at:

Information on "In Her Shoes" can be found at the IMDb website:

(Thanks to for the heads up, to Danny for the screengrabs, and to Encore for the scheduling info)

The Sentinel comes to Canada's SPACE: The Imagination Station [20 Oct 06] *** The Sentinel now airing in original, uncut form  on Canada's SPACE: The Imagination Station ***-- SPACE is now airing The Sentinel on Saturdays at 2:00pm ET. At present no listings are shown beyond October 28th, so SPACE may be putting the show on hiatus.

Richard Burgi plays series lead Jim Ellison, a former Army Ranger now working as a detective for the Cascade PD in his Washington State hometown. Ellison finds himself almost overwhelmed when his dormant, and repressed, hyperactive senses are brought back online after a period of solitude on a remote stakeout. Anthropology doctoral candidate Blair Sandburg (Garett Maggart), whose chosen field of research is "Sentinels" -- people with such enhanced senses -- has the answers Ellison needs to control and work with his powerful and unpredictable abilities. Ellison's long-suffering captain, Simon Banks (Bruce A. Young) helps Ellison and Sandburg make the most of Ellison's sensory advantage by watching their backs and keeping their extrasensory escapades under the radar as much as possible.

October schedule, Season 3 & 4 episodes:
October 21st - "Sentinel, Too part 2"
October 28th - "Murder 101"

For further details, go to the website of Space: The Imagination Station:

(Thanks to Laura, Katherin, and Kay Lynne for the SPACE heads up, and to Steffi for the screengrabs)

Richard's episodes of The District airing on the A&E Channel [20 Oct 06] *** "The District" airing in repeats on the A&E (Arts & Entertainment) Channel; Richard appears in Seasons 1, 3, and 4***  -- A&E is currently airing the show daily at 7:00am ET.  Remember to check your local listings or the A&E site for additional information: 

A&E's episode rotation is now in Season 1, which contains seven of Richard's episodes. Though not in Season 2, Richard's Captain Hunter returned for two episodes of Season 3 and three episodes of Season 4.

The show is also airing in syndication in Singapore.

A complete listing of Richard's episodes of "The District" can be found on the Filmography page, with an expanded listing and episode details on the  District Guide page.

Richard appeared in three of the show's four seasons in a total of twelve episodes, playing the recurring role of the prickly and suspicious Captain Vincent Hunter, head of the DC Police Department's Internal Affairs Division.

Unfortunately, the show did not take maximum advantage of the Hunter character, though they established an intriguing back-story for him in the first season episode "The DC Strangler." Ella Farmer (played by the late Lynn Thigpen) told Chief Mannion (Craig T. Nelson) a bit about Hunter. He was a highly-decorated officer with a relatively high solve rate while in Homicide, a department he left after discovering his wife -- also a police officer --  in bed with his partner..

(Thanks to Debbie for the USA info, to Gerri for the Singapore broadcast info, to Becky and Erin for the District screengrabs, and to the Epguides website for production details)

Catch Richard in Judging Amy on TNT [20 Oct 06] *** Look for Richard's episodes of Judging Amy on TNT's "Primetime in the Daytime" ***-- Richard appeared in six episodes of the CBS Primetime drama, joining the show in Season 3 and playing Judge Amy (Amy Brenneman) Grey's ex-husband, Michael Cassidy.

TNT's rotation will "reset" with Season 1 on Tuesday, October 31st; Richard's first episode is Season 3's "The Justice League of America.".

Judging Amy airs in two-episode blocks weekdays as part of TNT's "Primetime in the Daytime," where it appears Monday - Friday at 12:00noon and 1:00pm ET/PT.

A complete list of Richard's Judging Amy episodes can be found at the Filmography Page, with an expanded listing and episode details on the Judging Amy Guide page.

Visit the TNT website for further information, and check your local listings, as well as the TVNow website.

