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Last Updated: 05 March 2006

Richard to attend "Oscar Night America" event in Las Vegas on Sunday, March 5th

Catch Richard in the March 2006 issue of Vanity Fair

Richard attends January charity event for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Richard's "Desperate Housewives" Season 2 episodes -- that we know of.

Richard a "Desperate Housewives" Series Regular for Fall 2005

"Torn Apart" to air on Lifetime Movie Network; Richard plays Billy Westin

"Fun With Dick and Jane" Region 1 DVD release set for April; Richard plays Joe 

Paramount announces April release date for The Sentinel: The Complete First Season DVD set; pre-order now!

Action: Complete Series DVD set now available; Richard appears in "Pilot" amnd "Blowhard"

"In Her Shoes" DVD now available; Richard plays Jim Danvers

"Seinfeld" Season 5 DVD set now available for purchase; Richard appears in "The Hamptons"

"The Flash" Complete Series DVD Set now available; Richard appears in "Deadly Nightsahde"

"Point Pleasant" Complete Series DVD Set now available for purchase!

"Cellular" airs on the Starz Edge cable channel in March; Richard plays Craig Martin

Canada's SPACE: The Imagination Station now airing "The Sentinel" 

Canada's SPACE: The Imagination Station now airing "Firefly" 

Richard's Season One episodes of "24" to air on A&E

Richard's episodes of "The District" airing domestically on the USA Network and internationally in Singapore

Catch Richard's "Judging Amy" episodes on TNT's "Primetime in the Daytime"

Got a Burgi fan on your gift list? has you covered!

Write to Richard through the RBFC

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Richard to attend Oscar Night America in Las Vegas, NV [05 Mar 06] *** Richard Burgi to attend Oscar Night America event in Las Vegas, NV, Sunday, March 5th *** -- According to an article by Jerry Fink in the Las Vegas Sun, Richard will be among the special guests at the black-tie optional gala event at the Bellagio Hotel.

"The event begins at 4 p.m. in the Bellagio's Tower Ballroom with a cocktail reception and silent auction followed by dinner, the Awards ceremony and special entertainment," said the article.

This is the 13th year of the Oscar Night America program, and the 11th year the Las Vegas event has been hosted by the Nevada chapter of the National Arthritis Foundation.

Information on the Oscar Night America events can be found at:

Information on the event Richard is attending was published on the Las Vegas Sun website:

(Thanks to Bonnie for the info)

Richard mentioned in March 2006 Vanity Fair [05 Mar 06] *** Richard makes the pages of Vanity Fair *** -- Vanity Fair co-hosted a birthday party for  "Desperate Housewives" castmember Nicollette Sheridan at the Il Sole restaurant, and Richard Burgi, Mark Moses, and Teri Hatcher were there to help their castmate celebrate.  Vanity Fair headlines the event as "A Birthday Fete," and then adds the following details:

"On November 19, 2005, the Diamond Information Center and Vanity Fair hosted a private birthday celebration for Nicollette Sheridan at Il Sole Restaurant in West Hollywood. An intimate group. including Sheridan's Desperate Housewives co-stars Marcia Cross, Teri Hatcher, Brenda Strong, Mark Moses, and Richard Burgi, gathered to toast Sheridan over dinner, and raise awareness for the nonprofit Best Friends Animal Society."

The article is available online at:

(Thanks to Debbie and MJ for the heads up)

Richard attended the Canon USA - sponsored fundraiser for the NCMEC [05 Mar 06] *** Richard attended the January 6th-7th Canon USA annual fundraiser for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in Las Vegas, NV *** -- The two-day event started on Friday evening with a buffet reception at the Four Seasons Grand Ballroom, which included both live and silent auctions and music from the Billy Joel and Twyla Tharp musical production, "Movin' Out." Saturday's part of the event consisted of a celebrity golf tournament at TPC at The Canyons.

