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Last Updated: 29 September 2003

Richard lands role in new Kim Basinger thriller for New Line Cinema

Captain Hunter rides again -- catch Richard in "Jack's Back," the Sept 27th premiere of "The District"

"The District" scheduling updates

"Judging Amy" updates (Richard appears in multiple episodes)

24 airing on France's national TV, Chanel TF 1,  on Germany's RTL II, and airing in Switzerland; interview with Richard in TV8 magazine announces Swiss launch

RBFC Charity Auction in honor of Richard Burgi's birthday brings in $4,030.00

Richard wraps three-week shoot on Sci Fi's "Darklight"; expect film in 2004-05 season

Look for Richard as Captain Dax when "Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation" hits the stores im March 2004

"Firefly" updates (Richard appears in final episode, "the Message")

Richard plays Detective Francis Kirk in "Decoys," filmed in Ottawa in March and April

Scheduling info for "The Sentinel," now airing in multiple markets -- USA, UK, Germany, France...

UK launch of "The Sentinel" heralded by article on the Cult TV website

Soapnet cable channel gets 9,000 episodes of Burgi-era "Another World"

"Wheelmen" website email links offline; use this link to enquire about release dates

"Wheelmen" gets International distribution deal, new "one sheet" promo poster

Write to Richard through the RBFC

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[29 Sep 03] *** Richard to appear in new Kim Basinger thriller for New Line Cinema *** -- Richard will play Kim Basinger's husband in a New Line Cinema thriller due out in early 2004. Though still awaiting confirmation, we assume -- based on information in hand -- the film is Cellular, and the character Craig Martin.

Cellular stars Kim Basinger as Jessica Martin, with Chris Evans as Ryan Ackerman, William H. Macy as Bob Mooney, and Jason Statham as Greer. The Cellular page at the Internet Movie Database -- -- gives the following summary:

"A young man (Evans) receives a call on his cellular phone from a woman (Basinger) who says she's been kidnapped, and thinks she's going to be killed soon, along with her husband and son who the kidnappers have gone after next. The catch? She doesn't know where she is... and his cell phone battery might go dead soon."

(Thanks to Richard for the heads up, and to Kat and Deborah for the research)

[29 Sep 03] *** Richard's Captain Hunter opens The District's Fall 2003 season premiere***  -- Richard was front and center in the teaser of "Jack's Back," the September 27th season premiere of The District. Hunter, in fine form and characteristically suspicious, cynical, and hard-nosed, takes special interest in the pursuit of an Internal Affairs investigation of Detective Temple (Sean Patrick Thomas) Page's  shooting of a long-pursued drug dealer and murderer. Hunter features prominently in the episode.

Richard spent a long day on the set of The District in late July, filming scenes for the premiere episode of the hit CBS drama before departing for Bulgaria and Darklight, a new film for the Sci Fi Channel.  The District airs Saturdays on CBS at 10:00pm Eastern.

** Update ** -- Richard will appear in additional episodes of The District this season, though at present we are unable to offer details on episode names or likely airdates. Check your local listings for mention of Richard or Captain Hunter, and keep in mind that the listings sometimes overlook Hunter's presence in the episodes.

Richard Burgi as Captain Hunter in The District

Richard plays Captain Vincent Hunter, head of the Internal Affairs division of the D.C. Police Department -- a recurring role he has held since the show premiered in October 2000. Richard appeared in seven episodes of Season 1, and two episodes of Season 3. In one of the Season 1 episodes, "The D.C. Strangler," Richard's Hunter was teamed with Detective Temple Page (Sean Patrick Thomas) in the investigation of an unsolved serial murder case. Hunter and Page shared a scene in one of Richard's Season 3 episodes, "Good-bye, Jenny," and by the end of the season, Page's parter, Detective Kevin Debreno (Jonathan LaPaglia) had been transferred to Hunter's Internal Affairs division. This may mean Captain Hunter will be back on a more regular basis in the upcoming season.

*** International Update -- UK *** -- The District will return to the UK airwaves with Season Two's "The Project," which means viewers have several weeks to go before Richard's Season Three episodes air.

(Thanks to Marion for the update)

*** International Update -- Singapore *** -- The District is scheduled to air in Singapore Monday - Friday, starting on Monday, September 29th. As with the UK broadcasts, the show will launch with Season Two episodes. (The District is apparently moving into the timeslot recently occupied by Judging Amy).

(Thanks to Gerri for the update)

For further information on Richard's episodes of The District, visit our District Guide page.

