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Last Updated: 24 September 1999

Richard makes his second appearance on Fox's ACTION as Cole Riccardi Thursday, Sept 30th

USA Network launches "Viper" reruns; Richard guests as Lane Cassidy in four episodes

The SciFi Channel launches "The Sentinel" in reruns starting Sunday, October 3rd

SciFi ads "The Sentinel" to its website

SciFi announces on-line chats with Richard Burgi & Garett Maggart and Danny Bilson & Paul DeMeo

Richard's home tour on E!'s Celebrity Homes

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[09/24/99]*** Richard on "Mann & Machine" *** -- Saturday, October 23rd at 5amET / 2amPT. The SciFi Channel will air Richard's episode of "Mann & Machine," entitled "The Dating Game." Richard plays Jeffrey Bosco, a businessman who considers himself quite the ladies' man. Suspected as the perpetrator of a number of attacks against women, Bosco proves himself to be more of an annoyance than an actual threat, and Eve -- the "Machine" part of the series' titlular team -- quickly knocks the wind out of his sails when his attempted seduction falls flat.

Richard in Action once again -- FOX, Thursday, September 30th, 9-9:30pm ET/PT -- Richard's second appearance as action movie leading man Cole Riccardi. The FOX schedule says:

"Peter Dragon (Jay Mohr) receives a visit from ex-girlfriend, Sandra Bullock, that results in a vicious confrontation. Meanwhile, Peter has to deal with a personal problem of Cole Riccardi's (Richard Burgi), his new movie's leading man."

(Now that Action has officially premiered, let FOX know how much you enjoyed seeing Richard on their new show and that you'd like to see more of him! E-mail FOX at or visit the FOX website at )

(Additional Action information below...)

Fox's Action premieres Thursday, September 16th, 9-9:30pm ET/PT -- Fox's new, controversial and eagerly awaited half-hour comedy premieres Thursday, September 16th at 9pm and is immediately followed by the series' second episode, "Re-enter the Dragon," which will air in the series' regular timeslot (9:30-10pm ET/PT Thursdays). Richard plays the part of Cole Riccardi, star of movie producer Peter Dragon's action-adventure flick, "Slow Torture."

The Action pilot will be repeated on Sunday, September 19th at 9:30pm ET/PT and the second episode will repeat a week later -- Sunday, Sept. 26th at 9:30pm ET/PT.

*** Richard's "Cole Riccardi" comes back for a second episode *** -- Richard will be returning to Action in an upcoming episode (which was due to go before the cameras in late August). In all probability, Richard's second appearance as Riccardi will take place in Action's third episode, due to air on Fox Thursday, September 23rd at 9:30pm ET/PT. (As always, check your local listings to confirm).

(Now that Action has officially premiered, let FOX know how much you enjoyed seeing Richard on their new show and that you'd like to see more of him! E-mail FOX at or visit the FOX website at )

(Additional Action information below...)

*** Richard Burgi guests on VIPER *** -- USA Network, parent company of the SciFi Channel, purchased broadcast rights to the Pet Fly Productions show VIPER and is airing the show weekly Tuesday (Wednesday am) through Thursday (Friday am)at 2am Eastern.Richard Burgi was a recurring character in VIPER's first season -- "Outfit" villain Lane Cassidy -- and can be seen in the following episodes:

  • "Once A Thief" -- Thursday, 16 Sept (Friday am)
  • "Ghosts" -- Tuesday, 28 Sept (Wednesday am)
  • "Firehawk" -- Thursday, 30 Sept (Friday am)
  • "The Scoop" -- Tuesday, 12 Oct (Wednesday am)
(Visit the USA Network website at to learn more about USA and its schedule and be sure to e-mail USA at to thank them for airing Richard's VIPER episodes. As USA is the parent of SciFi, mentioning The Sentinel in connection with Richard could also be advantageous).

(Thanks to Carla, Linda and Susan for the schedule and addresses)

The SciFi Channel will introduce The Sentinel to its viewers with a special presentation Sunday, October 3rd. Exact time will be listed as soon as it becomes available. The Sentinel will then move to its regularly scheduled berth on Tuesday evenings. (See below).

SciFi Banner

The SciFi Channel has announced a new launch date and time for reruns of The Sentinel -- Tuesday, October 5th, starting at 7pm ET/4pm PT. Rather than "stripping" the show across a whole week, SciFi will air four episodes every Tuesday evening as their Primetime lineup (with those episodes repeating starting at 1am ET). The Sentinel will air -- with a two-hour break -- from 7pm to 3am on the East Coast and from 4pm to 11pm on the West Coast.

The current Sentinel schedule is as follows:

Sunday, October 3

  • 9pm ET -- Switchman (Pilot) (repeats at 1am)
  • 10pm ET -- Siege (repeats at 2am)
Tuesday, October 5
  • 7pm ET -- Killers (repeats at 1am)
  • 8pm ET -- The Debt (repeats at 2am)
  • 9pm ET -- Cypher
  • 10pm ET -- Night Train
Tuesday, October 12
  • 7pm ET -- Rogue (repeats at 1am)
  • 8pm ET -- Love and Guns (repeats at 2am)
  • 9pm ET -- Attraction
  • 10pm ET -- Out of the Past
Tuesday, October 19
  • 7pm ET -- Vow of Silence (repeats at 1am)
  • 8pm ET -- Reunion (repeats at 2am)
  • 9pm ET -- Flight
  • 10pm ET -- Deep Water
Tuesday, October 26
  • 7pm ET -- Payback (repeats at 1am)
  • 8pm ET -- True Crime (repeats at 2am)
  • 9pm ET -- Ice Man
  • 10pm ET -- The Rig
Though no official announcement or decision has yet been made, the possibility exists of SciFi purchasing additional new episodes of The Sentinel. Such new episodes, if ordered, would most likely not debut until Fall 2000. (Visit SciFi's website for information on the network and its schedule or e-mail SciFi at or with comments on Richard Burgi and The Sentinel).