The article mentioning Richard's attendance can be found on the website of the Las Vegas Sun

Information on the NCMEC can be found at:

Information on Canon's participation can be found at:

(Thanks to MJ and JoAnn for the info)

[05 Mar 06] *** Desperate Housewives Update *** -- Thus far, we have confirmed (or are reasonably sure) that Richard appears in the following episodes of the new season:

Season Two (2005-2006)

  • "You Could Drive a Person Crazy" (02 Oct 05) Prod. #201, episode #2.02
  • "You'll Never Get Away From Me" (09 Oct 05) Prod. #202, episode #2.03
  • "Color and Light" (13 Nov 05) Prod. #206, episode #2.07
  • "One More Kiss" (08 Jan 06) Prod. #210, episode #2.11
  • "There's Something About a War" (22 Jan 06) Prod. #212, episode #2.13
  • "Silly People" (12 Feb 06) Prod. #213, episode #2.14
  • "Thank You So Much" (19 Feb 06) Prod. #214, episode #2.15
  • "There Is No other Way" (12 Mar 06) Prod. #215, episode #2.16
  • "Could I Leave You?" (26 Mar 06) Prod. # 216, episode #2.17
  • "Everybody Says Don't" (09 Apr 06) Prod. #217, episode #2.18
  • "Don't Look at Me" (16 Apr 06) Prod. #218, episode #2.19
As always, we advise viewers to watch every Sunday to catch any mentions of or appearances by caddish Karl!

Richard now a Series Regular on Desperate Housewives [05 Mar 06] *** Richard Burgi continues to make things interesting for the Desperate Housewives as a Series Regular *** -- Richard Burgi returned to Desperate Housewives as a Series Regular for the hit show's second season. The series went back into production in late July '05, picking up where the previous season finale left off.

Richard  plays Karl Mayer, Susan (Teri Hatcher) Mayer's cad of an ex-husband on ABC's award-winning hit series.  Previously seen in "Pretty Little Picture" and "Move On," Karl was back to bedevil his ex in "One Wonderful Day," the highly-anticipated season finale. 

Karl is romantically involved with Edie in Season Two while still carrying a flame for his ex, Susan. Karl goes so far as to sleep with her in "Color and Light," apparently hoping the door has been opened for a rekindling of their romance. Susan gently but firmly denies this, and Karl returns to the embrace and domicile of the Goody Britt, who he moved in with in "You Could Drive a Person Crazy." 

"One More Kiss" sees Bree hiring Karl as her lawyer when her son, Andrew, decides on a blackmail attempt. Karl becomes Bree's impromptu White Knight when he takes Andrew in hand and gives him the much-needed wakeup call Rex, his friend, would have surely given his unruly offspring.

"Silly People" and "Thank You So Much" finds Susan suffering from a wandering spleen and in need of surgery. Karl winds up juggling Susan and Edie in a madcap scheme to get Susan much-needed medical insurance by remarrying her. Edie finds the ring and prenup and assumes Karl is on the verge of proposing... to her.  Karl marries Susan and, as Edie was expecting a proposal anyway, decides to go ahead and propose to her as well, the assumption being an equally quickie divorce will take care of  his secret remarriage to Susan. Oh, what tangled webs we weave...

Richard's next episode, "There Is No Other Way," is scheduled to air on March 12th.

To learn more about the show, visit the "Desperate Housewives" page at the ABC website, which has been updated for Fall 2005.

(Thanks to Kat for the confirmation, to Deborah and JoAnn for additional  info, to Becky for the screengrabs, and to 

Lifetime Movie Network to play Torn Apart [05 Mar 06] *** Lifetime Movie Network to air "Torn Apart" in March *** -- Lifetime Television's movie arm, the Lifetime Movie Network, will air "Torn Apart" on March 12th and 13th.  Richard plays Dr. Billy Westin, husband of Tia Carrere's Dr. Vicki Westin. The film was shot on location in New Orleans in the summer of 2004, with Dale Midkiff playing the part of the distraught kidnapper.  Lifetime gives the following description of the film:

"Dr. Vicki Westin has no idea that losing a patient is going to wreak complete havoc on her life. But that's exactly what happens: Her deceased patient's grieving father seeks vengeance by kidnapping Vicki's husband and daughter. This exciting film will keep you glued to your seat!"

Scheduling information and details on "Torn Apart" can be found at the Lifetime website:

Sunday, March 12th at 9:45pm ET
Monday, March 13th at 2:30pm ET

(Thanks to Becky and Steffi for the screengrabs)

Fun With Dick & Jane DVD available in April [05 Mar 06] *** "Fun with Dick and Jane" Region 1 DVD release announced for April *** -- With the film now in its ninth week in domestic release and well into its international run, Sony has announced an April 11th release date for the Region 1 DVD.  As of February 17th, the film had grossed $108.6 million domestically.

Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni play Dick and Jane Harper, a couple who find themselves on the verge of financial collapse when Dick loses his job. The Harpers turn to a life of crime to pay the bills, cooking up madcap schemes and wild heists to support them in the manner to which they have become accustomed. Richard plays their next-door neighbor Joe Cleeman.

Joe and his wife Veronica (Angie Harmon), as the Harpers' next-door neighbors, are the couple to beat in the pecking order sweepstakes, which the opening scenes of the film set up with Joe and Dick's "who's got the better car" shenanigans.

Trailers for "Fun with Dick and Jane" are still available at various online sources. Richard appears in two scenes of the original trailer as the Harper's next door neighbor, Joe, and in a shorter version of the "red shirt" scene in the newer, office-based trailer.

The trailer is available at the following online locations:

The official site:

The Apple QuickTime Trailers site:

(Thanks to Richard and Kat for the initial info and to Deborah for the online sleuthing)

The Sentinel Complete First Season DVD set announced [05 Mar 06] *** The Sentinel Complete First Season DVD Set announced for April 2006 release *** -- Though it has been a long time coming, fans of Richard Burgi and The Sentinel will soon be able to purchase the first season of the series (which ran from 1996 to 1999) on DVD.

As announced at the website, Paramount is releasing the show's first season (10 episodes) as a 3-disc boxed set. The Sentinel: The Complete First Season will be released on April 18th and is already available for pre-order at various online retailers. 

At present, it is unknown whether there will be any extras included in the set; certainly there will be sufficient space on the third disc for additional material, should Paramount so decide.

Richard plays Jim Ellison, a former Army Ranger now working as a detective in his Washington State hometown. A solitary stakeout reawakens dormant sensory abilities which lead Ellison to doubt his sanity, until a graduate student name Blair Sandburg (Garett Maggart) explains what is happening to him. Ellison is a Sentinel, someone whose senses --  sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch -- are all developed to an extraordinary degree. With Sandburg's help, and the cooperation of his boss, Captain Simon Banks (Bruce A. Young), Ellison uses his abilities to give him an edge in the war against crime.

Ordering information can be found at

(Thanks to Becky and Steffi for the screengrabs)

Action Complete Series DVD Set now available [05 Mar 06] *** Action Complete Series DVD Set announced for February 2006 release *** -- Though it took Sony two years to mull the idea over, the studio decided in December to take Action to the DVD market, with a release date of February 21st.

According to the website, Action is being released as a 2-disc set which will contain all 13 episodes of the series, this time with uncensored audio. There will also be a "making of" featurette, as well as commentaries on select episodes (fingers crossed that these include Richard's).

Richard appears in two of the show's episodes, "Pilot" and "Blowhard," playing action hero Cole Riccardi.  "Pilot" introduces us to producer Peter Dragon (Jay Mohr) and the denizens of his world as he heads off for the red carpet premiere of his latest action flick, "Slow Torture." Cole Riccardi, star of "Slow Torture," is Dragon's usual choice for action-adventure leading man. Unfortunately, "Slow Torture" tanks, taking Dragon's reputation with it.

When next we see Cole in "Blowhard," he has been signed to star in Dragon's new film. Unfortunately for Dragon, Cole has decided this is the perfect time to proclaim himself gay, which Dragon feels will kill both the film and Riccardi's career. Dragon sweet-talks Cole out of outing himself by claiming to be likewise "a friend of Dorothy," and Cole gets the wrong idea, deciding romance is in the air. 

Ordering information can be found at

(Thanks to Becky and Steffi for the screengrabs)

In Her Shoes DVD now available [05 Mar 06] *** "In Her Shoes" available on Region 1 DVD as of late January '06 ***  -- With the domestic premiere of "In Her Shoes" now nearly five months behind us, and the film well into its International run, 20th Century Fox released the film's Region 1 DVD on  January 31st. The DVD is available for pre-order at and similar retailers.