(Thanks to Richard for the heads up, and to Lucy for additional details)

[29 Sep 03] *** Judging Amy now in syndication on the TNT cable network, airing two episodes per day *** -- Judging Amy is now airing Monday - Friday from 4:00pm - 6:00pm on TNT -- two episodes per day. TNT is currently airing Season Two episodes. Richard's episodes thus far (original airdates in parentheses) are:
Richard Burgi as Michael Cassidy
Season Three (2001-2002)
    - "The Justice League of America" (26 Mar 02) prod. #3ADG18, episode #3.18
    - "Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition" (14 May 02) prod. #3ADG23, episode  #3.23

Season Four (2002-2003)
    - "Lost in the System" (01 Oct 02) prod. #4ADG01, episode #4.01
    - "People of the Lie" (10 Dec 02) prod #4ADG10, episode #4.10
    - "The Best Interests of the Child" (21 Jan 03) prod #4ADG13, episode #4.13
    - "Marry, Marry Quite Contrary" (06 May 03) prod #4ADG23, episode #4.23

*** Judging Amy begins airing in UK with Season Four *** -- UK viewers, Catch Richard on Saturday, October 4th when Judging Amy launches with "Lost in the System," the first of Richard's Season Four episodes. Check your local listings for further details.

(Thanks to Marion for the update)

Richard Burgi as Michael Cassidy

*** CBS announces launch date for Fall 2003 season *** -- Judging Amy returns for another season on Tuesday, September 23rd at 10:00pm Eastern. No word yet on when Richard will be back as Amy's ex-husband (and daughter Lauren's father) Michael Cassidy, but with current boyfriend Stu's proposal hanging in the air and Lauren none too thrilled with the idea of her mother remarrying, we assume Michael will be back sooner rather than later.

*** Richard comes under the wire with one more Judging Amy *** -- Richard's most recent episode of Judging Amy, titled "Marry, Marry Quite Contrary," originally aired 06 May 03 and repeated in September. With three months of therapy under his belt, Michael's attitudes have changed considerably, in ways which clearly surprise and move Amy. Will this bode well for Richard's return in the coming season? Time will tell, but there is clearly still an emotional connection between Michael and Amy which will complicate any marital developments on Amy's horizon.

Richard in Marry, Marry Quite Contrary
"Marry, Marry Quite Contrary" finds Amy (Amy Brenneman) in the middle of a promising new relationship with Stu (Reed Diamond) which takes a somewhat unexpected turn when Stu proposes to her. TV Guide says of the episode:

"Amy feels conflicted about whether to tell Lauren that She's in a romantic relationship with Stu. Meanwhile, Peter worries Gillian is setting herself up for a disappointment bu believing that their baby is a girl. Elsewhere Kyle has a business date with Lily for the ballet; Kimberly Fallon (Alice Dodd) is in Amy's courtroom defending a 16-year-old's decision to get married; and Bruce ruffles a parole officer's feathers by personally investigating a teen's probation violation."

Amy's relationship troubles lead to a period of self-doubt, which comes to a head when Michael comes over to drop off one of Lauren's (Karle Warren) schoolbooks. Amy invites her ex-husband in for coffee and at first, Michael is hesitant, not sure exactly what to expect. Michael has just as many surprises for Amy, as he is gentle, compassionate and considerate when she reveals her doubts and fears to him.

Amy wonders whether her problems with long-term relationships result from her own inadequacies, going so far as to speculate that their own marriage problems may have all been her fault. Michael doesn't take the easy, self-serving route; instead, he gently jokes with Amy that her problems stem from her never having gotten over him, reminds her of the undeniable good times they shared, and lets her off the hook, displaying a new depth of self-awareness and compassion. As he tells her, once upon a time, he had a wife who showed him how good marriage could be, and didn't know what he had until he lost it. A warm hug and kiss later, Michael is out the door, reminding Amy that he'll pick their daughter up on the weekend as usual.

For further information on Richard's episodes of Judging Amy, visit our Judging Amy guide page, and browse through our archived News pages.

(Thanks to Deborah for the heads-up on Richard's JA episodes, and to Erin and Becky for the images)

[19 Sep 03]  *** German viewers, 24 now airing on RTL II *** --  Catch Richard Burgi as the cold-blooded mercenary Kevin Carroll and his beguiling alter ego, Alan York, in the first season of the runaway hit FOX drama 24, now airing on RTL II. The show airs Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays at 8:15pm and is dubbed into German.

(Thanks to Danny for the schedule information)

Richard Burgi as Alan York/Kevin Carroll in 24

*** International Update:  French fans get to enjoy Richard's role in 24 all over again -- 24 launches April 2nd on French national TV, Chanel TF 1 ***  24 -- or "24 Heures Chrono" as it is known in French-language markets -- premiered on "free" television on Wednesday, April 2nd at 10:45pm. We are assuming a continuing Wednesday timeslot.

(Thanks to Sylvette for the update)

*** International Update: First season of 24 launches in Switzerland on French-language Television Suisse Romande -- Thursdays, starting on March 6th. ***  According to TV8, the TV guide for French-speaking Switzerland, the first season of 24 will launch this Thursday in its first European non-pay TV broadcast. TV8 interviewed Richard for an article announcing the launch.

