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Last Updated: 5 May 2000

Fourth season of "The Sentinel" to air in France

FX Networks pick up all 13 episodes of ACTION for summer broadcast

The RBFC sponsors an Online Charity Auction and Charity Raffle

"The Sentinel" now airing Monday - Friday at 4pm EST on the Sci-Fi Channel

"The Sentinel" now airing in The Netherlands

Watch for Richard on NBC's repeats of "Veronica's Closet"

Watch for Richard on NBC's repeats of "Providence"

"The Sentinel" and "VIPER" join Germany's Premiere World SciFi Channel schedule

Richard's "Jake & The Fatman" episodes air in Germany

"I Married a Monster" released on video by Paramount

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[05/05/00] *** Fourth Season of The Sentinel to air in France *** -- Saturday, May 6th at 9:45pm on M6.  The fourth season of The Sentinel is set to premiere on France's M6 this coming Saturday, May 6th at 9:45pm.  The first episode will be "Murder 101," which will be dubbed in French.

(Thanks to Christine for the update!)

[04/30/00] *** Action picked up by FX Network *** -- Action, cancelled earlier this season after only eight episodes had aired, has been picked up by FX Networks and is slated to debut this summer as Special Event Programming.  FX will air all thirteen episodes of the show, including the five never-before-seen episodes shelved by FOX.

Richard played the role of Cole Riccardi, an action-movie leading man with a long and successful history with producer Peter Dragon's (Jay Mohr) Dragonfire Films.  Cole first appears in the series premiere "Pilot" and returns in the aptly-named "Blowhard," the fourth episode of the show.

For further information on the FX Network, go online to the FX website at

(Thanks to Laura for the Action information)

[04/23/00] *** The Spring 2000 RBFC Charity Auction and Raffle *** -- The RBFC was pleased to sponsor an Online Charity Auction and a Charity Raffle to benefit the Orange County Bird of Prey Center (OCBPC).

The Online Charity Auction ran from April 6th - 9th and raised US$ 1,972.00 in aid of the OCBPC. To see the items on auction, please visit the Charity Auction page.

[04/30/00] The RBFC offered a fourth season Sentinel Press Kit in a raffle open to all Sentinel fans. Each raffle chance costs US$5, all of which will go to the OCBPC.  The drawing was held on Sunday, April 30th. Second- and third-place winnners will receive an official OCBPC tee-shirt.  The raffle raised a total of $1,240 for the OCBPC. For more detailed information on the raffle, please visit the Charity Raffle page.

*** Thanks to everyone who participated in the Auction and Raffle!  The events  yielded a grand total of $3,212 for the OCBPC. ***

Special thanks go to Richard and Lori Burgi, Garett Maggart, Bruce A. Young, Kathleen Cole, Darla Kershner, and Suzy Missirlian for all their help and generosity in donating and gathering together the items offered in the Charity Auction and Raffle. Quite literally, we would not be holding these fund-raisers without them.

[04/23/00] *** The Sentinel returns to the Sci-Fi Channel's schedule *** -- The Sentinel returned to the Sci-Fi Channel on Monday, March 27th, moving to a 4pm ET (1pm PT) Monday - Friday timeslot. Sci-Fi started the episode cycle over with episode one of season one and presently plans to run through a third cycle when this one is complete.

SciFi Banner

[04/30/00] The current Sentinel schedule is as follows:

May 1 - 5

  • Monday, 5/01, 4pm -- Dead Drop
  • Tuesday, 5/02, 4pm -- Red Dust
  • Wednesday, 5/03, 4pm -- Smart Alec
  • Thursday, 5/04, 4pm -- Private Eyes
  • Friday, 5/05, 4pm -- Disappearing Act
May 8 - 12
  • Monday, 5/08, 4pm -- Pennies From Heaven
  • Tuesday, 5/09, 4pm -- Survival
  • Wednesday, 5/10, 4pm -- His Brother's Keeper
  • Thursday, 5/11, 4pm -- Sleeping Beauty
  • Friday, 5/12, 4pm -- Warriors
May 15 - 19
  • Monday, 5/15, 4pm -- Three Point Shot
  • Tuesday, 5/16, 4pm -- The Girl Next Door
  • Wednesday, 5/17, 4pm -- Poachers
  • Thursday, 5/18, 4pm -- The Inside Man
  • Friday, 5/19, 4pm -- Vendetta
May 22 - 25
  • Monday, 5/22, 4pm -- Fool Me Twice
  • Tuesday, 5/23, 4pm -- Storm Warning
  • Wednesday, 4/24, 4pm -- Red Ice
  • Thursday, 5/25, 4pm -- Dead Certain
The Sentinel Chain Reaction -- Monday, May 29th
  • 09:00am -- Switchman
  • 10:00am -- Seige
  • 11:00am -- The Debt
  • 12:00pm -- Rogue
  • 01:00pm -- Black or White
  • 02:00pm -- Light My Fire
  • 03:00pm -- The Waiting Room
  • 04:00pm -- The Real Deal
  • 05:00pm -- Most Wanted
  • 06:00pm -- The Sentinel By Blair Sandburg

May 30 - June 2

  • Tuesday, 5/30, 4pm -- Breaking Ground
  • Wednesday, 5/31, 4pm -- Prisoner X
  • Thursday, 6/01, 4pm -- TBA
  • Friday, 6/02, 4pm -- TBA

Additional information regarding The Sentinel broadcast schedule on SciFi can be found on the SciFi Website's Schedulebot pages.

(Visit SciFi's website for information on the network and its schedule or e-mail SciFi at or with comments on Richard Burgi and The Sentinel).

