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Last Updated: 18 September 2002

"24" launches in France on Canal +; Richard headlines article on the show Latest "Judging Amy" news - Richard will appear in the season premiere Oct 1st FSLMMC announces Fall benefit -- Richard to serve as Master of Ceremonies

"Wheelmen" screening held for distributors August 22nd

"The Sentinel" returns to French, German, and Italian television -- and possibly to SciFi in the coming months

Write to Richard through the RBFC

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Richard Burgi's eleven episodes of 24

[18 Sep 02] *** "24" premieres across Europe *** -- The first season of "24" premiered on France's Canal +  at 9pm on Saturday, September 14th. The show is also to air in Germany on RTL. UK viewers were given a bit of a head start on the rest of Europe, with "24" launching on BBC2 in early March 2002 (airing at 10pm Saturdays or Sundays).

Series lead Kiefer Sutherland plays the part of CIA Counter Terrorism Unit agent Jack Bauer, who has 24 hours to stop an assassination attempt on Presidential nominee David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert), while Richard's Alan York (later revealed to be Kevin Carroll) -- aided by Bauer's wife Teri (Leslie Hope) -- searches for their two missing daughters, Janet (Jacqui Maxwell) and Kim (Elisha Cuthbert).  (The girls, best friends, have been abducted). The series builds to its climactic finale in episode 24 -- "zero hour," so to speak.

Tele Cable Satellite article on Richard** Richard headlines French article on "24" ** -- The French television magazine Tele Cable Satellite (Nr 645, 14-20 Sept '02) highlighted the launch of "24" on the Canal + channel with an article and interview featuring Richard Burgi. The interview was conducted by journalist Tony Crawley, who also wrote several articles for the official gazette of the 42nd Monte Carlo Television Festival.  The article, printed in French and translated for us by Christine Zwygart, reads as follows:

Burgi, another kind of 24 hours

[Photo caption: While Kiefer Sutherland (small picture) is trying to prevent an assassination, his wife (Leslie Hope) and Richard Burgi are looking for their kidnapped daughters.]

Thriller enters a new dimension with "24"
Richard Burgi is part of the experience at Kiefer Sutherland's side...

A suspense and action show, 24 is a gem in the suspenseful thriller genre! With Kiefer Sutherland, alias Jack Bauer, hero of the story, the countdown begins on Canal + (each one of the 24 episodes takes place during one hour over a period of 24 hours...) This is the opportunity for French viewers to discover or rediscover the good "stuff" of some American actors like Richard Burgi, seen before in "The Sentinel" (which aired in France on M6). He really felt blue when that series stopped abruptly without the shadow of a denouement. But before he even had time to lick his wounds, he was engaged on 24, such a successful series that "people like Spielberg call the studio to have them send a tape when they miss an episode," he says.

"Because, in that series, the story time and the real time merge. Each one hour episode tells about one hour of the hero's life (Kiefer Sutherland). While he's trying to prevent a political assassination, I'm helping his wife to find their kidnapped daughter."

So you're one of the "good guys"...
"Kevin, my character, is multi-faceted, and that's what makes him so interesting for me as an actor."

Then is he a hero or a bad guy?
"He is so full of hatred that, if I'm the one who gave it to him, maybe I should see a shrink..."

Will you be in the second season?
"Kevin is a responsible citizen who wants the best for his daughter."

So what? I do too! Why have you been chosen for that part?
"But if I told you, I'd have to kill you straight after!"

(Thanks to Christine for the translation and the scanned image of the article)

RB's Kevin's last chat with Drazen[18 Sep 02]*** Catch Richard on DVD! The first season of "24"  is now available on DVD -- purchase online at *** -- According to a promotional announcement, "FOX has just announced  a 9/17 street date for 24:1, a box set of the entire first season. Presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen and 5.1 surround, extras include commentary on select episodes, 2 featurettes, episode details, hidden surprises, and more to be announced. Retail is $59.95."

[27 Aug 02] is offering the "24:1" box set at a pre-order price of $44 or thereabouts for Region 1 (North American) customers. European viewers using Region 2 encoding will be able to order the "24:1" box set from both and The expected Region 2 release date is August 19th.

(Thanks to Deborah and Danny  for the DVD info, and to Sheila, Andi, Sylvette, Christine, and Ingrid for the European schedule info)

For synopses of Richard's eleven episodes, visit our "24" guide page.