TV8 -- Swiss TV Guide magazine -- interview with Richard Burgi

"I adored breaking my image!" - Richard Burgi

Richard in Swiss TV Guide articleHaving the looks of a poster boy for seduction and charm, Richard Burgi could easily have remained his whole life in soap operas like Days of our Lives, where he played the character of Phillip Collier. That would be misjudging the this actor who likes to play with his image. That's why, after being Detective James Ellison, the well known hero fighting for justice in The Sentinel, he has played various parts in sitcoms like Seinfeld, Veronica's Closet or in a hilarious episode of Just Shoot Me, recently seen on TSR [the Swiss French-speaking channel - ed].  In 24 Hours Chrono, he surprises us by playing yet another type of chaacter, the mysterious Alan York.

What did particularly interest you in this role?
Before 24 Hours, I always played the "good guy." With this many-faced character, I enjoyed breaking the image people might have had of me.

In the first episode of the series, all we know about Alan York, is that he is worried about his daughter. Can you really not tell us a little bit more about him?
I could tell you what happens next, but then I would have to kill you! Those are the orders of the production to keep up the suspense.

Is that really important?
It's this amazing suspense that makes the success of the series. Up to the point that people like Spielberg asked for a video at the studio when they had unfortunately missed an episode. All the people I know are dependant; even my wife, who is rather an intellectual, that says everything...

After three seasons, the series The Sentinel was suddenly stopped. Why?
There had been a problem between the new direction of the network that was broadcasting the series and the producers. The Sentinel didn't survive it. I'm sorry about that, but that chapter is definitely closed.

Back in 1977, you spent six months in Switzerland, for your pleasure?
I lived in Lugano and traveled all over your country. My grandfather was Swiss and I have family in Lucerne and Winterthour; it was kind of going back to the roots.

Interview by Isabelle Rovero.
TV8, 1-7 March 2003, published in Switzerland

(Thanks to Madeleine Viviani for the article scan and translation)

RBFC Summer 2003 Charity Auction in honor of Richard Burgi's Birthday to benefit the FSLMMC [19 Sep 03] *** We are pleased to announce the final proceeds for the RBFC Summer 2003 Charity Auction in honor of Richard Burgi's birthday -- $4,030 in auction proceeds and donations. Thankyou for your participation and generosity!***  -- The Auction Online Catalog is still available for viewing; simply use the Catalog page link. The auction featured a veritable treasure-trove of Burgi memorabilia, very generously donated by Richard and Lori Burgi with some additional items donated by Kathleen Cole and the RBFC.

The photo montage at left (which is available in larger size by clicking on the image) features the jewel in our Auction crown -- Jim Ellison's (and Richard's) very own black leather J.Crew car coat, size Large.

The RBFC Summer 2003 Charity Auction, held in honor of Richard Burgi's birthday, once again benefitted the Friends of the Sea Lion Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach, California.

The FSLMMC mission statement (which is reproduced below) does not fully convey the challenges facing the Center. It would be hard indeed to overstress the constant need for long-term volunteers and for donations of time, materiel, and money; one outbreak of domoic acid poisoning can fill the Center to overflowing with sick marine mammals and devour resources -- supplies, medicine, funds -- at an astounding rate.

We are pleased and proud to join Richard and Lori Burgi in their support of this most worthy organization.

Friends of the Sea Lion Marine Mammal Center is a non-profit organization staffed by dedicated volunteers and funded by donations. Its mission is to: 
  • rescue, medically treat and rehabilitate seals and sea lions that are stranded along Orange County, California beaches due to injury or illness; 
  • release healthy animals back to their natural habitat; and 
  • increase public awareness of the marine environment through education and research. 
FSLMMC contact information:

Friends of the Sea Lion Marine Mammal Center
20612 Laguna Canyon Road
Laguna Beach, California, USA   92651 
(949) 494-3050 phone (949) 494-2802 fax 

Special thanks go to Richard and Lori Burgi (who donated the lion's share of the items up for auction), and to Kathleen Cole  for her invaluable help in donating and gathering the items offered. Thanks also go to Kathleen Cole and Bert Hayling for the time and effort spent organizing and running the Summer 2003 RBFC Online Charity Auction. Without their generosity, this fund-raiser would not have taken  place.

- The RBFC Coordinating Committee, September 2003

Richard Burgi and Shiri Appleby star in Darklight [19 Sep 03] *** Richard films lead role in new film for Sci Fi Channel *** -- Watch the Sci Fi Channel website for news of Darklight, a Sci Fi Channel Original Production for the 2004-05 broadcast season. Richard plays Shaw, and is joined by Shiri Appleby (Roswell's Liz) as Lilith. Sci Fi veteran John de Lancie also stars in Darklight. An early Sci Fi Channel synopsis had this to say:

DARKLIGHT  A genetically-engineered creature carrying a deadly virus escapes from a secret lab and goes on a rampage, spreading the virus in the process. To stop the virus from reaching epidemic proportions, LILITH is recruited. A superhuman warrior cursed with immortality, LILITH must defeat the creature before it infects the entire planet. Directed by Bill Platt, former development executive for SCI FI Channel's short-film series Exposure. Production begins in Sofia, Bulgaria with UFO Films in July 2003.

