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Last Updated: 19 September 2000

Write to Richard through the RBFC

Cable channel FX replaying Richard's episodes of "Action!"

"I Married A Monster" to air on SciFi Channel

Richard films episode of NBC's "Just Shoot Me" for Fall 2000

And Baby makes four...

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Recurring role for Richard on CBS's new Fall drama "The District"

Richard on new TV movie for ABC

"Wild Thornberrys" update -- look for Richard's episode this Fall

E! Entertainment TV broadcasting Richard's Celebrity Homes specials  ***UPDATE***

SciFi Channel announces new airtimes for "The Sentinel"

"I Married a Monster" released on video by Paramount

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[09/19/00] *** Write to Richard care of the RBFC! *** -- Richard has asked us to encourage anyone interested in sending cards or letters to him to use the RBFC mailing address, which is listed below.  This allows Richard to better handle his incoming mail, which he certainly enjoys receiving, provided it comes through appropriate channels.

Mr. Richard Burgi
c/o The RBFC
14 Middlebridge Court
Silver Spring, MD  20906-5812

We cannot emphasize strongly enough that mail should not be sent to Richard's home address!  Receiving fan mail through his home address is a disquieting experience and cause for concern, especially from the standpoint of privacy and safety.  If you have come across what you believe may be his home address, please, do NOT use it!  We -- and Richard -- would greatly appreciate it if you would let us know where you came across the address by using this e-mail link to the RBFC.

While postcards, letters, and cards will be promptly forwarded to Richard, we cannot forward packages; he has asked that no gifts be sent to him.  Though Richard appreciates the goodwill and generosity those gifts represent, he finds them a little overwhelming.  Richard would be honored if, instead, wellwishers made a donation in his name to a local children's shelter or literacy program.

[09/19/00] *** Watch for Richard in "Action!" *** -- September 19th and October 10th at 10:30pm EDT.  The Cable channel FX is restarting its broadcast rotation of the controversial sitcom with "Pilot."  Richard's character, Cole Riccardi, appears in two episodes.  The air times and dates are as follows:

  • "Pilot" -- 10:30pm Eastern on Tuesday, September 19th 
  • "Blowhard" -- 10:30pm Eastern on Tuesday, October 10th
Richard plays action movie hero and Hollywood leading man Cole Riccardi, the star of several of producer Peter (Jay Mohr) Dragon's blockbuster movies.  We first meet Cole at the premiere party for his latest "Dragonfire Films" outing, "Slow Torture" -- which, unfortunately, bombs.  Dragon is forced to scramble in search of a script with which to salvage his career and reputation and settles on "Beverly Hills Gun Club" -- which will also star Cole Riccardi.

When next we see Cole (in "Blowhard"), he's grown his hair out and shaved his moustache.  He appears on Dragon's doorstep late one night and drops a bombshell -- he's gay and wants to come out of the closet.  Dragon, fearful of the effect the announcement will have on his new movie, talks Cole out of his "coming out" by pretending to be gay -- and closeted -- himself.  Cole gets the wrong idea and Peter, trapped by his own connivance, winds up sharing a night of passion with his star.

No sooner has Dragon convinced Riccardi to stay in the closet than his financial backers demand that he ditch Riccardi in favor of a younger actor.  Tied to a ten million dollar contract, Dragon must figure out how to convince Cole to voluntarily back out of the project -- which he does by encouraging him to "come out," quit Hollywood and move to New York.  Cole turns the tables on Dragon by making his stunning annoucement on E! News Daily, also outing his "lover, Peter Dragon" in the process.

[09/19/00]  *** "I Married A Monster" to air on SciFi Channel *** -- 5 pm EDT, Sunday, September 24th.  Watch for Richard's 1998 remake of the 1950's cult classic science fiction thriller, "I Married A Monster (from outer space)" this coming weekend on the SciFi Channel.