"In Her Shoes" stars Cameron Diaz, Toni Collette, and Shirley MacLaine. Richard plays Jim Danvers, Rose's (Collette) cheating boyfriend.  According to the character breakdown, Danvers is "a handsome, suave attorney at the law firm of Lewis, Dommel and Fenick. He's also a cold-hearted ladies man who dumps women without thinking twice." Based on the Jennifer Weiner book of the same title, "In Her Shoes" was screenwritten by Susannah Grant and is directed by Curtis Hanson. 

The original QuickTime trailer is available at the  Apple website, as well as the official movie website at while the longer international trailer can be found at in a variety of formats and sizes.  Richard  is featured in the trailer in scenes with Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette

To learn more about "In Her Shoes," visit author Jennifer Weiner's website at

Production details on "In Her Shoes" can be found at the IMDb website at

(Thanks to Richard, Kat, and Deborah for the information and the subsequent sleuthing, and to MJ and Deborah for the screengrabs)

Richard appears in Seinfeld's Season 5 DVD set [05 Mar 06] *** Seinfeld's Season 5 joining the ranks of DVD boxed sets on the retail market *** -- With the November 2005 release of Seinfeld's fifth and sixth seasons, Richard's hilarious turn as the "breathtaking" Dr. Ben is now available in the Season 5 DVD set.

Richard appears in "The Hamptons" on Disc 4 of the boxed set. Jerry & Co. head to the Hamptons for a weekend at the beach. As it happens, their hosts have recently had a Happy Event and their pediatrician has also been invited along for the weekend. Elaine is quite taken with the dashing and handsome Dr. Ben, especially when he refers to her as "breathtaking." However, her confidence in her understanding of Ben's usage of the word is severely shaken when he also refers to the family's unspeakably ugly baby as "breathtaking." Naturally, Elaine cannot leave well enough alone, and pursues the issue to its inevitable and embarrassing conclusion.

Ordering information can be found at

(Thanks to Becky and Steffi for the screengrabs)

The Flash DVD set now available [05 Mar 06] *** The Flash joining the ranks of DVD boxed sets on the retail market *** -- The complete series DVD set of The Flash hit the shelves in January 2006 and is now widely available at both retail outlets and online merchants.

The Flash is, in some ways, an older sibling to The Sentinel -- both are Pet Fly Productions brought to the screen by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo, and both featured several of the same actors and creative forces -- Richard Burgi and Jeri Ryan being two familiar faces seen in both shows.

In fact, Richard and Jeri appeared in the same episode, "Deadly Nightshade" -- Richard as the unbalanced copycat vigilante, Curtis Bohannan, and Jeri as the kidnapped socialite. Jeri would later turn up on The Sentinel as Alex Barnes, the sentinel gone wrong in "Sentinel, Too, Parts 1 & 2."

For further details, go to the TVShowsonDVD website:

Ordering information can be found at

(Thanks to Steffi for the screengrabs)

Point Pleasant DVD set now available! [05 Mar 06] *** 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment release of thePoint Pleasant Compete Series DVD set now available*** -- Although the FOX Network officially cancelled the struggling supernatural drama as of March 24th '05 (with the March 17th episode being the last one aired), 20th Century Fox decided to compete the 13-episode order, with production wrapping in mid-April '05.

Completing the production run allowed 20th Century Fox to honor its international broadcast contracts and to offer a complete DVD package to the Home Video market. 

Earlier in the year 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment announced an official release date of October 25th, 2005 for the 3-disc set,  which was soon available for pre-order at various online retailers such as The DVD set initially listed at $39.95, with a discounted pre-order price of $27.99.

Further information can be found at both and at

Point Pleasant went into production in November '04 at the San Diego studios of Stu Segall Productions with a 13-episode order and wrapped production on April 14th 2005 .

(Thanks to Kat and Deborah for info on "Point Pleasant," to Sweens for the DVD release news, and to Becky and Danny for the screengrabs)

Cellular airs on Starz channels in March [05 Mar 06] *** "Cellular" airs throughout March on the Starz Edge Channel *** -- Richard plays Craig Martin, the "wrong place at the wrong time" realtor husband of movie heroine Jessica (Kim Basinger) Martin.  Unbeknownst to Jessica, Craig has videotaped crooked cops executing drug dealers -- and the crooked cops are desperate to tidy up loose ends. To get Craig and the camera, they abduct Jessica and the Martin's young son. Jessica has one ace up her sleeve -- she's managed to patch a busted phone together enough to tap out random phone numbers, and the guy on the other end, Ryan (Chris Evans), is willing to help. Problem is, he's on a cellphone, doesn't know where Jessica is... and his battery's running low.