Richard headed off to Sofia, Bulgaria in late July, with production starting on Monday, July 28th. Richard and costar Shiri Appleby were joined by John de Lancie during the second week of filming.  Principal photography wrapped  the week of August 18th. Post-production is likely to run into 2004, with Darklight expected to air in about a year's time. Darklight is a UFO Films production for The Sci Fi Channel.

According to the Sofia Sideshow, which chronicles the film production experience in Bulgaria, "Richard Burgi and Shiri Appleby were both a mass of good clean fun." 

PHOTOS: Top -- Richard and costar Shiri Appleby on location as Shaw and Lilith; Middle -- Shaw looks to be a "don't mess with me" kinda' guy; Bottom -- Shotgun Shaw blasts the beastie.

The Sofia Sideshow --

Unified Film Organization --

(Thanks to Richard for the initial heads up, to Deborah for the research, and to Jeff for the photos and background information)

RB as Captain Dax, Hero of the Federation of STARSHIP TROOPERS 2

(Top) Richard Burgi as Captain Dax: Hero of the Federation of STARSHIP TROOPERS 2. (Bottom) Richard Burgi stars as Captain Dax in STARSHIP TROOPERS 2
(Photos courtesy of Tippett Studios and, Copyright © 2003 StarTroop Pictures Inc. Photos by Paul M. Sammon)

[19 Sep 03] ***UPDATE: Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation moving along the post-production pipeline towards current release date in March 2004*** -- Richard has been working periodically on post-production aspects of Starship Troopers 2 at Tippett Studio, where the bulk of the visual effects production is taking place. At present, expect to catch Richard as Captain Dax, Hero of the Federation of  Starship Troopers 2, when the movie hits the shelves at DVD retailers in March '04.

Also look out for the August/September issue of Sci-Fi genre magazine Cinefantastique, which has a one-page article on Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation (which mentions Richard as the lead).

 Richard worked from May 14th through June 20th on the long-awaited Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation, filming at Manhattan Beach Studios and on location in the Santa Clarita "canyon country" north of Los Angeles. Richard plays Captain Dax, the hero mentioned in the film's title.

Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation is produced by Jon Davison, with Phil Tippett directing. Tippett shot from a screenplay by Ed Neumeier, who also wrote the screenplay for the original Starship Troopers film. (All three worked on the first Starship Troopers, which was directed by Paul Verhoeven. Tippett's Tippett Studios produced the visual special effects for the first film, and is once again providing special effects for ST2).

When we -- and the besieged troopers -- first meet Captain Dax, he is the last man standing at an otherwise abandoned and desolate outpost on planet Zulu Angel. He is somewhat the worse for wear -- dirty, torn, unshaven, and more than a little war-weary. When the rapacious arachnids threaten to once again overrun the makeshift defenses of the old outpost, Dax must rally the rag-tag band of Troopers to fend off the marauding Bugs. Unfortunately for Dax and the Troopers, the arachnids have other things in mind for the unsuspecting humans...

Additional information on "Starship Troopers 2 : Hero of the Federation" can be found at the Starship Troopers  website at Starship Troopers will work in association with Moviehole to provide the most up-to-date news and information on the project in general and will work with the RBFC to provide the latest news on Richard Burgi's involvement with the film.

The Moviehole website can be found at

Tippett Studio, Special Effects house responsible for the incredible special effects of the StarshipTroopers films, can be found at

Visit our Starship Troopers 2 guide page to see previous News items.

(Thanks to Kat and MJ for the heads up, to Richard for the confirmation, and to Starship Troopers for the production information and images).

Starship Troopers 2 announcement banner

[19 Sep 03] *** Joss Whedon gets green light for Firefly feature film *** -- According to a recent article in the Hollywood Reporter, Universal Pictures has secured the rights to Firefly from 20th Century Fox Television and plans to put a Firefly feature film into production in the first quarter of 2004. Series creator Whedon will adapt Firefly for cinematic release and will also serve as director.

According to the 04 Sep 03 Reporter article by Zorianna Kit and Chris Gardner, Firefly "was set 500 years in the future and centered on a crew aboard a spaceship. The feature version will incorporate the mythology from the show but will take on a more epic feel. Whedon hopes to enlist the entire cast to come back for the feature, depending on their previous commitments, with new characters added as well."

