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Last Updated: 24 March 2005

FOX cancels "Point Pleasant" -- last episode aired March 17th; Richard played Ben Kramer

Richard's "Touched By An Angel" episode airs March 24th on The Hallmark Channel

Richard appears on SOAPnet's Soap Talk March 21st

Burgi Movie Bonanza on Cable in late March

New guest spot coming up for Richard on ABC's "Eyes," premiering Wednesday, March 30th at 10:00pm ET/PT

Guests and attendees have a grand old time at "Return to Cascade" Sentinel Convention in Los Angeles

New release dates for Richard's feature films:

Keep an eye on  The USA Network for Richard's episodes of "The District"

Catch Richard's "Judging Amy" episodes on TNT's "Primetime in the Daytime"

Cellular now available on DVD, Netflix, and Pay-Per-View; Richard plays Craig Martin

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FOX cancels Point Pleasant [24 Feb 05] *** FOX pulls the plug on freshman drama Point Pleasant *** -- FOX officially cancelled the struggling supernatural drama this week. This decision comes hard on the heels of last week's announcement that the show would go on hiatus after the March 24th broadcast. "Waking the Dead," which was to answer the mystery of Ben's videotape, was pulled from the schedule after an American Idol voting mixup invalidated Tuesday's scores, ending Point Pleasant's run with March 17th's "Swimming With Boyd." Richard Burgi played Dr. Ben Kramer.

"Well, it's all true. We're cancelled and we're off for good," Executive Producer Marti Noxon said on the FOX website's Point Pleasant forum. "No new ep on Thursday... In a way I'm glad because Thursday's episode ["Waking the Dead"] didn't quite come together the way I would have liked and I would have hated for that to be our final word. Eps 9-12 were going to be pretty cool, though. Lots of twists and scary stuff."

Noxon went on to say that the remaining episodes will be broadcast in foreign markets -- Point Pleasant is currently still on the schedule on the UK's Channel 4 -- and that 20th Century Fox is considering releasing the entire season on DVD. "If you feel inclined you can bug Fox studios to issue the season on DVD," said Noxon. "I know they are thinking about it - and you'd get to see all the "lost" eps, which will be airing overseas."

A good starting place would probably be the 20th Century Fox website -- -- with being a good alternate.

"Snail Mail" is often considered to be the most effective outreach method, and at this point, the actual production arm is the most likely candidate. As Point Pleasant is a 20th Century Fox Television Production, the following address is probably most appropriate:

P.O. Box 900
Beverly Hills, CA 90213-0900

As there is the slimmest possibility that FOX may decide to air the remaining episodes as summer filler, the FOX network email address may come in handy:

Point Pleasant went into production in November '04 at the San Diego studios of Stu Segall Productions with a 13-episode order, and as of February 8th was half-way through principal photography on the order. Presumably most, if not all, of the remaining episodes had been filmed or were in production by the time FOX Network pulled the broadcast plug.

Episodes and broadcast status:
"Pilot" (premiere part 1) -- aired 19 Jan
"Human Nature" (premiere part 2) -- aired 20 Jan
"Who's Your Daddy?" -- aired 27 Jan
"The Lonely Hunter" -- aired 03 Feb
"Last Dance" -- aired 10 Feb
"Secrets and Lies" -- aired 17 Feb
"Unraveling" -- aired 10 Mar
"Swimming With Boyd" -- aired 17 Mar
"Waking The Dead" -- unaired; was to air 24 Mar
"Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Choked" -- unaired
"Missing" -- unaired
"Mother's Day" -- unaired
Series Finale (title TBA) -- unaired

(Thanks to Kat and Deborah for info on "Point Pleasant," to Becky and Danny for the screengrabs, and to FOX for the promotional cast photo)

Richard plays Uncle Frank in Fighting the Good Fight [24 Mar 05] *** Richard's episode of Touched By An Angel airs on Hallmark Channel *** -- Richard plays Uncle Frank in "Fighting The Good Fight," a fifth season episode of the popular inspirational series, which first aired on 09 May 99.

Most notable for the presence of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, the episode revolves around a young boy (Tim, played by Christopher Marquette), who turns to boxing to gain an edge against schoolyard bullies and a dismissive older brother. Monica (Roma Downey) and the angels have their hands full, as they must help Tim learn to fight for his family as well as to defend himself against bullies.