Starz Edge Channel listings for "Cellular"
Tuesday, Mar 7 -- 2:50pm ET & 10:35pm ET
Saturday, Mar 11 -- 9:20am ET & 7:20pm ET
Sunday, Mar 12 -- 4:05am ET
Friday, Mar 17 -- 6:00am ET & 3:00pm ET
Wednesday, Mar 22 -- 12:45pm ET & 9:00pm ET
Thursday, Mar 23 -- 4:35am ET
Sunday, Mar 26 -- 10:10am ET & 6:45pm ET
Thursday, Mar 30 -- 10:20am ET & 9:00pm ET

For further details, go to the Starz website at:

(Thanks to for the heads up, to Danny for the screengrabs, and to Starz for the scheduling info)

The Sentinel comes to Canada's SPACE: The Imagination Station [05 Mar 06] *** The Sentinel now airing in original, uncut form  on Canada's SPACE: The Imagination Station ***-- SPACE is now airing The Sentinel on Tuesdays, at 10:00pm ET with the episode repeating the following morning at 11:00am.

Richard Burgi plays series lead Jim Ellison, a former Army Ranger now working as a detective for the Cascade PD in his Washington State hometown. Ellison finds himself almost overwhelmed when his dormant, and repressed, hyperactive senses are brought back online after a period of solitude on a remote stakeout. Anthropology doctoral candidate Blair Sandburg (Garett Maggart), whose chosen field of research is "Sentinels" -- people with such enhanced senses -- has the answers Ellison needs to control and work with his powerful and unpredictable abilities. Ellison's long-suffering captain, Simon Banks (Bruce A. Young) helps Ellison and Sandburg make the most of Ellison's sensory advantage by watching their backs and keeping their extrasensory escapades under the radar as much as possible.

March schedule, Season 2 episodes:
Mar 7th/8th - "Red Dust"
Mar 14th/15th - "Smart Alec"
Mar 21st/22nd - "Private Eyes"

For further details, go to the website of Space: The Imagination Station:

(Thanks to Laura, Katherin, and Kay Lynne for the SPACE heads up, and to Steffi for the screengrabs)

Richard Burgi plays Lt. Womack in The Message [05 Mar 06] *** Firefly now airing on Canada's Space: The Imagination Station, airing Wednesdays at 10:00am ET -- catch Richard in "the Message" *** -- The Space: The Imagination Stationl has secured rerun rights to all fifteen episodes of Firefly, Joss Whedon's short-lived "Western in space," and has incorporated the show into its Wednesday daytime lineup.

Visit Space: The Imagination Station's Firefly page at:

Richard Burgi appears as Lt. Womack in "The Message," the shows' 13th episode. Written by executive producers Joss Whedon and Tim Minear, and filmed in mid-December 2002, "The Message" was one of the last of 14 episodes (15 with the pilot split in half) ordered by FOX, and the last episode filmed. According to a brief description of the episode, "the crew must deliver the corpse of an old war comrade home, but things are not as they seem."

The script had this to say of Alliance Enforcement officer Womack: "He's been around the block, and likely beaten up everybody on it."  Womack was intended to be a recurring character -- a shady lawman who would undoubtedly cross paths with the Serenity at the most inconvenient times. 

(Thanks to Becky and Earthgrazer for the screengrabs)

Richard's episodes of 24 playing on A&E [05 Mar 06] *** Richard's episodes of "24" airing in repeats on the A&E Channel***  -- While Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) and his compatriots are now in their fifth season on FOX, A&E -- the Arts & Entertainment Channel -- is now cycling through the show's first season episodes.

Richard appeared in eleven of the show's twenty-four first season episodes (see image at left for episodes). At first introduced as Alan York, father of the missing teen Janet, Richard's character was actually a cold-blooded mercenary by the name of Kevin Carroll. 

Carroll, after doing away with the real Alan York, was assigned the task of misleading and eventually abducting Jack's wife Teri.