Richard's episodes

  • "Midnight - 1:00 AM" (episode 1.01)  aired 6 Nov 01
  • "1:00 AM - 2:00 AM" (episode 1.02) -- aired 13 Nov 01
  • "2:00 AM - 3:00 AM" (episode 1.03) -- aired 20 Nov 01
  • "3:00 AM - 4:00 AM" (episode 1.04) -- aired 27 Nov 01
  • "4:00 AM - 5:00 AM" (episode 1.05) -- aired 11 Dec 01
  • "5:00 AM - 6:00 AM" (episode 1.06) -- aired 18 Dec 01
  • "6:00 AM - 7:00 AM" (episode 1.07) -- aired 8 Jan 02
  • "10:00 AM - 11:00 AM" (episode 1.11) -- aired 12 Feb 02
  • "11:00 AM - 12 Noon" (episode 1.12) -- aired 19 Feb 02
  • "12 Noon - 1:00 PM" (episode 1.13) -- aired 26 Feb 02
  • "1:00 PM - 2:00 PM" (episode 1.14) -- aired 5 Mar 02  (Richard's last episode)
To visit the FOX website and learn more about the current season, go to; for more detailed information on "Twenty Four," visit FOX's page at

(Thanks to Becky for the "24" images)

RB in Judging Amy episodes[18 Sep 02] *** Catch Richard in the Fall 2002 season premiere airing Tuesday, October 1st at 10pm ET/PT ***  According to the online listing at, Richard is back as Michael Cassidy in the season premiere episode, "Lost in the System." The TV Guide description is excerpted below:

"The drama's fourth season picks up where it left off last spring, with Judge Amy Gray (Amy Brenneman) in the middle of a messy custody battle. Amy is hot under the collar about having to attend mediation sessions with her ex-husband, Michael (Richard Burgi), to whom she is unwilling to surrender their daughter, Lauren."

To date, Richard has not filmed any additional Fall 2002 episodes of "Judging Amy." With the new season due to launch in two weeks' time, and most TV shows having gone back into production in August, it is quite likely that four to six of the new season's episodes have already been filmed. This would place additional "Michael" episodes in November at the earliest.  

According to the August 27, 2002 issue of Soap Opera Weekly (pg.13), Richard's character, Michael, is to figure prominently in the Fall 2002 season. "Amy's ex, Michael, who is not pleased with Amy's new living arrangements, follows through on his threats to fight for custody of their daughter, Lauren. 'The custody battle between them is going to be an ongoing thing this season,' reveals [head writer Barbara] Hall."

It is possible that Michael will be referred to in dialogue, for the most part, with only the occasional appearance on-camera -- his presence felt rather than seen, as it were.

(Thanks to Stefanie for the unpdated information on the season premiere)

To learn more about "Judging Amy," visit the show's homepage at the CBS website:

Don't forget to use the CBS site's feedback option to tell them how much you enjoyed seeing Richard on "Judging Amy," and how much you look forward to seeing more of him in the role of Michael Cassidy this coming season!

*** UK Viewers, Catch Richard's second "Judging Amy" episode on the Hallmark Channel *** -- "Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition" will air Thursday, September 19th on Hallmark UK.  Richard appears in two of the current season's episodes of the hit CBS drama,  playing the part of Judge Amy Gray's (Amy Brenneman) ex-husband, Michael Cassidy.

Richard's episodes so far:

  • "The Justice League of America" (episode 3.18) aired 26 Mar 02
  • "Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition" (episode 3.23) aired 14 May 02
Richard's first appearance in the popular CBS series was in the episode "The Justice League of America," (26 Mar 02) which reintroduced viewers to Michael Cassidy. (The role has been played in previous seasons by John Slattery, who was apparently unavailable due to his current commitment to the series "Ed"). Filmed in early April, the May 14th episode brings Richard's recurring "Judging Amy" appearances to two, with additional appearances as Judge Amy (Amy Brenneman) Gray's ex-husband Michael Cassidy likely in the Fall 2002 season.

"Judging Amy" is currently airing on Tuesday nights at 10:00pm ET/PT.

According to the CBS website,  "'Judging Amy' is a drama starring Amy Brenneman ('NYPD Blue') as a single mother who has left New York behind and become a family court judge in Hartford, Connecticut. Recently divorced and raising her young daughter Lauren (Karle Warren), Judge Amy Gray has moved in with her very opinionated mother, Maxine (Tyne Daly); re-established a friendship with her free-spirited brother, Vincent (Dan Futterman); her older brother, Peter (Marcus Giamatti), and his wife, Gillian (Jessica Tuck), and is continuing to make her fresh start work. Assisting Amy in the courtroom are her court services officer, Bruce Van Exel (Richard T. Jones) and her overeager court clerk, Donna Kozlowski-Pant (Jillian Armenante). 'Judging Amy,' based on the real-life story of Brenneman's mother, is about three generations of women living together as they confront the personal and professional dilemmas in their changing challenging lives."