Uncle Frank has his own share of lessons to learn as well. Frank found himself the guardian and de facto parent of his sister's two sons when she ran afoul of the Law, a responsibility for which he was ill-prepared. Frank's late-night dog-fighting bouts are hardly the kind of occupation suited to raising and providing for children. The angels arrange for Frank to get a real job, one which will allow him to properly feed, clothe, and care for his nephews, and encourage Tim to help his uncle realize they are a family -- that the boys love him, and he loves them.

(Images and episode details courtesy of  the Hallmark Channel and "Touched By an Angel")

Richard appears on Soap Talk talk show [24 Mar 05] *** Richard appears on SOAPnet's Soap Talk talk show *** -- Richard appeared on the Monday, March 21st edition of SOAPnet's Soap Talk talk show and was joined by Point Pleasant costar Susan Walters (Meg). Both Richard and Susan are alumni of Daytime TV, and Lisa Rinna, cohost of the show, worked with Richard in the early 1990's on the popular NBC Soap, Days of Our Lives.

The SOAPnet website's Soap Talk page gave the following description of the episode:

"From Judging Amy to Desperate Housewives actor Richard Burgi is one of primetime's hottest ex-husbands. Now he's finally settling down in a happy marriage on Fox's new primetime soap, Point Pleasant. Richard just finished doing some fun stuff for DH, so we'll have to look for it. If that wasn't keeping him busy, Richard has two movies coming out. In Her Shoes with Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette and Fun With Dick and Jane with Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni. Ty's thrilled for Richard, but only wants to know if he got to kiss Cameron Diaz. That would be a yes.

Richard was always a confirmed bachelor. Things have changed. He's married now and has two sons. They're also nature lovers and he takes the boys bird watching and whale watching. They also love to explore the beach and collect shells.

Richard's co-star Susan Walters joins him on-set. They actually worked together in 1998 on the movie I Married a Monster. Richard and Susan play a married couple on Point Pleasant. As described by Fox, the show is about 'Christina - the offspring of a mortal woman and the Devil. While Christina struggles to control the demon inside her - and the powers that come with it - the fight for her soul has begun, as the town of POINT PLEASANT becomes the ultimate battleground of good versus evil.' The devil's right hand man is played by none other than Melrose Place's Grant Show.

Susan and Richard are both soap alumni. Susan was on both Loving and Y&R and Richard was on AW and DAYS. He worked with Lisa on DAYS. Susan feels that her time had come to an end on Y&R and was happy to play out the story. As for Richard, some of his happiest memories are working on AW. On DAYS, he and Drake Hogestyn used to crack each other up on the set all the time."

Richard talked with Lisa and cohost Ty Tredway for a while before being joined by Susan, with the topics ranging from his youth in New Jersey to his work on Desperate Housewives, where he greatly enjoyed the aspects of Karl and of DH which allowed him to let loose and get "wacky" with the character.

For further information on the show, visit the SOAPnet website's Soap Talk pages at:

(Thanks to Jill for the screengrabs, and to the "usual suspects" who kindly provided details on the show -- MJ, JoAnn, Debbie, June, Martha, Kat...)

Richard plays Francis Kirk in Decoys on SciFi [24 Mar 05] *** Catch Richard when "Decoys" airs on The Sci Fi Channel*** -- Richard plays Det. Francis Kirk in the Canadian-made tongue-in-cheek blend of sci-fi and horror, which airs this weekend on the Sci Fi Channel on Saturday, March 26th  at 3:00pm ET/PT.

Richard made a quick trip to Ottawa, Canada, during March and April 2003 for his role in Decoys, which director Matt Hastings described as "American Pie meets Species" -- a sci-fi thriller set on a college campus. Richard plays Detective Francis Kirk. According to the script, "He's a young cop who knows that he won't be in this small town busting college students for party pranks for much longer. He thinks he belongs somewhere between NYPD Blue and the cover of GQ."

The Species connection comes into play in the form of the beautiful and -- let us say -- otherworldy young women who descend upon the college campus in search of healthy and libidinous young men. Much as in Richard's 1998 version of I Married a Monster, alien beings come to Earth in search of mates -- only this time, it's the Outer Space womenfolk who are eager to reproduce. Unlike their Monster counterparts, these alien "femmes" are quite literally "fatales," as their reproductive process leaches the body-heat right out of their unfortunate paramours.