TNT's website --

TVNow listing  --

(Thanks to Becky and Erin for the Judging Amy screengrabs, to TNT for the scheduling info, and to the Epguides website for production details)

[20 Oct 06]*** Check out the Burgi Bonanza at *** -- All the items listed below are available at either or its subsidiary,, and all feature Richard Burgi in some capacity. **NOTE** Always verify the current prices at, as they do fluctuate with market forces.

Your account information will work equally well with the Canadian subsidiary.

Amazon in the USA:

Amazon in Canada:
Firestorm: Last Stand at Yellowstone DVD announced

1) Firestorm: Last Stand at Yellowstone (2006) DVD -- $14.95 (25% discount)
Release date: November 28, 2006. Now available for pre-order.

Richard appears as Yellowstone National Park firefighter Richard Danville. Danville must learn to overcome his distrust of forest-fire expert Clay Harding (Scott Foley) and work with him to save their Yellowstone community and families from the ravening inferno consuming the Park.

Desperate Housewives Season 2 DVD set announced

1) Desperate Housewives - The Complete Second Season (2004) DVD Set -- $42.65 (29% discount)
Release date: August 29, 2006. Now available for purchase.

Richard appears in 16 of the season's 24 episodes, still carrying a torch for his ex-wife Susan (Teri Hatcher) while shacking up with neightborhood sex-pot Edie (Nicollette Sheridan).

Fun With Dick and Jane DVD available for pre-order

1) Fun With Dick and Jane (Widescreen?) (2005) DVD -- $14.46 (50% discount)
Release date: April 11, 2006. Now available.
ASIN: B000E8N8H0

2) Fun With Dick & Jane [SOUNDTRACK] -- $17.98 (no discount)
Release date: January 24, 2006. Now available.

Richard plays Joe Cleeman, Dick Harper's next-door neighbor and nemesis in the "keeping up with the Joneses" arena. One of the film's first scenes finds Joe and Dick engaged in a game of "my car's better than your car."

The Sentinel Complete First Season DVD available for pre-order

1) The Sentinel - The Complete First Season (3pc) (Full) (1996) DVD Set -- $33.96 (15% discount)
Release date: April 18, 2006. Now available purchase.

2) The Sentinel: Original Soundtrack (1996 Television Series) [SOUNDTRACK] -- used & new from $14.50
Release date: February 24, 1998
ASIN: B00000636Q

Richard plays Jim Ellison, a former Army Ranger now working in his Washington State hometown as a detective in the Major Crime unit. Ellison is genetically blessed -- or cursed -- with enhanced senses; sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch are all far more acute than the norm. With the aid of graduate student Blair Sandburg, Jim learns those like him are called Sentinels, and in ages past, they served as watchmen and protectors of their communities. More importantly, he learns how to use his senses to his advantage as a modern-day crime-fighter.

Action: Complete Series DVD now available

Action: The Complete Series (2pc) (Full) (1999) DVD Set -- $15.99  (35% discount)
Release date: February 21, 2006. Now available.

Richard plays Cole Riccardi in two episodes of the controversial and short-lived Fox series. "Pilot" introduces us to Peter Dragon and his production company, and to Cole Riccardi, Dragon's action movie leading man of choice. "Blowhard" finds Dragon backing himself into a corner when he scrambles to convince closeted Cole that coming out as a gay man isn't a prudent career move.

In Her Shoes Widescreen DVD now available

"In Her Shoes" (Widescreen Edition) (2005) DVD -- $19.36  (35% discount)
Release date: January 31, 2006. Now available.

Richard plays Jim Danvers, a senior partner at the law firm where Rose Feller (Toni Collette) works. Jim, something of a cad, strives to mend his ways while involved with Rose, and all is well until Rose's floozyish sister Maggie (Cameron Diaz) takes up temporary residence on her sister's couch. Rose catches Jim and Maggie en flagrante in her bed, which launches the film's major character odysseys for the Feller sisters.