Richard plays insurance salesman Nick Farrell, who -- on the eve of his wedding -- runs afoul of a strange, glowing ball of energy.  Actually a spaceship, the glowing ball houses a group of aliens determined to repopulate their species by interbreeding with human women.  To do this, they need to waylay the men -- starting with Nick.

For further information, visit the SciFi Channel's website at  Be sure to thank SciFi for airing Richard's movie while you're there by using the SciFi Channel's feedback links, or by sending an e-mail message to SciFi at or

[09/17/00] *** Richard on NBC's "Just Shoot Me" *** -- Richard just finished taping an episode of the NBC sitcom "Just Shoot Me," which moves to Thursday, 9:30pm ET/PT when the Fall 2000 season premieres on October 12th.  Described by creator Steven Levitan as "'Die Hard' in a fashion magazine," the show follows the lives and antics of the people in the editorial offices of the fictional magazine "Blush."

Richard plays  Robert, a Hollywood action star and passing fancy for fashion editor Nina Van Horne (Wendie Malick).  Unfortunately, Robert has a close attachment to his mother, which complicates his amorous pursuit of Nina.

Richard's episode, the fourth filmed thus far, is likely to air during election week -- the first week of November.  If the episodes are broadcast in order, look for Richard's episode on Thursday, November 2nd at 9:30pm ET/PT.  As always, check your local listings to make sure you don't miss Richard on "Just Shoot Me."

To learn more about "Just Shoot Me," visit the NBC website at, or go directly to the "Just Shoot Me" page.

Remember to e-mail NBC and "Just Shoot Me" to say thanks for Richard's role.

(Thanks to Carla and Kat for the JSM information!)

[08/23/00] *** And Baby Makes Four... *** -- The RBFC is delighted and honored to join Richard and Lori Burgi in announcing the birth of their second child, Samuel Bridge Burgi.  Samuel was born in the second week of August and joins older brother Jack Charles.  Lori and Samuel are both doing well and, according to Richard, the Burgis are "in deep bliss."

Congratulations, Richard and Lori!

Should you wish to send a congratulatory card or letter, please use the RBFC address below.

Mr. Richard Burgi
c/o The RBFC
14 Middlebridge Court
Silver Spring, MD  20906-5812

Remember, no gifts -- though Richard appreciates the generosity and goodwill they represent, he finds them more than a little overwhelming.  He would be honored if, instead of gifts, well-wishers made a donation in his name to a children's shelter or literacy program in their home-town.

[08/23/00] *** Get your RBFC Website banners here! *** -- Thanks to the talent and generosity of  RBFC member and graphic arts whiz Laura Trout, we have a wonderful assortment of RBFC banners to offer to RBFC members and fans of Richard Burgi in general.  The banners come in a variety of sizes and formats, including a selection of animated GIF banners.

Click on the image at left or follow the highlighted link to our RBFC Banners page, then help yourself!

[08/14/00] *** Richard joins the cast of CBS's "The District" *** -- Fall 2000, slated for 10pm Eastern on Saturdays. "The District," new for Fall 2000 on CBS, is set in Washington, DC and focuses on DC's new Police Commissioner Jack Mannion, played by Craig T. Nelson ("Poltergeist," "Coach").  Mannion is, according to the CBS website, "brought in to overhaul an antiquated system ill-equipped to deal with the problems of a sprawling, crime-ridden city.  As much a friend to ordinary citizens as to high-ranking politicians, Mannion has quite a task ahead of him.  He immediately selects the most promising officers around him to become his circle of aids.  Mannion and this group of modern-day "Untouchables" set out to bring order to the District and to clamp down on the crime in America's capital."

Richard joins the cast in the recurring role of Captain Hunter.

To learn more about "The District," visit the CBS Website at and follow the links to the Fall 2000 schedule information.