Richard's Detective Kirk becomes involved when the extraterrestrial temptresses leave a string of frozen young men in their wake.

Richard plays William Shaw in Darklight [24 Mar 05] *** Catch Richard when Sci Fi airs  "Darklight" on Sunday, March 27th at 5:00pm ET/PT *** -- Richard headed off to Sofia, Bulgaria in late July '03 to join the cast of UFO Films' Darklight, a Sci Fi Channel Original Production for the 2004-05 broadcast season. Richard played William Shaw and was joined by Shiri Appleby ("Roswell's" Liz) as Lilith. "Star Trek's" John de Lancie and "Stargate: Atlantis"' David Hewlett also star in Darklight. Principal photography began on July 28th and wrapped  the week of August 18th. 

The Sci Fi Channel's listing for Darklight gave this description:

"A secret society fights evil with evil in this atmospheric original thriller.

Shiri Appleby (TV's Roswell), Richard Burgi (The Sentinel, SCI FI Pictures' Decoys), John de Lancie (Q from the Star Trek franchise) and David Hewlett (Stargate Atlantis, SCi FI Pictures' Boa vs. Python, the indie hit Cube) star in this tale of an ancient demoness named Lilith, who has been captured by a secret society known as The Faith.

Her true nature concealed by a powerful spell, Lilith lives as a 24-year-old woman with no memory of her ageless past -- until William Shaw (Burgi) of The Faith recruits her to help him stop the Demonicos, a rampaging monster that is spreading a lethal plague across the Earth and whose only vulnerability is to Lilith's unique mystical power, known as Darklight.

As the duo race to slay the creature, they unwittingly expose a treacherous conspiracy within The Faith itself. Lilith has the power to set things right -- but now she has been reawakened to her true nature, will she resume her own evil ways? Trusting her is a life-or-death gamble for humanity, but it's one that William Shaw has no choice but to take."

Richard plays Captain Dax in Troopers 2 [24 Mar 05] *** Catch Richard when "Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation" airs on Premium Cable channel Starz 2 *** -- Monday, March 28th at 11:00pm ET 

Richard worked in early summer 2003 on the long-awaited Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation, filming at Manhattan Beach Studios and on location in the Santa Clarita "canyon country" north of Los Angeles. He also made several follow-up visits to the Berkeley, California headquarters of Tippett Studio for additional post-production work during the final quarter of 2003. Richard plays Captain V.J. Dax, the hero mentioned in the film's title.

Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation was produced by Jon Davison, with Phil Tippett directing. Tippett shot from a screenplay by Ed Neumeier, who also wrote the screenplay for the original Starship Troopers film. (All three worked on the first Starship Troopers, which was directed by Paul Verhoeven. Tippett's Tippett Studio produced the visual special effects for the first film, and once again provided special effects for ST2).

When we -- and the besieged troopers -- first meet Captain Dax, he is the last man at an otherwise abandoned and desolate outpost on planet Zulu Angel. Disgraced and imprisoned in the outpost's incinerator for killing his commanding officer, he is somewhat the worse for wear -- dirty, torn, unshaven, and more than a little war-weary. When the rapacious arachnids threaten to once again overrun the makeshift defenses of the old outpost, Dax is called upon to rally the rag-tag band of Troopers to fend off the marauding Bugs. Unfortunately for Dax and the Troopers, the arachnids have other things in mind for the unsuspecting humans...

Richard guests on new ABC drama, Eyes [24 Mar 05] *** Richard guests on episode of new ABC drama "Eyes" *** -- While information is still scarce, Richard can be seen in promos for the new ABC drama Eyes, which premieres on Wednesday, March 30th at 10:00pm ET/PT

Richard's promo scenes are with series lead Tim Daly (Harlan Judd), which would lead to the assumption that his character is of some storyline prominence, but no episode information is given. (Casting breakdowns on the first few episodes do not mention Richard specifically).

As to ths show itself, the ABC website offers the following description:

"From the executive producer of Fastlane and the co-creator of the much-analyzed Profit comes Eyes, the suspenseful one-hour, midseason drama series full of risks, bluffs, blackmail and intrigue. If someone steals $100 from you, call the police. If they steal $100,00, call the FBI. But if you're the CEO of a Fortune 500 company and your chief financial officer embezzles $100 million on your watch, call Judd Risk Management. Eyes will premiere later this season on the ABC Television Network.