Seinfeld Season Five DVD now available

Seinfeld Season Five (1990) DVD Set -- $36.99 (25% discount)
Release date: November 22, 2005. Now available for purchase.

Richard appears on Disc 4 in "The Hamptons," playing Dr. Ben, the handsome pediatrician Elaine takes a shining to. Elaine is quite pleased to be described as "breathtaking" by Ben, until she realizes he uses the same word to describe their hosts' spectacularly ugly baby. Meanwhile, George suffers cold water induced "shrinkage" and is seen naked by Jerry's girlfriend.

The Flash complete series DVD now available

The Flash - The Complete Series (1990) DVD Set -- $44.66 (25% discount)
Release date: January 10, 2006. Now available for purchase.

Richard appears in "Deadly Nightshade," playing handsome, wealthy, and mentally unbalanced Curtis Bohannan. Tormented by the deeds of his deceased father, Bohannan takes up the persona of a hero of yesteryear, a vigilante known as the Deadly Nightshade. Unfortunately, Bohannan is considerably more reckless and violent than the original, and soon crosses swords with The Scarlet Speedster himself.

Richard appears in all 13 episodes

Point Pleasant - The Complete Series (2005) DVD Set -- $19.97 (50% discount)
Release date: October 25, 2005. Now available for purchase.

Richard appears in all 13 episodes of the short-lived FOX dramatic supernatural series, playing Dr. Ben Kramer, patriarch of the Kramer family. Ben and his family -- wife Meg (Susan Walters) and daughter Judy (Aubrey Dollar) -- take the mysterious Christina (Elisabeth Harnois)into their home as she strives to find out who she is and where she comes from.

Desperate Housewives Season 1 DVD set and companion book available

1) Desperate Housewives - The Complete First Season (2004) DVD Set -- $59.99 (no discount)
Release date: September 20, 2005. Now available for purchase.
ASIN: B00079FU16

2) Desperate Housewives: Behind Closed Doors (Paperback; first season companion book) -- $11.67 (34% discount) 
Release date: September 28, 2005. Now available for purchase.
ISBN: 1401308260

Richard appears in 3 episodes of the first season of ABC's blockbuster satirical drama series. The third episode introduces him as Karl Mayer, flaky midlife-crisis-ing ex-husband of Susan (Teri Hatcher) Mayer. Karl remains a part of Susan's life as the father of their teenage daughter, and pops up to bedevil Susan at the most inopportune times.

Both the series and Teri Hatcher earned Golden Globes for this season.

Richard appears in 12 episodes of Season 1

24 Season One (2001) DVD Set -- $34.66 (42% discount)
ASIN: B00005JLF2

Richard appears in 12 episodes of the first season of FOX's ground- and record-breaking drama series. The first episode introduces him as Alan York, concerned father of a missing daughter. As the series unfolds, we discover Alan is not who he appears -- he is, in fact, Kevin Carroll, a cold-blooded assassin and mercenary.

The series and series lead Kiefer Sutherland would go on to earn Golden Globes for this season.

Richard's character mentioned in book on 24's Season One

24: The House Subcommittee's Findings at CTU by Marc Cerasini and Alice Alfonsi -- $11.02 (35% discount)
ISBN: 0060535504 

This book is set within the world of 24, providing background information on the characters involved in the unfolding story. Richard's character, the murderous mercenary Kevin Carroll, is shown to be an ex-Fed with an unsavory past.


Richard appears in Season 3's High and Low

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation- The Complete Third Season  (2001) DVD Set -- $67.99 (19% discount)
ASIN: B0001906X6

Richard appears in the episode "High and Low" as paragliding instructor Rick Weston. (Trivia note: "Starship Troopers 2" costar Colleen Porch also appears in "High and Low").


Cellular DVD now available

Cellular (2004) DVD, Widescreen, Region 1 encoding -- $12.99  (13% discount)

Richard plays Craig Martin, husband of Kim Basinger's Jessica Martin. 