(More information as we receive it - BH)

[06/21/00] *** New role for Richard -- Paul Donovan on ABC TV movie "Bailey's Mistake" *** -- Richard is currently in Nova Scotia, Canada, filming "Bailey's Mistake," a two-hour TV movie for ABC.  Richard joins Linda Hamilton ("Terminator," "Terminator 2," "Beauty and the Beast,") Joan Plowright ("Dinosaur," "Avalon,") and Kyle Secor ("Homicide: Life on the Street") on the project.

Slated for the 2000-2001 season, "Bailey's Mistake" is "laced with romantic longing, wistful memories, quirky humor and fantasy."Richard plays Paul Donovan, husband of Linda Hamilton's Liz Donovan, and father of their two children.  Liz is widowed when Paul -- an adventurous soul -- explores a cave while out hiking; he is mysteriously killed, and Liz's heartbreak is compounded a week later when she discovers that Paul had secretly used their savings to buy land on a small Maine island.

Liz, still grieving for Paul and feeling betrayed by him, decides to visit the island and sell the property, taking their two children with her.  Bailey's Mistake, as the island is named, is not what she expects -- nor are the people they encounter, a group which includes an assortment of colorful folk claiming to be Paul's long-lost relatives.

As the death of Richard's character, Paul, sets the movie plot in motion, it is possible he will only be seen early on, and briefly, unless a number of flashback scenes are used to flesh out Paul's part in the unfolding events of "Bailey's Mistake."

To learn more about "Bailey's Mistake," visit the zap2it website at   The website will, presumably, also list information about the movie as the Fall season and airdate draw closer.

(More info as it becomes available)

[08/14/00] ** "Wild Thornberrys" update ** -- Look for Richard's episode of the popular Nickelodeon animated series this Fall.  Richard -- who took the part because "Wild Thornberrys" is one of his son's favorite shows -- voices a nefarious poacher who tangles with Eliza Thornberry and her eccentric family.

To learn more about "Wild Thornberrys," visit their page on Nickelodeon's website at

(Thanks to Carla for the update)

[09/17/00] *** Watch for Richard on E! Entertainment TV's Celebrity Artists*** -- Repeating Sept 21-25.  Additional footage of Richard at home, which was presumably taped at the same time as the original Celebrity Homes '99 segment, debuted in the new E! special, Celebrity Artists.  The new special premiered in early July (July 4th and 5th) and Richard was seen showing off his collection of rare swords. The new airtimes are:

  • Thursday, Sept 21, 7:30pm EST
  • Friday, Sept 22, 9am & 1:30pm EST
  • Monday, Sept 25, 9am & 1:30pm EST
  Remember to check E!'s online schedule regularly to look for specials featuring Richard.  Go to and click on the "on air" button and then enter Richard Burgi in the search box; this will bring up a list of links for all scheduled Burgi appearances.  Also, remember to write E! to thank them for rerunning Richard's episode of Celebrity Artists -- either follow the E! Website e-mail links, or send a quick message to

(Thanks to Gloria for the scheduling information)

[09/17/00] *** The Sci-Fi Channel's Sentinel schedule *** --  With the third cycle of episodes came a new time-slot -- 5pm Eastern, Monday - Friday.  The current schedule remains in effect until September 25th, when The Sentinel moves to 2am Eastern. October 2nd sees a second airing added each day -- 9am Eastern -- just in time for The Sentinel to begin its fourth cycle on October 5th.