Run by sharp-witted, impulsive Harlan Judd (Tim Daly), Judd Risk Management is a discreet, high-tech firm that handles cases with the highest possible stakes, while operating at the absolute fringe of the law. Along with ruthlessly efficient Nora Gage (Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon) and a staff of brilliantly skilled, driven individuals -- some with their own agendas and secrets -- Harlan does whatever it takes to prevail in a world of unsteady alliances and uncertain loyalties."

To learn more about the show, visit the official ABC website at:

Richard attends Return to Cascade convention [24 Mar 05] *** "Return to Cascade" Sentinel Convention a success with guests and attendees *** -- "Return to Cascade" reunited the actors, creators, and some of the more notable writers, directors, and producers of The Sentinel for the first time in years. The convention was held February 26-27th, 2005 at the Westin Hotel LAX in Los Angeles, California, and was greatly enjoyed by guests and attendees alike.

Richard joined Sentinel costars Garett Maggart and Bruce A. Young, as well as series creators and executive producers Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo, for the Saturday afternoon festivities. The Q&A session proved to be "Old Home Week," with the actors and producers enjoying each others' company and the recounting of behind-the-scenes tales. The Q&A was followed by an hour-long autograph session and later, by a live auction conducted by the five guests. Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo raided their hoard of Sentinel memorabilia for often one-of-a-kind mementoes of the show, and to the audience's delight, the proceedings were leavened by laughter and goofiness.

With his official Convention appearance wrapped up, Richard joined members of his official fan club, the RBFC, for an informal meet n' greet session. Richard was, as always, witty, charming, warm, and down to earth as he chatted about work, interests, and life in general.

A CD of photos of the RBFC meeting will be available to Club members, with details to be announced once they have been finalized. Members, watch the official RBFC newsletter and list for updates.

Anyone wishing to buy the official RBFC 8x10 photo of Richard produced for the Return to Cascade convention (see left) should contact Kat Cole, RBFC President, at The photo can be paid for by check, or by credit card through PayPal, with the price as follows:

$10 ($12 PayPal) -- includes S&H

If paying by check, please make the check payable (in US funds) to Kathleen Cole, not to the RBFC, and mail the check to the address below:

10153 1/2 Riverside Drive #494
Toluca Lake, CA 91602

PayPal logoPayPal transactions are processed through their website at, using as the RBFC payment address / account.  The process is fairly simple -- new PayPal customers must first register with PayPal, which takes about five minutes.  (Instructions are provided on the PayPal website).

In Her Shoes will now premiere in October [24 Mar 05] *** New premiere date announced for "In Her Shoes" *** -- The premiere of "In Her Shoes" has been pushed back into October to allow the film to be considered for the next Academy Awards -- the Oscars.

"In Her Shoes" stars Cameron Diaz, Toni Collette, and Shirley MacLaine. Richard joined the cast in February '04 and "wrapped out" in mid April with some location scenes in Philadelphia. Richard plays Jim Danvers, one of Rose's (Collette) love interests.  According to the character breakdown, Danvers is "a handsome, suave attorney at the law firm of Lewis, Dommel and Fenick. He's also a cold-hearted ladies man who dumps women without thinking twice."

Based on the Jennifer Weiner book of the same title, "In Her Shoes" was screenwritten by Susannah Grant and is directed by Curtis Hanson. Rebecca Klein, writing for The Action Insider, gives this brief description of the film's premise:

"This feature film from Fox 2000 will star Cameron Diaz as Maggie Feller, a free-spirited but immature party girl who dreams of stardom. She moves in with her career-oriented older sister Rose after getting evicted from her own apartment.

Sibling rivalry follows when Rose kicks Maggie out after she trashes the apartment and sleeps with Rose's boyfriend."

Shirley MacLaine plays Ella Hirsch, Maggie and Rose's grandmother. Mark Feuerstein plays Simon Stein, another love interest for Rose, while Ken Howard plays Michael Feller, Rose and Maggie's father.