As Richard's Lieutenant Womack of Allied Enforcement was intended to become a recurring character, the possibility exists that Womack -- and Richard -- will have a part in the Firefly feature. Should this indeed prove to be the case, we will provide updates here at

Richard Burgi as Lieutenant Womack in The Message
** Firefly broadcast updates ** -- SPACE: The Imagination Station, Canada's sci-fi cable channel, plans to add Firefly to its schedule in September. The show will air weekly at 9:00pm ET/8:00pm CT, with the premiere on Monday, September 8th. SPACE will air the entire series, including the three episodes FOX did not broadcast, and will air the show in the order intended by writer/producer Joss Whedon.
The Firefly cast, the good ship Serenity, and Richard Burgi as Lieutenant Womack [19 Sep 03]*** Complete Firefly DVD boxed set -- the two-hour pilot and thirteen filmed episodes, plus cast and crew commentary and the gag reel -- to be released by FOX on December 9th *** -- According to The Futon Critic ( -- "20th Gives 'Firefly,' Five Other Street Dates," by Brian Ford Sullivan), 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment plans to release the Firefly DVD box set on December 9th, 2003. Information on price and DVD features will be released in the coming weeks. Richard's Lieutenant Womack of Allied Enforcement turns up in the final episode of the series, "The Message."

*** Richard's UK-based fans first to see him in "The Message," (production number 1AGE13) on UK Sci Fi Channel ***  -- Richard plays unsavory Allied Enforcement Officer Lieutenant Womack.(Monday, July 28th at 9:00pm).

Written by executive producers Joss Whedon and Tim Minear, and filmed in mid-December 2002, "The Message" was one of the last of 15 episodes ordered by FOX. According to a brief description of the episode, "the crew must deliver the corpse of an old war comrade home, but things are not as they seem." 

"The Message" finds the crew of the Serenity making a quick stop for resupply and mail pickup. Mal (Nathan Fillion) and Zoe (Gina Torres) are the recipients of an oversize crate which, when opened, reveals the apparently dead body of their old war comrade Tracey. Back aboard Serenity, a recording reveals Tracey's wish that they transport his body back home.

As the Serenity lifts off, a battered Alliance Enforcement vessel lands. Lieutenant Womack and his team debark and head straight to the freight agency recently vacated by the Serenity crew. Seems he's come to retrieve the body of the dearly departed Tracey. 

The script has this to say of Womack: "He's been around the block, and likely beaten up everybody on it."  Womack was intended to be a recurring character -- a shady lawman who would undoubtedly cross paths with the Serenity at the most inconvenient times.

For more information on Firefly, visit the FireflyFans website at

(Thanks to Richard, Haken, Kat, MJ, and Pam for information on Firefly)

Richard Burgi plays Detective Francis Kirk in Decoys [19 Sep 03] *** Richard plays a detective in new sci-fi movie Decoys *** -- Richard made a quick trip to Ottawa, Canada, during March and April 2003 for a role in a new science fiction movie titled Decoys, which director Matt Hastings describes as "American Pie meets Species" -- a sci-fi thriller set on a college campus. Richard plays Detective Francis Kirk. According to the script, "He's a young cop who knows that he won't be in this small town busting college students for party pranks for much longer. He thinks he belongs somewhere between NYPD Blue and the cover of GQ."

The Species connection comes into play in the form of the beautiful and -- let us say -- otherworldy young women who descend upon the college campus in search of healthy and libidinous young men. Much as in Richard's 1998 version of I Married a Monster, alien beings come to Earth in search of mates -- only this time, it's the Outer Space womenfolk who are eager to reproduce. Unlike their Monster counterparts, these alien "femmes" are quite literally "fatales," as their reproductive process leaches the body-heat right out of their unfortunate paramours.

Richard's Detective Kirk becomes involved when the extraterrestrial temptresses leave a string of frozen young men in their wake.

Decoys is expected to premiere in late 2003. According to the Ottawa Sunday Sun's 13 Apr 03 edition, Decoys " a 100-minute production by Canadian company Reel One Entertainment. Decoys was also co-produced by Ottawa-based company Sound Venture and will be distributed by The Movie Network, SPACE: The Imagination Station and Think Films sometime this fall."

PHOTOS: Top -- Detective Francis Kirk (Richard Burgi) and Luke (Corey Sevier) walk through a very unusual crime scene; Upper Middle -- Kirk walks away from Luke and back to work; Lower Middle -- Kirk gives Lilly (Stefanie von Pfetten) his business card; Bottom -- Detective Kirk hunts a killer on a cold and crowded college campus.

To learn more about Decoys, visit the Official Decoys website at:

Accumulated RBFC News page coverage can be found on our Decoys guide page.

The film is also now listed at the IMDb website; search under "Decoys" at

(Thanks to Richard Burgi for the heads up, to Marc Heller of Reel One Entertainment for the Decoys website info, and to Deborah for the data-mining on "Decoys")

DECOYS banner

[29 Sep 03]*** UPDATE: US Sci-Fi Channel puts The Sentinel back on hiatus at end of September ***  -- The Sci Fi Channel Schedulebot listing for The Sentinel does not show it beyond the end of September. Hopefully this will prove a short hiatus with The Sentinel returning to the schedule in November.
Richard Burgi as Jim Ellison in The Sentinel
*** International Update *** -- German viewers, The Sentinel will return to German television on Monday, September 1st, airing on Kabel 1. Catch Ellison and Sandburg's exciting adventures every Monday at 21:15.