A&E will be airing a block of Richard's episodes on Monday, March 6th, as detailed below:

8am & 2pm -- ep. 05 -- "4:00am - 5:00am"
9am & 3pm -- ep. 06 -- "5:00am - 6:00am"
10am & 4pm -- ep. 07 -- "6:00am - 7:00am"
11am & 5pm -- ep. 08 -- "7:00am - 8:00am"

Remember to check your local listings or the A&E site for additional information:

A complete listing of Richard's episodes of "24" can be found on the Filmography page, with an expanded listing and episode details on the  24 Guide page.

(Thanks to MJ for the A&E info, to Becky for the screengrabs, and to the Epguides website for production details)

Richard's episodes of The District airing on the USA Network [05 Mar 06] *** "The District" airing in repeats on the USA Network; Richard appears in Seasons 1, 3, and 4***  -- With CBS having dropped "The District"  from the Fall 2004 schedule, the USA Network  has picked the show up for syndicated broadcast.

USA is currently airing the show weekdays at 9:00am ET.  Remember to check your local listings or the USA Network site for additional information:

USA's episode rotation is currently in the latter half of the second season, with Richard's two Season 3 episodes -- "The Second Man" and "Goodbye, Jenny" -- likely to air in late March or early April.

The show is also airing in syndication in Singapore, where we assume  Season 1 is now in full swing.

A complete listing of Richard's episodes of "The District" can be found on the Filmography page, with an expanded listing and episode details on the  District Guide page.

Richard appeared in three of the show's four seasons in a total of twelve episodes, playing the recurring role of the prickly and suspicious Captain Vincent Hunter, head of the DC Police Department's Internal Affairs Division.

Unfortunately, the show did not take maximum advantage of the Hunter character, though they established an intriguing back-story for him in the first season episode "The DC Strangler." Ella Farmer (played by the late Lynn Thigpen) told Chief Mannion (Craig T. Nelson) a bit about Hunter. He was a highly-decorated officer with a relatively high solve rate while in Homicide, a department he left after discovering his wife -- also a police officer --  in bed with his partner..

(Thanks to Debbie for the USA info, to Gerri for the Singapore broadcast info, to Becky and Erin for the District screengrabs, and to the Epguides website for production details)

Catch Richard in Judging Amy on TNT [05 Mar 06] *** Look for Richard's episodes of Judging Amy on TNT's "Primetime in the Daytime" ***-- Richard appeared in six episodes of the recently canceled CBS Primetime drama, playing Judge Amy (Amy Brenneman) Grey's ex-husband, Michael Cassidy in the following episodes:

"The Justice League of America" 
"Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition" 
"Lost In The System" 
"People of the Lie" 
"The Best Interests of the Child" 
"Marry, Marry Quite Contrary" 

Judging Amy airs in two-episode blocks weekdays as part of TNT's "Primetime in the Daytime," where it appears Monday - Friday at 12:00noon and 1:00pm ET/PT. Richard's next episode, "Marry, Marry Quite Contrary" will air Thursday, March 9, at 12:00pm ET.

A complete list of Richard's Judging Amy episodes can be found at the Filmography Page, with an expanded listing and episode details on the Judging Amy Guide page.

Visit the TNT website for further information, and check your local listings, as well as the TVNow website.

TNT's website --

TVNow listing  --

(Thanks to Becky and Erin for the Judging Amy screengrabs, to TNT for the scheduling info, and to the Epguides website for production details)

[05 Mar 06]*** Check out the Burgi Bonanza at *** -- All the items listed below are available at either or its subsidiary,, and all feature Richard Burgi in some capacity. **NOTE** Always verify the current prices at, as they do fluctuate with market forces.

Your account information will work equally well with the Canadian subsidiary.

Amazon in the USA:

Amazon in Canada:
Fun With Dick and Jane DVD available for pre-order

1) Fun With Dick and Jane (Widescreen?) (2005) DVD -- $15.98 (45% discount)
Release date: April 11, 2006. Now available for pre-order.
ASIN: B000E8N8H0

2) Fun With Dick & Jane [SOUNDTRACK] -- $17.98 (no discount)
Release date: January 24, 2006. Now available.

Richard plays Joe Cleeman, Dick Harper's next-door neighbor and nemesis in the "keeping up with the Joneses" arena. One of the film's first scenes finds Joe and Dick engaged in a game of "my car's better than your car."

The Sentinel Complete First Season DVD available for pre-order

1) The Sentinel - The Complete First Season (3pc) (Full) (1996) DVD Set -- $27.99 (30% discount)
Release date: April 18, 2006. Now available for pre-order.