To learn more about "In Her Shoes," visit author Jennifer Weiner's website at

Production details on "In Her Shoes" can be found at the IMDb website at

(Thanks to Richard, Kat, and Deborah for the information and the subsequent sleuthing)

Fun with Dick and Jane will now premiere in December [24 Mar 05] *** New premiere dates announced for "Fun with Dick and Jane" *** -- According to an article issued by, the premiere of "Fun with Dick and Jane" has been pushed back into December to give the producers more more time to complete the film. Sony's Jeff Blake told Reuters that they were having to rush to meet the original June premiere date, which made the Christmas holidays the best alternative.

Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni headline this update of the 1977 original, which starred Jane Fonda and George Segal. Carrey and Leoni play Dick and Jane Harper, a couple who find themselves on the verge of financial collapse when Dick loses his job. The Harpers turn to a life of crime to pay the bills, apparently preying on their wealthy neighbors and friends.

Richard Burgi, who worked on the film for five weeks, plays neighbor Joe Klieman (spelling uncertain).

The production began principal photography  in Los Angeles in early September '04, with outdoor "neighborhood" location work taking place on the Rancho Palos Verdes, CA shoreline. The film has since done location work across Los Angeles and was still shooting in January. 

(Thanks to Richard and Kat for the initial info and to Deborah for the online sleuthing)

Richard's episodes of The District airing on the USA Network [24 Mar 05] *** Richard's episodes of "The District" airing in repeats on the USA Network***  -- With CBS having dropped "The District"  from the Fall 2004 schedule, the USA Network has picked the show up for syndicated broadcast.

USA is currently airing the show in two-episode blocks on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 11:00am and 12:00 noon, with additional late-night airings throughout the week. Remember to check your local listings or the USA Networks website for scheduling information.

Richard's episodes of The District are:

  • "Worst Block" episode #1.03, prod. #102
  • "Surveillance" episode #1.04, prod. #103
  • "How They Lived" episode #1.06, prod. #105
  • "The Santa Wars" episode #1.10, prod. #110
  • "The D.C. Strangler" episode #1.11, prod. #109
  • "The Agony and the Ecstasy" episode #1.19, prod. #119
  • "Running Towards Fire" episode #1.20, prod. #117
  • "The Second Man" episode #3.07, prod. #307
  • "Good-bye, Jenny" episode #3.11, prod. #311
  • "Jack's Back" episode #4.01, prod. #401
  • "Blind Eye" episode #4.06, prod. #405
  • "In God We Trust" episode #4.09, prod. #409
Visit the USA Network site for additional information:

Richard appeared in three of the show's four seasons in a total of twelve episodes, playing the recurring role of the prickly and suspicious Captain Vincent Hunter, head of the DC Police Department's Internal Affairs Division.

Unfortunately, the show did not take maximum advantage of the Hunter character, though they established an intriguing back-story for him in the first season episode "The DC Strangler." Ella Farmer (played by the late Lynn Thigpen) told Chief Mannion (Craig T. Nelson) a bit about Hunter. He was a highly-decorated officer with a relatively high solve rate while in Homicide, a department he left after discovering his wife -- also a police officer --  in bed with his partner..

A complete listing of Richard's episodes of "The District" can be found on the Biography page, with an expanded listing and episode details on the  District Guide page.

(Thanks to Debbie for the USA info, Becky and Erin for the District screengrabs, and to the Epguides website for production details)

Richard appears in six episodes of Judging Amy [24 Mar 05] *** Look for Richard's episodes of Judging Amy on TNT's "Primetime in the Daytime" ***-- To date, Richard has appeared in six episodes of the popular CBS Primetime drama, playing Judge Amy (Amy Brenneman) Grey's ex-husband, Michael Cassidy. While Michael has not been seen since "Marry, Marry Quite Contrary," he retains joint custody of their daughter Lauren (Karle Warren) and still has feelings for Amy. Though Michael has been mentioned with increasing frequency on the current CBS season, it now seems unlikely that Richard will be able to continue playing the role due to his new series, Point Pleasant

Meanwhile, viewers have a chance to catch up on Richard's episodes on TNT's "Primetime in the Daytime," where "Judging Amy" airs Monday - Friday at 12:00noon and 1:00pm ET/PT.  Richard's episodes, in original order, are:

  • "The Justice League of America" 
  • "Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition" 
  • "Lost in the System"
  • "People of the Lie" (Monday, Feb 21 @ 12:00pm)
  • "The Best Interests of the Child" (Tuesday, Feb 22 @ 1:00pm)
  • "Marry, Marry Quite Contrary" 
Visit the TNT website for further information, and check your local listings, as well as the TVNow website.