(Thanks to Steffi for the German schedule update)

*** International Update *** -- Dutch viewers endure bait and switch as The Sentinel is replaced with The Invisible Man.  After a brief run on V8, airing Mondays through Fridays at 7:05pm, July 30th through August 20th, The Sentinel was replaced on the V8 schedule by The Invisible Man. The entire run of The Sentinel -- 65 episodes --  had aired earlier in the year.

(Thanks to Manuela for the Dutch schedule update)

*** International Update *** -- As of May, The Sentinel is once again airing in France.  French viewers, The Sentinel is once again airing Monday to Friday at 6:50pm on M6. This current broadcast cycle started on Thursday, May 1st. (Articles on Richard and The Sentinel may possibly turn up in the French TV Guide magazines, so those of you in that market, keep a lookout!)

(Thanks to Christine for the heads up)

Sentinel on SciFi Banner

Current Sentinel schedule on SciFi:
September 1st - 5th 
01 Sep -- 10:00am -- Preempted
02 Sep -- 10:00am -- "Light My Fire"
03 Sep -- 10:00am -- "Secret"
04 Sep -- 10:00am -- "Dead Drop"
05 Sep -- 10:00am -- "Red Dust"
September 8th - 12th 
08 Sep -- 10:00am -- "Smart Alec"
09 Sep -- 10:00am -- "Private Eyes"
10 Sep -- 10:00am -- Preempted
11 Sep -- 10:00am -- "Sleeping Beauty"
12 Sep -- 10:00am -- "Disappearing Act"
September 15th - 19th 
15 Sep -- 10:00am -- "Pennies from Heaven"
16 Sep -- 10:00am -- "Survival"
17 Sep -- 10:00am -- "His Brother's Keeper"
18 Sep -- 10:00am -- "Warriors"
19 Sep -- 10:00am -- "Three Point Shot"
September 22nd - 26th 
22 Sep -- 10:00am -- Preempted
23 Sep -- 10:00am -- Preempted
24 Sep -- 10:00am -- Preempted
25 Sep -- 10:00am -- Preempted
26 Sep -- 10:00am -- Preempted
September 29th - October 3rd 
29 Sep -- 10:00am -- "The Girl Next Door"
30 Sep -- 10:00am -- "Poachers"

"The Sentinel" on hiatus for month of October

October 6th - 10th 
"The Sentinel" on hiatus for month of October
Visit the Sci-Fi Channel website for further details ( ) and remember to check your local listings to confirm times and dates.

(Thanks to Deborah for the Sci-Fi info, and to Steffi and Starfox for the images)

[07 Aug 03] *** The Sentinel now airing on UK SciFi Channel, Tuesday through Friday at 6:00pm. *** --  According to an article in the "In Production - News" section (dated 22 Apr 03) of the Cult TV website ( ), The Sentinel was scheduled to join the UK's SciFi Channel schedule on June 17th, airing Tuesday through Friday at 6:00pm.
Richard Burgi as The Sentinel, Jim Ellison
(Additional scheduling info courtesy of Sheila: "The SciFi Channel seems to be stripping it Tuesday - Friday at 6pm, repeating each episode at 1pm next day (Friday's episode being repeated the following week), then on Sunday 22nd they're showing Switchman twice, morning and then 6pm again. On Sunday 29th they're showing Siege. So they're both stripping it and showing it weekly").

The Cult TV article, titled "Sentinel Debuts in UK," had this to say of the series:

"Richard Burgi is Detective James Ellison, who crashes during a tour of duty in the jungles of Peru, while serving with the US Army's Special Forces. Unknown to him, months in the wilderness have left him with many psychic and perceptual gifts. His senses are heightened, and five years after his return to the States, he finds that he can suddenly use these skills to the greater good in his home of suburban Cascade, Washington. He has become the type of person foretold by the legends of ancient tribes -- he is a 'Sentinel.'

With a loyal following in America and in various territories around the world, The Sentinel finally gains itself a UK transmission. Having run from 1996 to 1999, 65 episodes were produced, and it is only now, thanks to Sci-Fi (Channel), that the gifted cop can be appreciated by British audiences."

The article went on to give a short resume for Richard:

"Star Richard Burgi is easily recognisable to fans of the first season of 24. Although we all thought he was Alan York, father of a missing teenage daughter, he turned out to be hired assassin Kevin Carroll! He has recently been seen on CSI as a paragliding instructor, and has appeared regularly on Judging Amy Stateside, replacing John Slattery in the role of Michael Cassidy, ex-husband of Judge Amy Gray. He's also reprised his role of Captain Hunter in The District this year."