[04/23/00] *** The Sentinel airs on Dutch TV *** -- The Sentinel is now airing in The Netherlands on the Veronica channel, airing Wednesdays at 23:50 (11:50pm). The show does move about on the schedule occasionally.

Veronica maintains a Sentinel web-page on their website at  The site is in Dutch.  The Sentinel schedule is available at Veronica's multiguide page (also in Dutch) which can be found at:

(Thanks to Steffi for the scheduling information)

[10/05/99]The SciFi Channel has an excellent Sentinel page at its website. The page, which can be found at, contains cast and character bios, a selection of downloadable JPEG images of the cast, episode guides for all four seasons, a bulletin-board devoted to The Sentinel, and a downloadable Sentinel screen-saver in both MAC and Windows formats.

(Remember to e-mail SciFi at or with comments on Richard Burgi, The Sentinel, and their very nice Sentinel web page).

RB on VC[02/03/00] *** Richard on NBC's "Veronica's Closet" *** -- Tuesdays at 9:30pm ET/PT. Richard played the part of Mark, Veronica's (Kirstie Alley) new boyfriend. Veronica isn't happy to learn that Mark dated coworker and friend Olive (Kathy Najimy) in college and is even less amused when she discovers Mark's memento of his time with Olive -- a tattooed portrait of Olive which covers half his chest.

At first put off by the unsettling tattoo but unwilling to dump Mark over something so superficial, Veronica again tries for a romantic evening, only to have her imagination supply the tattoo with Olive's moving mouth and taunting commentary. Refusing to accept defeat, Veronica has Mark keep his shirt on for the remainder of the evening. All is well until, basking in the afterglow, Veronica turns to find Olive beside her, in Mark's clothes and speaking with his voice. The tattoo wins and Mark is sent packing.

"Veronica's Tattooed Man" will, in all probability, rerun later on this season, so remember to check your local listings or the online schedules at and

Remember to visit NBC's website and drop them a thankyou e-mail for chosing Richard for the role. The NBC website is at and their feedback e-mail address is To learn more about the show, take a look at the page for Veronica's Closet.

(Thanks to Dianne Force for the "Veronica's Closet" screen image. "Veronica's Closet" is the property of NBC and Warner Brothers).

RB on Providence[02/07/00] *** Richard guests on NBC's "Providence" *** -- Friday nights at 8pm ET/PT. Richard played Sydney's (Melina Kanakaredes) new neighbor and love interest, anthropologist Dr. J.D. Scanlon, in the episode "The Apartment".

When Syd decides to move into her own place, Dr. J.D. Scanlon (Richard Burgi) is the first neighbor she meets. J.D. is an anthropologist on sabbatical, writing a book on his recent field work in West Africa, and he is quite taken with Syd. J.D. flirts with and charms Syd into a series of dinner-dates which are interrupted by minor family problems. J.D. eventually tells Syd it would be better if they put their prospective romance on hold until she's ready to assert her independence from family ties.

A bit put off by J.D.'s sudden turnaround, Syd sees her new apartment in a somewhat less rosy light; the roof leaks and the neighbors are maddening -- and similar to her own family in some ways. When the whole lot turn up for a Thursday night pot-luck dinner, Syd realizes that for all his smooth spiel about independence from family, J.D. is far from independent -- he has, in fact, created his own family or "tribe" out of the household of neighbors. "I'm going home," says Syd, bidding J.D. and company adieu.

Remember to visit NBC's website and drop them a thankyou e-mail for chosing Richard for the role. The NBC website is at To learn more about the show, visit the Providence page. Providence e-mail can be sent to

"The Apartment" will, in all probability, rerun later on this season, so remember to check your local listings or the online schedules at and

(Thanks to Dianne Force for the "Providence" screen image. "Providence" is the property of NBC).

[02/07/00] *** "I Married a Monster" available on video *** -- Though apparently currently priced (at US$60) for the video rental market, Richard's 1998 outing as alien-possessed Nick Farrell should soon be available for the retail video market. For further information and a sneak peek at the tape box artwork, visit the "IMAM" page at Paramount's website --

(Thanks to Debbie for the URL and information).

[02/28/00] *** The Sentinel returns to the air in Germany *** -- Starting on March 4th, The Sentinel will air on Germany's SciFi Channel, which is part of the Premiere World pay TV package. Episodes will air at 18:50 (6:50pm) Saturdays and Sundays with a repeat later each evening and again on Thursday and Friday.

(Thanks to Steffi for the scheduling information)

[02/28/00] ** VIPER  joins the German SciFi/Premiere World lineup ** -- Starting on Thursday, March 9th. (See listing for episode names).


Look for Richard as shady "Outfit" bigwig Lane Cassidy in the following episodes of VIPER:

  • "One a Thief" -- AKA "Ein gefahrlicher Freund"
  • "Ghosts" -- AKA "Der Racheengel"
  • "Firehawk" -- AKA "Die Kampfmaschine"
  • "The Scoop" -- AKA "Der Tarot-Killer"
(Thanks to Steffi for the scheduling information)

[03/26/00] *** Jake & The Fatman *** -- Richard's episodes of Jake & The Fatman (retitled "Jake und McCabe" in Germany), began airing on Thursday, March 9th. (The show airs Monday-Friday at 09:00 (9am) on SAT 1, available unscrambled on the Astra satellite). Richard's three episodes are:

  • "Nevertheless" (Todd Kurtin) -- AKA "Tod am ersten Hochzeitung"
  • "I Could Write a Book" (Brian Henley) -- AKA "Verraeterische Zeilen"
  • "Last Dance" (Brian Henley) -- "Mord aus Liebe"
(Thanks to Angelika for the info)
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