TNT's website --

TVNow listing  --

(Thanks to Becky and Erin for the District screengrabs, and to the Epguides website for production details)

Cellular comes to DVD in January 05 [24 Mar 05] *** "Cellular" now available on DVD, at Netflix, and on Pay-Per-View *** -- "Cellular," Richard's most recent movie to hit theaters, is now available for purchase on DVD. The film is also now available for rental at Netflix, and is coming to Pay-Per-View Cable this month.

Richard completed principal photography on the action-oriented thriller "Cellular" in late November '03, playing the supporting role of Craig Martin, husband of kidnap victim Jessica Martin (Kim Basinger).  The New Line Cinema thriller premiered in theaters on September 10th and was met with good ratings and reviews.

Roger Ebert, writing for the Sun Times, gave "Cellular" 3 1/2 stars and called it " of the year's best thrillers." Ebert also said of the film:

"The movie is skillfully plotted, halfway plausible and well acted; the craftsmanship is in the details, including the astonishing number of different ways in which a cell phone can be made to function -- both as a telephone, and as a plot device."

Official 'Cellular" website:

The "Cellular" DVD is available in retail stores and at, where it is presently listed at $19.56

(Thanks to Deborah for the heads-up on the DVD release)

[24 Mar 05] *** Check out the Burgi Bonanza at *** -- All the items listed below are available at either or its subsidiary,, and all feature Richard Burgi in some capacity. **NOTE** The prices listed below may have changed since we last looked them up at

Your account information will work equally well with the Canadian subsidiary.

Amazon in the USA:

Amazon in Canada:
Richard appears in 12 episodes of Season 1

24 Season One (2002) DVD Set -- $14.99 (75% discount)

Richard appears in 12 episodes of the first season of FOX's ground- and record-breaking drama series. The first episode introduces him as Alan York, concerned father of a missing daughter. As the series unfolds, we discover Alan is not who he appears -- he is, in fact, Kevin Carroll, a cold-blooded assassin and mercenary.

The series and series lead Kiefer Sutherland would go on to earn Golden Globes for this season.

Richard's character Kevin Carroll, AKA Alan York, is discussed in both books

Books on 24 (both mention Richard's character)

1) 24: The House Subcommittee's Findings at CTU by Marc Cerasini and Alice Alfonsi -- $16.95
This book is set within the world of 24, providing background information on the characters involved in the unfolding story 

2) 24: The Unofficial Guide by Jim Sangster -- $13.95
A more traditional approach to the series guide -- episode listings, production details, et cetera

Richard appears in Season 3's High and Low

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation- The Complete Third Season on DVD -- $67.49 (25% discount)

Richard appears in the episode "High and Low" as paragliding instructor Rick Weston. (Trivia note: "Starship Troopers 2" costar Colleen Porch also appears in "High and Low").


Cellular DVD to be released in January

Cellular DVD, Widescreen, Region 1 encoding -- $19.56 (30% discount)

Available for pre-order; DVDs will be released on 18 January 2005.


Richard plays Craig Martin, husband of Kim Basinger's Jessica Martin.

Cellular novelization may offer additional insights into Craig Martin

1) Cellular (novelization by Pat Cadigan) -- $7.99

2) Cellular (Score) [SOUNDTRACK] -- $14.99 (12% discount)

The novelization will be an interesting read, especially if it delves a little deeper into the character of Craig Martin (Richard's role in "Cellular")

"Cellular" is presently in theaters worldwide after premiering on September 10th 2004.

The US-market DVD doesn't include bloopers or deleted scenes

Decoys (2004) DVD [US market version] -- $22.46

Richard plays Detective Francis Kirk in this tongue-in-cheek take on the "aliens need humans to reproduce" sci-fi theme. Director Matt Hastings has described "Decoys" as a meeting of "American Pie" and "Species."

There are two versions of the DVD currently available. The US-market version available through does not include the deleted scenes and bloopers included in the Canadian-market version (see next entry).