(Thanks to Kat for the info, and to Erin for the screen-grabs)

FSLMMC announcement[18 Sep 02] *** Richard to Emcee FSLMMC fundraiser -- Saturday, October 26th ***  Richard will be serving as Master of Ceremonies and event spokesperson for "The Laguna Beach Bash," a benefit for the Friends of the Sea Lion Marine Mammal Center.  The event was initially advertised in the FSLMMC's Newsletter ( see image at left) and was at first scheduled for September 21st. The announcement reads (with date and attendance fee corrected):

"On October 26, please join us for a fun-filled, casual evening at the Richard McDonald Gallery in Laguna to benefit FSL Marine Mammal Center. Featuring California/Island cuisine, mini-margaritas, and a wine tasting booth, dancing and a silent auction, this event should be the event of the fall.

FSL is honored this year to have local actor Richard Burgi as our event spokesperson and MC. He and his talented wife Lori are big supporters of Laguna Beach and our Center. We are also grateful once again to Steve Norton, our event planner, and to Jo Ann Kaplan for her generous support in planning our event.

Tickets are $45 each.


Order your tickets now, prior to the invitation mailing by sending a check to:

FSL Marine Mammal Center
20612 Laguna Canyon Rd.
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Or call us with a credit card (949) 494-3050"

There is a good possibility that the FSLMMC will have a photographer on hand to take photos of Richard at the event, and possibly at the MMC with some of the furrier residents, for sale to Richard's fans and FSLMMC supporters. Such photos would be sold to benefit the FSLMMC. Further details as we get them.

(Thanks to MJ and Kat for the information)

Wheelmen poster; get a bigger version at the Wheelmen site[18 Sep 02] *** "Wheelmen" official website recently updated *** -- The official website for Richard's new movie, "Wheelmen," can be found at The site is informative, interesting, and loaded with information on the film, the characters, the actors, and the production staff.

Must see items include the gallery of photos (by photographer Jennifer B. Copp) and Quicktime movie clips -- Richard appears several times in both galleries. The Publicity and News pages have been updated and enhanced with both current and previous press releases, an image of the promotional "Wheelmen" poster, a photo and caption from Premiere magazine, and at least one newspaper article on the production. Photos from the August 22nd Arclight Theaters screening are the site's most recent addition.

The "Wheelmen" site includes a detailed press release (see excerpts from the press release, as well as other articles, on our "Wheelmen" page), which provides a comprehensive guide to the film, characters, actors, and production staff, and a new press release announcing a cinema  screening of "Wheelmen" for potential distributors (below).

Richard at Wheelmen screening**UPDATE: "Wheelmen" premiere date pushed back into early Fall ** -- According to Director Dirk Hagen,  "Wheelmen" is ready for release as soon as distribution details are finalised. At present, we are expecting "Wheelmen" to premiere on the big screen.

As announced in the most recent "Wheelmen" press release, a cinema screening for potential distributors was held on Thursday, August 22nd at the Arclight Theaters Complex on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA. Those invited to attend the screening picked up their tickets at a check-in table set up in front of the movie's trademark Lincoln stretch limousine and, after a chance to "meet and greet" the actors and director, enjoyed refreshments before the movie (and a reception afterwards). After a few introductory words by director Dirk Hagen, "Wheelmen" made its big-screen debut.

Henry Eshelman / Catherine Shin
Phone: 310.550.7776
Email: /

Indie Film Wraps 19 Day Shoot in Los Angeles and Seeking Distribution

RB and castmates in Wheelmen; bigger versions at Wheelmen pageLOS ANGELES, California, August 13, 2002. Wheelmen, a raucous limousine company comedy starring Richard Burgi, Michael Fairman, James Avery and Jason Kravits completed production in Los Angeles during a 19 day shoot and will be screened for distributors on August 22, 2002 at the Arclight Theaters Complex (6360 Sunset Blvd.). The film, directed by Dirk Hagen and produced by John Orland, is a Stretchpix, LLC production, Co-Produced by Lexi Alexander and Robert J. Ulrich, line producer on the production was Gary A. Lowe, production design by Robert E. Hummel, casting by Robert J. Ulrich, costume design by Emmy Taylor and Director of Photography, Don E. FauntLeRoy, A.S.C. and Editor Sherril Schlesinger.