(Thanks to Gwen for the initial UK SciFi news, and to Kitty for the Cult TV update)

Richard Burgi as Jim Ellison

Richard Burgi as Chad Rollo in Another World [07 Aug 03] *** Soapnet Cable network acquires 9,000 episodes of NBC Soap "Another World," circa 1987; Richard played Chad Rollo from '86 to '88 *** -- Starting July 1st, Soapnet began broadcasting vintage episodes of "Another World," airing each episode three times a day. Richard's Chad Rollo was the show's bad boy -- an entertainment manager with a shady past as a pimp. Towards the end of his tenure, Rollo was mending his ways somewhat, and was involved in one of Daytime's first AIDS storylines -- his sister, Dawn, became infected after a transfusion from their ne'er-do-well mother.

Soapnet launches into "Another World" just as MJ  -- Chad's one-time girlfriend and former member of his prostitution stable -- decides to risk all by telling her fiance of her sordid secret past.

(Thanks to Summer for the Soapnet information, and to MJ and JoAnn for the updates)

[07 Aug 03] *** Wheelmen website woes -- faulty email links result in lost mail *** -- Wheelmen director Dirk Hagen has passed along some distressing news regarding the Wheelmen website at -- seems the "contact us" email generator has been forwarding visitor posts into the electronic abyss.

Mr. Hagen has passed along his sincere apologies and regrets for the loss of these messages, as well as his appreciation and thanks to everyone who has taken the time to write regarding Wheelmen. He has also very kindly authorized us to release a direct email link so that Richard's admirers can resend their questions and comments on Wheelmen.

Mr. Hagen and the folks at STRETCHPIX are particularly interested in seeing what sort of demand there is for the release of Wheelmen, especially in international markets. Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Hagen's asking, so be sure to let him know where you live, and how much you're looking forward to seeing Richard in Wheelmen! Be sure to mention the format you're most interested in, and if you're also interested in buying the film on DVD at some point, be sure to mention that also.

Email link to Wheelmen director Dirk Hagen

[07 Aug 03] *** Wheelmen producer STRETCHPIX  inks International distribution deal with Showcase Entertainment *** According to the latest updates to the Publicity and News pages on the Wheelmen website at, Showcase Entertainment is the new International distributor for "Wheelmen." The Showcase Entertainment website at now lists Wheelmen in its list of movies and Richard Burgi in its list of stars, along with a movie synopsis and image of the new Wheelmen one-sheet seen at left.

New Wheelmen one-sheet posterThe Wheelmen website also has a new press release (available on the News page under the Publicity section) as well as a larger version of the new one-sheet poster, which will fill an 8.5" x 11" page when printed on an inkjet printer. The new press release reads as follows:

Wheelmen logoPRESS RELEASE  APRIL 2003

We are pleased to announce that STRETCHPIX has signed with SHOWCASE ENTERTAINMENT for International distribution and representation for the film WHEELMEN.

Domestic distribution of the film is currently being reviewed with various companies.

Further updates will be posted shortly.

[Photo caption for cast group photo in front of limo: A group of limo drivers inadvertently become involved in a crazy attempt to kidnap the Vice President of the United States in Wheelmen]

[15 Mar 03] *** sneak preview screening for the general public in Pasadena, CA -- Monday, March 10th at 10:00am at the Laemmle Playhouse 7 *** Director Dirk Hagen graciously invited the RBFC to the first public screening of Wheelmen, which was held at the Laemmle Playhouse 7 at 673 East Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena, California  at 10:00 am on Monday, March 10th.

Tickets to the matinee showing cost $5.50 and were available at the theater box office. "Wheelmen" is 93 minutes in length.

(Thanks to Dirk Hagen for the information and the invitation)

[16 Feb 03] *** "Wheelmen" to be represented at the American Film Market for foreign territories; domestic distribution negotiations continue *** In addition to presentation at the AFM, which opens Wednesday, February 19th, "Wheelmen" will be screened for international buyers on Monday, February 24th at the Cineplex Odeon Broadway in Santa Monica.

In addition to its theatrical release format, "Wheelmen" has been video-formatted for eventual television and DVD release.

[15 Feb 03] *** "Wheelmen" still awaiting finalization of distribution arrangements; no word yet on revised release date *** "Wheelmen," which stars Richard Burgi as former hotshot ambulance driver Nick Torino, is currently awaiting a distribution deal. Once such a deal has been finalized, the movie's release format will be decided and a release date announced.
Richard at Wheelmen screening A cinema screening for potential distributors was held on Thursday, August 22nd 2002 at the Arclight Theaters Complex on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA. Those invited to attend the screening picked up their tickets at a check-in table set up in front of the movie's trademark Lincoln stretch limousine and, after a chance to "meet and greet" the actors and director, enjoyed refreshments before the movie (and a reception afterwards). After a few introductory words by director Dirk Hagen, "Wheelmen" made its big-screen debut. 
*** Visit the "Wheelmen" official website *** -- The official website for Richard's new movie, "Wheelmen," can be found at The site is informative, interesting, and loaded with information on the film, the characters, the actors, and the production staff.