Canadian-market Decoys DVD has deleted scenes and bloopers

Canadian-market version from
Decoys (2004) DVD -- CDN $29.71 (15% discount)

Release date: July 20, 2004

The Canadian-market DVD includes an assortment of deleted scenes, the bloopers, a "making of" special, and a photo gallery. The deleted scenes help explain some aspects of the film which are confusing or vague in the theatrical release, and Richard's scenes and bloopers are hilarious.

Richard appears as Womack in The Message

Firefly - The Complete Series DVD -- $34.99 (30% discount)

Richard appears in the episode "The Message" as Lt. Womack, an unscrupulous Alliance Enforcement officer. Womack is after an old war buddy of Malcolm and Zoe's and is quite determined to get what he's after.

Had the series continued, Womack would probably have become a recurring character.

Richard plays Captain Dax in Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation

1) Starship Troopers 2 - Hero of the Federation (2004) DVD -- $13.96 (30% discount)

2) Starship Troopers 2 (Score) [SOUNDTRACK] -- $17.98

Richard plays Captain V.J. Dax in "Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation." The DVD includes the widescreen movie, a "making of" featurette which includes interviews with the cast and behind the scenes footage, a photo gallery, and look at the animation process. 

The soundtrack CD presents the entire "Troopers 2" suite, which includes the haunting Dax's Theme.

Richard visits a playful pinniped at the PMMC [24 Mar 05] *** The Official RBFC charity, the Friends of the Sea Lion Marine Mammal Center (FSLMMC), has chosen a new name -- the Pacific Marine Mammal Center ***  -- A recent letter from the MMC (excerpted below) details the name change:

"With the expansion of our responsibilities to include cetacean rehabilitation, as well as the expansion of our education programs to include a broader curriculum, we have made the decision to take a leap and give ourselves a name that more fully reflects what we do -- Pacific Marine Mammal Center.

We are excited about the new name, as it is more reflective of our work with all marine mammals, as well as of the ever-expanding scope of environmental education programs we offer. We have big plans for the next couple of years including a renovation of our upstairs education area and the reconstruction of our outdoor pools and pens to accommodate our steadily growing patient load and improve the water quality for the animals.

We are very proud of our history, founders, board members, staff, and volunteers, included. Who would have thought that the rescue of that first tiny harbor seal pup 33 years ago would have such an impact on the lives of the thousands of marine mammals that we have given a second chance at life? We are so grateful to those of you who are long-time donors and to those of you who are new friends. It is your support that has allowed us to build our solid foundation and to provide our quality animal care and education programs over the years. You can be assured that the core values and vision of our organization will always remain the same."

**RBFC News** -- A recent visit to the PMMC revealed that the RBFC had joined the ranks of supporters whose names appear on a handsome plaque outside the Center's gift shop. Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who've joined us in supporting the PMMC in Richard's honor!

(Thanks to Deborah, Kat, and MJ for the info)

RBFC pelican logo [24 Mar 05]*** Buy your Official Richard Burgi Fan Club tee-shirt today! *** -- Featuring the official RBFC logo seen at left  on the upper left chest, these tee-shirts are heavy-duty cotton. The shirts are short-sleeved, cream-colored, with the logo silk-screened in black, and are available in Adult Extra Large size. The shirts can be paid for by check, or by credit card through PayPal, with the prices as follows:

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[24 Mar 05] *** Write to Richard care of the RBFC! *** -- Richard has asked us to encourage anyone interested in sending cards or letters to him to use the RBFC mailing address, which is listed below.  This allows Richard to better handle his incoming mail, which he certainly enjoys receiving, provided it comes through appropriate channels.

Mr. Richard Burgi
10153 1/2 Riverside Drive, #494
Toluca Lake, CA 91602

We cannot emphasize strongly enough that mail should not be sent to Richard's home address!  Receiving fan mail through his home address is a disquieting experience and cause for concern, especially from the standpoint of privacy and safety.  If you have come across what you believe may be his home address, please, do NOT use it! We -- and Richard -- would greatly appreciate it if you would let us know where you came across the address by using this e-mail link to the RBFC.

While postcards, letters, and cards will be promptly forwarded to Richard, we cannot forward packages; he has asked that no gifts be sent to him.  Though Richard appreciates the goodwill and generosity those gifts represent, he finds them a little overwhelming.  Richard would be honored if, instead, wellwishers made a donation in his name to a local children's shelter or literacy program, or to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center .
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