As UPN has officially dropped The Sentinel from its lineup for Fall '99, any possibility of additional new episodes will have to come through first-run syndication.

(Thanks to Kaz for the scheduling information)

The SciFi Channel is gearing up for the debut of The Sentinel by adding an excellent Sentinel page to its website. The page, which can be found at, contains cast and character bios, a selection of downloadable JPEG images of the cast, a first season episode guide, a bulletin-board devoted to The Sentinel, and a downloadable Sentinel screen-saver in both MAC and Windows formats.

(Remember to e-mail SciFi at or with comments on Richard Burgi, The Sentinel, and their very nice Sentinel web page).

The SciFi Channel will host two on-line chats as lead-in to The Sentinel -- the first with producers Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and the second with Sentinel stars Richard Burgi and Garett Maggart.

Producers Bilson and DeMeo will be chatting Thursday, September 30th at 9pm ET.

Stars Burgi and Maggart will be chatting Monday, October 4th at 9pm ET.

For information on how to participate in the chats, go to the SciFi Channel's website at (The chats are handled primarily through IRC, but SciFi can accommodate JAVA-capable browsers as well). Additional information is also available at the Support Our Sentinel website,

(Thanks to SOS for helping to arrange the chats!)

*** Guest Role in pilot for new Fox series "Action," premiering Fall '99 ***

What a guy...Guest Role -- "Cole Riccardi," Action (FOX, new for Fall '99, debuts Thursdays at 9:30pm ET/PT).

Richard , seen at left with series star Jay Mohr (as Peter Dragon), recently played the part of action movie star Cole Riccardi in Action, a new show from Joel Silver, producer of the hit Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne movie The Matrix. (Silver also produced action genre blockbusters Lethal Weapon with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover and Die Hard with Bruce Willis -- two movies often cited in descriptions of The Sentinel). Produced for FOX by Silver and Chris Thompson, Action is a funny and daring half-hour comedy in the vein of The Larry Sanders Show. The FOX website has this to say of the new show:

"Chris Thompson (producer of "The Larry Sanders Show") concocts a bold new comedy that dares to take a satirical, behind-the-scenes look at the absurdity of Hollywood's cut-throat movie business."

I love this guy..."Our tour guide for this edgy ride through Tinseltown is the notoriously ill-tempered, egomaniacal film producer Peter Dragon (Jay Mohr)." (On the receiving end of Cole Riccardi's (Richard Burgi) "I love this guy!" kiss at left). "Peter spars with conniving agents and studio executives, insults commissary workers, sucks up to movie stars (Keanu Reeves in a cameo), berates his ex-wife and befriends Wendy (Illeana Douglas), a former child star who made a career change to call girl. The only person Peter treats with a modicum of respect is his security guard/chauffeur Lonnie (Buddy Hackett), who is also his uncle."

"With Action, Thompson takes his insider's perspective and peppers it with scathing, sharp-witted dialogue to air out Hollywood's dirty laundry and provide a voyeuristic look into the fascinating world of show business."

Cole racks his brainsPre-launch reviews (from TV Guide and E! Online) tag Action as a sure thing, provided Fox continues to maintain the outrageous and edgy qualities of the show and its characters. Here's what E! Online's review says:

"Action," Thursday, 9:30-10

"Hollywood at its best and worst, with Jay Mohr as appropriately named Peter Dragon, a Joel Silver/Jerry Bruckheimer type (depending on whom you ask). He's absolutely horrible and completely entertaining, not unlike the city he inhabits. The show, originally developed for HBO, goes where only The Larry Sanders Show has gone before--over the heads of many execs and right to the heart of the matter. It's truly tasteless and right on the money. In fact, put your money on this one to be a hit."

Me too!Richard's part could possibly be written into later episodes of Action as a recurring character. Richard portrays Cole Riccardi, an apparently popular lead actor playing an action hero in "Slow Torture,"one of Peter Dragon's films. Richard's scenes -- at the post-premiere party for "Slow Torture" -- establish him as being familiar with the inner circle of Dragonfire Films and set up back-story for him and Wendy (Illeana Douglas). Cole guested on her television show back when she was 10 and he was 18 or 19.

Wendy tells Cole he was great in "Slow Torture" and introduces herself, jogging his memory of their having worked together years ago. Cole raves about Wendy's then-universal appeal to teenage males and asks her what she's doing now. "Hollywood bigshots give me money and then they screw me," Wendy deadpans, following with a laugh. Cole joins in with a hearty laugh of his own and replies, "Me too!" (Picture above at left; the last two lines lines were dropped from the FOX broadcast. Action was originally produced with HBO in mind and the change of network made it necessary to trim scenes to allow for additional commercial time and differing censorship requirements).

(For more infomation on Action, visit the FOX Website. Be sure to e-mail FOX to mention your interest in Action and to thank them for picking Richard for the role. (A mention of Richard's presence being what drew you to Action, as well as the hope of seeing him in further episodes of the show, would not be amiss...))

*** Action is continuing to garner good reviews in the press; an article in the San Francisco Chronicle, Monday, July 26th, 1999, exchoed and expanded upon the review in the June 26th issue of TV Guide. ***
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