Richard and Wheelman castmates
Must see items include the gallery of photos (by photographer Jennifer B. Copp) and Quicktime movie clips -- Richard appears several times in both galleries. The Publicity and News pages have been updated and enhanced with both current and previous press releases, an image of the promotional "Wheelmen" poster, a photo and caption from Premiere magazine, and at least one newspaper article on the production. Photos from the August 22nd Arclight Theaters screening are the site's most recent addition.

The "Wheelmen" site includes a detailed press release (see excerpts from the press release, as well as other articles, on our "Wheelmen" page ), which provides a comprehensive guide to the film, characters, actors, and production staff, and a new press release announcing a cinema  screening of "Wheelmen" for potential distributors (below).

Wheelmen poster; get a bigger version at the Wheelmen site FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Henry Eshelman / Catherine Shin
Phone: 310.550.7776
Email: /

Indie Film Wraps 19 Day Shoot in Los Angeles and Seeking Distribution

LOS ANGELES, California, August 13, 2002. Wheelmen, a raucous limousine company comedy starring Richard Burgi, Michael Fairman, James Avery and Jason Kravits completed production in Los Angeles during a 19 day shoot and will be screened for distributors on August 22, 2002 at the Arclight Theaters Complex (6360 Sunset Blvd.). The film, directed by Dirk Hagen and produced by John Orland, is a Stretchpix, LLC production, Co-Produced by Lexi Alexander and Robert J. Ulrich , line producer on the production was Gary A. Lowe, production design by Robert E. Hummel, casting by Robert J. Ulrich, costume design by Emmy Taylor and Director of Photography, Don E. FauntLeRoy, A.S.C. and Editor Sherril Schlesinger.

NICK TORINO (Richard Burgi, Fox's "24" and CBS' "The District"), a former ambulance driver, is the acting patron of floundering Los Angeles limousine service, Venture Limousine. In his care are five other 'wheelmen': PAUL (Michael Fairman, "Dharma and Greg" and "The Practice"), a distinguished gentleman and twenty year vet of the limo world, VLADIMIR (Elya Baskin , Air Force One and Moscow On The Hudson), a Russian ex-bodyguard who's traded in his two pack a day cigarette habit for the strange icy goodness of Slurpees. KRISTEN (Lisa Arturo, American Pie II), a 'just one of the guys' sexy woman. RALPH (Adam Biesk, Flight of the Intruder and Meet The Applegates), a potted plant with a Class C license and ANDY COOPER (Greg Lee, "Xena Warrior Princess" and "Dark Angel"), a likeable, happy-go-lucky twenty something who lives every night like a Saturday night, waiting for "The Great Benefactor." Andy is convinced that BERNARD "BARNY" ALBERT TOMLINSON (Rainn Wilson , Almost Famous and Galaxy Quest) is "The Great Benefactor," until it is revealed that he is a paranoid Ex-Secret Service agent attempting to prevent a bizarre kidnapping attempt of the Vice President (James Avery, "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"). Venture Limousine wheelmen have been assigned to the Vice President's motorcade unaware that they will become part of the plot to kidnap him.

As if putting up with his colleagues wasn't enough, Nick comes to work one day and discovers a little boy from his past named ARTHUR (Alexander Gould, Finding Nemo) waiting patiently for him in his office. After noticing several bruises on Arthur's neck, Nick drops the boy off at Social Services where he meets GWEN (Erin Daniels, One Hour Photo), a loving social worker assigned to Arthur's case. Things get complicated as Nick falls for Gwen, and little Arthur feels the rush of jealousy as he too has a crush on her.

[19 Sep 03] *** Write to Richard care of the RBFC! *** -- Richard has asked us to encourage anyone interested in sending cards or letters to him to use the RBFC mailing address, which is listed below.  This allows Richard to better handle his incoming mail, which he certainly enjoys receiving, provided it comes through appropriate channels.

Mr. Richard Burgi
10153 1/2 Riverside Drive, #494
Toluca Lake, CA 91602

We cannot emphasize strongly enough that mail should not be sent to Richard's home address!  Receiving fan mail through his home address is a disquieting experience and cause for concern, especially from the standpoint of privacy and safety.  If you have come across what you believe may be his home address, please, do NOT use it!  We -- and Richard -- would greatly appreciate it if you would let us know where you came across the address by using this e-mail link to the RBFC.

While postcards, letters, and cards will be promptly forwarded to Richard, we cannot forward packages; he has asked that no gifts be sent to him.  Though Richard appreciates the goodwill and generosity those gifts represent, he finds them a little overwhelming.  Richard would be honored if, instead, wellwishers made a donation in his name to a local children's shelter or literacy program, or to the Friends of the Sea Lion Marine Mammal Center .
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