SciFi Banner

[09/17/00] The current Sentinel schedule is as follows:

September 18 - 22

  • Monday, 09/18, 5pm -- Foreign Exchange
  • Tuesday, 09/19, 5pm -- Neighborhood Watch
  • Wednesday, 09/20, 5pm -- Night Shift
  • Thursday, 09/21, 5pm -- Sentinel, Too
  • Friday, 09/22, 5pm -- Sentinel, Too - Part 2
September 25 - 29  *** NOTE: Time-change -- now airing at 2:00am Eastern ***
  • Monday, 09/25, 2am -- Murder 101
  • Tuesday, 09/26, 2am -- Not scheduled (was Four Point Shot)
  • Wednesday, 09/27, 2am -- Dead End on Blank Street
  • Thursday, 09/28, 2am -- The Waiting Room
October 2 - 6  *** NOTE: Additional timeslot added -- 9:00 am Eastern ***
  • Monday, 10/02, 9am -- The Waiting Room;  2am -- The Real Deal
  • Tuesday, 10/03, 9am -- The Real Deal;  2am -- Most Wanted
  • Wednesday, 10/04, 9am -- Most Wanted;  2am -- The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg
  • Thursday, 10/05, 9am -- The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg;  2am -- Switchman
  • Friday, 10/06, 9am -- Switchman
October 9 - 12
  • Monday, 10/09, 9am -- Siege;  2am -- Siege
  • Tuesday, 10/10, 9am -- The Killers;  2am -- The Killers
  • Wednesday, 10/11, 9am -- The Debt;  2am -- The Debt
  • Thursday, 10/12, 9am -- Cypher;  2am -- Cypher
October 16 - 20
  • Monday, 10/16, 9am -- Night Train;  2am -- Night Train
  • Tuesday, 10/17, 9am -- Rogue;  2am -- Rogue
  • Wednesday, 10/18, 9am -- Love and Guns;  2am -- Love and Guns
  • Thursday, 10/19, 9am -- Attraction;  2am -- Attraction
  • Friday, 10/20, 9am -- Vow of Silence
October 23 - 27
  • Monday, 10/23, 9am -- Out of the Past;  2am -- Vow of Silence
  • Tuesday, 10/24, 9am -- Flight
  • Wednesday, 10/25, 9am -- Reunion
  • Thursday, 10/26, 9am -- Deep Water
  • Friday, 10/27, 9am -- Payback
October 30 - November 3
  • Monday, 10/30, 9am -- True Crime;  2am -- Out of the Past
  • Tuesday, 10/31 -- TBA
  • Wednesday, 11/01 -- TBA
  • Thursday, 11/02 -- TBA
  • Friday, 11/03 -- TBA
Additional information regarding The Sentinel broadcast schedule on SciFi can be found on the SciFi Website's Schedulebot pages.

(Visit SciFi's website for information on the network and its schedule or e-mail SciFi at or with comments on Richard Burgi and The Sentinel).

[10/05/99]The SciFi Channel has an excellent Sentinel page at its website. The page, which can be found at, contains cast and character bios, a selection of downloadable JPEG images of the cast, episode guides for all four seasons, a bulletin-board devoted to The Sentinel, and a downloadable Sentinel screen-saver in both MAC and Windows formats.

(Remember to e-mail SciFi at or with comments on Richard Burgi, The Sentinel, and their very nice Sentinel web page).

[09/17//00] *** "I Married a Monster" available on video *** -- Though apparently currently priced (at US$60) for the video rental market, Richard's 1998 outing as alien-possessed Nick Farrell should soon be available for the retail video market. For further information and a sneak peek at the tape box artwork, visit the "IMAM" page at Paramount's website --

Remember to check the sale racks at your local branch of Blockbuster Video or a similar video rental company -- apparently used rental copies of "IMAM" are now available for sale at a considerably lower price.

(Thanks to Debbie for the URL and information).

[02/28/00] *** The Sentinel returns to the air in Germany *** -- Starting on March 4th, The Sentinel will air on Germany's SciFi Channel, which is part of the Premiere World pay TV package. Episodes will air at 18:50 (6:50pm) Saturdays and Sundays with a repeat later each evening and again on Thursday and Friday.

(Thanks to Steffi for the scheduling information)

[09/17/00]  Thanks to Steffi, we also have the attractive new navigation bars you see immediately below.  Each bar is color-keyed to the page or section it represents.  Thankyou, Steffi!
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