NICK TORINO (Richard Burgi, Fox's "24" and CBS' "The District"), a former ambulance driver, is the acting patron of floundering Los Angeles limousine service, Venture Limousine. In his care are five other 'wheelmen': PAUL (Michael Fairman, "Dharma and Greg" and "The Practice"), a distinguished gentleman and twenty year vet of the limo world, VLADIMIR (Elya Baskin, Air Force One and Moscow On The Hudson), a Russian ex-bodyguard who's traded in his two pack a day cigarette habit for the strange icy goodness of Slurpees. KRISTEN (Lisa Arturo, American Pie II), a 'just one of the guys' sexy woman. RALPH (Adam Biesk, Flight of the Intruder and Meet The Applegates), a potted plant with a Class C license and ANDY COOPER (Greg Lee, "Xena Warrior Princess" and "Dark Angel"), a likeable, happy-go-lucky twenty something who lives every night like a Saturday night, waiting for "The Great Benefactor." Andy is convinced that BERNARD "BARNY" ALBERT TOMLINSON (Rainn Wilson, Almost Famous and Galaxy Quest) is "The Great Benefactor," until it is revealed that he is a paranoid Ex-Secret Service agent attempting to prevent a bizarre kidnapping attempt of the Vice President (James Avery, "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"). Venture Limousine wheelmen have been assigned to the Vice President's motorcade unaware that they will become part of the plot to kidnap him.

As if putting up with his colleagues wasn't enough, Nick comes to work one day and discovers a little boy from his past named ARTHUR (Alexander Gould, Finding Nemo) waiting patiently for him in his office. After noticing several bruises on Arthur's neck, Nick drops the boy off at Social Services where he meets GWEN (Erin Daniels, One Hour Photo), a loving social worker assigned to Arthur's case. Things get complicated as Nick falls for Gwen, and little Arthur feels the rush of jealousy as he too has a crush on her.

# # #

The screening of WHEELMEN for distributors will be held on Thursday, August 22, 2002 at the Arclight Theaters Complex, located at 6360 Sunset Blvd., behind the Cinerama Dome. Screening at 7:30 PM immediately followed by a reception. For more information, call 626.398.1949.

RB and castmates
Wheelmen cast

Richard Burgi 

top row
  • Lisa Arturo
  • Desmond Askew
  • James Avery
  • Elya Baskin
  • Adam Biesk
  • Erin Daniels
  • Dwight Ewell
bottom row
  • Michael Fairman
  • Alexander Gould
  • Eileen Grubba
  • Jason Kravits
  • William Gregory Lee
  • Rainn Wilson

RB as Jim Ellison[18 Sep 02] *** Latest "Sentinel" news from Sci-Fi Channel *** -- According to a post last month on the Sci-Fi Channel online Bulletin Board, Sci-Fi exec Chris Regina is reported to have stated in a phone call that the Sci-Fi Channel would be airing "The Sentinel" again. "Possibly this Fall, but probably January."

[19 Sep 02] ** Add Italy to the list! ** -- Italy's RAI Channel 2 is reported to be currently airing "The Sentinel" Sunday evenings at 19:00 (7pm), in an apparent ongoing ten months on, two months off rotation. (Thankyou, Mary)

[27 Aug 02] ** "The Sentinel" now airing on Germany's Kabel1** "The Sentinel" is airing on Tuesdays at 22:15 (10:15pm). As Kabel1 is not "pay tv," viewers throughout Europe and Northern Africa with access to the Astra satellite system can catch all 65 episodes of "The Sentinel." Note: "The Sentinel" is dubbed into German for the Kabel1 broadcast.

There is also the possibility that Germany's PRO7 network will add "The Sentinel" to its schedule once more.

[15 Jun 02] **UPDATE** Kabel1 added "The Sentinel" to its Premiere SciFi Channel (commercial-free pay TV) starting on May 1st. Check your local listings for time and dates!

[11 Jan 02] ** "The Sentinel" returns to French television  -- Monday to Friday (or Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) at 18:55 (6:55pm) on France's M6.** French viewers will be able to catch Richard as Detective Jim Ellison now that "The Sentinel" has returned to French television.

Check your local listings for schedule information and episode names, or visit the M6 website's schedule search page at

(Thanks to Christine and Steffi for the European "Sentinel" information)

[18 Sep 02]*** Write to Richard care of the RBFC! *** -- Richard has asked us to encourage anyone interested in sending cards or letters to him to use the RBFC mailing address, which is listed below.  This allows Richard to better handle his incoming mail, which he certainly enjoys receiving, provided it comes through appropriate channels.

Mr. Richard Burgi
10153 1/2 Riverside Drive, #494
Toluca Lake, CA 91602

We cannot emphasize strongly enough that mail should not be sent to Richard's home address!  Receiving fan mail through his home address is a disquieting experience and cause for concern, especially from the standpoint of privacy and safety.  If you have come across what you believe may be his home address, please, do NOT use it!  We -- and Richard -- would greatly appreciate it if you would let us know where you came across the address by using this e-mail link to the RBFC.

While postcards, letters, and cards will be promptly forwarded to Richard, we cannot forward packages; he has asked that no gifts be sent to him.  Though Richard appreciates the goodwill and generosity those gifts represent, he finds them a little overwhelming.  Richard would be honored if, instead, wellwishers made a donation in his name to a local children's shelter or literacy program, or to the Friends of the Sea Lion Marine Mammal Center.
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