Craig, a realtor, finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time and observes -- and videotapes -- crooked cops executing hoodlums. Craig secures the camera in his safety deposit box, and calls to warn Jessica. Unfortunately, the crooked cops get to the Martin home before Jessica gets the message.

Cellular novelization may offer additional insights into Craig Martin

1) Cellular (novelization by Pat Cadigan) -- $7.99 (no discount)
ISBN: 1844161048

2) Cellular (Score) [SOUNDTRACK] -- $16.98 (no discount) 
ASIN: B00049QLC8

The novelization will be an interesting read, especially if it delves a little deeper into the character of Craig Martin (Richard's role in "Cellular")

"Cellular" is also available on DVD. 

The US-market DVD doesn't include bloopers or deleted scenes

Decoys (2003) DVD [US market version] -- $12.99 (13% discount)
ASIN: B0002J4X3O

Richard plays Detective Francis Kirk in this tongue-in-cheek take on the "aliens need humans to reproduce" sci-fi theme. Director Matt Hastings has described "Decoys" as a meeting of "American Pie" and "Species."

There are two versions of the DVD currently available. The US-market version available through does not include the deleted scenes and bloopers included in the Canadian-market version (see next entry).

Canadian-market Decoys DVD has deleted scenes and bloopers

Canadian-market version from
Decoys (2003) DVD -- CDN $13.46 (10% discount)

New release: 07 June 2005

The Canadian-market DVD includes an assortment of deleted scenes, the bloopers, a "making of" special, and a photo gallery. The deleted scenes help explain some aspects of the film which are confusing or vague in the theatrical release, and Richard's scenes and bloopers are hilarious.

Richard appears as Womack in The Message

1) Firefly - The Complete Series (2002) DVD -- $24.96 (50% discount)

2) Firefly (Original Television Soundtrack) [SOUNDTRACK] -- $12.98 (28% discount)

Richard appears in the episode "The Message" as Lt. Womack, an unscrupulous Alliance Enforcement officer. Womack is after an old war buddy of Malcolm and Zoe's and is quite determined to get what he's after.

Had the series continued, Womack would probably have become a recurring character.

Starship Troopers 2 DVD and Soundtrack available at Amazon

1) Starship Troopers 2 - Hero of the Federation (2004) DVD -- $12.99 (13% discount)

New release: 07 July 2005

2) Starship Troopers 2 (Score) [SOUNDTRACK] -- $17.98 (no discount)
ASIN: B00028HOC2

Richard plays Captain V.J. Dax in "Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation." The DVD includes the widescreen movie, a "making of" featurette which includes interviews with the cast and behind the scenes footage, a photo gallery, and look at the animation process. 

The soundtrack CD presents the entire "Troopers 2" suite, which includes the haunting Dax's Theme.

[20 Oct 06] *** Write to Richard care of the RBFC! *** -- Richard has asked us to encourage anyone interested in sending cards or letters to him to use the RBFC mailing address, which is listed below.  This allows Richard to better handle his incoming mail, which he certainly enjoys receiving, provided it comes through appropriate channels.

Mr. Richard Burgi
10153 1/2 Riverside Drive, #494
Toluca Lake, CA 91602

We cannot emphasize strongly enough that mail should not be sent to Richard's home address!  Receiving fan mail through his home address is a disquieting experience and cause for concern, especially from the standpoint of privacy and safety.  If you have come across what you believe may be his home address, please, do NOT use it! We -- and Richard -- would greatly appreciate it if you would let us know where you came across the address by using this e-mail link to the RBFC.

While postcards, letters, and cards will be promptly forwarded to Richard, we cannot forward packages; he has asked that no gifts be sent to him.  Though Richard appreciates the goodwill and generosity those gifts represent, he finds them a little overwhelming.  Richard would be honored if, instead, wellwishers made a donation in his name to a local children's shelter or literacy program, or to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center .
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