2) The Sentinel: Original Soundtrack (1996 Television Series) [SOUNDTRACK] -- used & new from $17.49
Release date: February 24, 1998
ASIN: B00000636Q

Richard plays Jim Ellison, a former Army Ranger now working in his Washington State hometown as a detective in the Major Crime unit. Ellison is genetically blessed -- or cursed -- with enhanced senses; sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch are all far more acute than the norm. With the aid of graduate student Blair Sandburg, Jim learns those like him are called Sentinels, and in ages past, they served as watchmen and protectors of their communities. More importantly, he learns how to use his senses to his advantage as a modern-day crime-fighter.

Action: Complete Series DVD now available

Action: The Complete Series (2pc) (Full) (1999) DVD Set -- $22.46  (10% discount)
Release date: February 21, 2006. Now available.

Richard plays Cole Riccardi in two episodes of the controversial and short-lived Fox series. "Pilot" introduces us to Peter Dragon and his production company, and to Cole Riccardi, Dragon's action movie leading man of choice. "Blowhard" finds Dragon backing himself into a corner when he scrambles to convince closeted Cole that coming out as a gay man isn't a prudent career move.

In Her Shoes Widescreen DVD now available

"In Her Shoes" (Widescreen Edition) (2005) DVD -- $17.86  (40% discount)
Release date: January 31, 2006. Now available.

Richard plays Jim Danvers, a senior partner at the law firm where Rose Feller (Toni Collette) works. Jim, something of a cad, strives to mend his ways while involved with Rose, and all is well until Rose's floozyish sister Maggie (Cameron Diaz) takes up temporary residence on her sister's couch. Rose catches Jim and Maggie en flagrante in her bed, which launches the film's major character odysseys for the Feller sisters.

Seinfeld Season Five DVD now available

Seinfeld Season Five (1990) DVD Set -- $29.86 (40% discount)
Release date: November 22, 2005. Now available for purchase.

Richard appears on Disc 4 in "The Hamptons," playing Dr. Ben, the handsome pediatrician Elaine takes a shining to. Elaine is quite pleased to be described as "breathtaking" by Ben, until she realizes he uses the same word to describe their hosts' spectacularly ugly baby. Meanwhile, George suffers cold water induced "shrinkage" and is seen naked by Jerry's girlfriend.

The Flash complete series DVD now available

The Flash - The Complete Series (1990) DVD Set -- $44.96 (25% discount)
Release date: January 10, 2006. Now available for purchase.

Richard appears in "Deadly Nightshade," playing handsome, wealthy, and mentally unbalanced Curtis Bohannan. Tormented by the deeds of his deceased father, Bohannan takes up the persona of a hero of yesteryear, a vigilante known as the Deadly Nightshade. Unfortunately, Bohannan is considerably more reckless and violent than the original, and soon crosses swords with The Scarlet Speedster himself.

Richard appears in all 13 episodes

Point Pleasant - The Complete Series (2005) DVD Set -- $31.99 (20% discount)
Release date: October 25, 2005. Now available for purchase.

Richard appears in all 13 episodes of the short-lived FOX dramatic supernatural series, playing Dr. Ben Kramer, patriarch of the Kramer family. Ben and his family -- wife Meg (Susan Walters) and daughter Judy (Aubrey Dollar) -- take the mysterious Christina (Elisabeth Harnois)into their home as she strives to find out who she is and where she comes from.

Desperate Housewives Season 1 DVD set and companion book available

1) Desperate Housewives - The Complete First Season (2004) DVD Set -- $39.86 (34% discount)
Release date: September 20, 2005. Now available for purchase.
ASIN: B00079FU16

2) Desperate Housewives: Behind Closed Doors (Paperback; first season companion book) -- $12.21 (32% discount) 
Release date: September 28, 2005. Now available for purchase.
ISBN: 1401308260

Richard appears in 3 episodes of the first season of ABC's blockbuster satirical drama series. The third episode introduces him as Karl Mayer, flaky midlife-crisis-ing ex-husband of Susan (Teri Hatcher) Mayer. Karl remains a part of Susan's life as the father of their teenage daughter, and pops up to bedevil Susan at the most inopportune times.

Both the series and Teri Hatcher earned Golden Globes for this season.

Richard appears in 12 episodes of Season 1

24 Season One (2001) DVD Set -- $34.86 (42% discount)
ASIN: B00005JLF2

Richard appears in 12 episodes of the first season of FOX's ground- and record-breaking drama series. The first episode introduces him as Alan York, concerned father of a missing daughter. As the series unfolds, we discover Alan is not who he appears -- he is, in fact, Kevin Carroll, a cold-blooded assassin and mercenary.

The series and series lead Kiefer Sutherland would go on to earn Golden Globes for this season.

Richard's character mentioned in book on 24's Season One

24: The House Subcommittee's Findings at CTU by Marc Cerasini and Alice Alfonsi -- $11.02 (35% discount)
ISBN: 0060535504 

This book is set within the world of 24, providing background information on the characters involved in the unfolding story. Richard's character, the murderous mercenary Kevin Carroll, is shown to be an ex-Fed with an unsavory past.


Richard appears in Season 3's High and Low

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation- The Complete Third Season  (2001) DVD Set -- $63.99 (25% discount)
ASIN: B0001906X6

Richard appears in the episode "High and Low" as paragliding instructor Rick Weston. (Trivia note: "Starship Troopers 2" costar Colleen Porch also appears in "High and Low").


Cellular DVD now available

Cellular (2004) DVD, Widescreen, Region 1 encoding -- $10.99  (27% discount)

Richard plays Craig Martin, husband of Kim Basinger's Jessica Martin. 

Craig, a realtor, finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time and observes -- and videotapes -- crooked cops executing hoodlums. Craig secures the camera in his safety deposit box, and calls to warn Jessica. Unfortunately, the crooked cops get to the Martin home before Jessica gets the message.

Cellular novelization may offer additional insights into Craig Martin

1) Cellular (novelization by Pat Cadigan) -- $7.99 (no discount)
ISBN: 1844161048

2) Cellular (Score) [SOUNDTRACK] -- $16.98 (no discount) 
ASIN: B00049QLC8

The novelization will be an interesting read, especially if it delves a little deeper into the character of Craig Martin (Richard's role in "Cellular")

"Cellular" is also available on DVD. 

The US-market DVD doesn't include bloopers or deleted scenes

Decoys (2003) DVD [US market version] -- $21.99 (12% discount)
ASIN: B0002J4X3O

Richard plays Detective Francis Kirk in this tongue-in-cheek take on the "aliens need humans to reproduce" sci-fi theme. Director Matt Hastings has described "Decoys" as a meeting of "American Pie" and "Species."

There are two versions of the DVD currently available. The US-market version available through does not include the deleted scenes and bloopers included in the Canadian-market version (see next entry).

Canadian-market Decoys DVD has deleted scenes and bloopers

Canadian-market version from
Decoys (2003) DVD -- CDN $13.46 (10% discount)

New release: 07 June 2005

The Canadian-market DVD includes an assortment of deleted scenes, the bloopers, a "making of" special, and a photo gallery. The deleted scenes help explain some aspects of the film which are confusing or vague in the theatrical release, and Richard's scenes and bloopers are hilarious.

Richard appears as Womack in The Message

1) Firefly - The Complete Series (2002) DVD -- $24.96 (50% discount)

2) Firefly (Original Television Soundtrack) [SOUNDTRACK] -- $12.98 (28% discount)

Richard appears in the episode "The Message" as Lt. Womack, an unscrupulous Alliance Enforcement officer. Womack is after an old war buddy of Malcolm and Zoe's and is quite determined to get what he's after.

Had the series continued, Womack would probably have become a recurring character.

Starship Troopers 2 DVD and Soundtrack available at Amazon

1) Starship Troopers 2 - Hero of the Federation (2004) DVD -- $12.99 (13% discount)

New release: 07 July 2005

2) Starship Troopers 2 (Score) [SOUNDTRACK] -- $17.98 (no discount)
ASIN: B00028HOC2

Richard plays Captain V.J. Dax in "Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation." The DVD includes the widescreen movie, a "making of" featurette which includes interviews with the cast and behind the scenes footage, a photo gallery, and look at the animation process. 

The soundtrack CD presents the entire "Troopers 2" suite, which includes the haunting Dax's Theme.

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