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Last Updated: 7 January 2000

Richard guests on NBC's "Veronica's Closet"

Richard guests on NBC's "Providence"

Richard tapes voice role for Nickelodeon's "Wild Thornberrys"

USA Network airs Richard's first-season VIPER episodes

"The Sentinel" airs on the SciFi Channel every Tuesday from 7-11pm Eastern

SciFi Channel adds "The Sentinel" to its website

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RB on VC[01/17/00] *** Richard guests on NBC's "Veronica's Closet" *** -- Tuesday at 9:30pm ET/PT, airing Jan 18th. Richard guests in the episode "Veronica's Tattoed Man," playing Veronica's (Kirstie Alley) new beau Mark, who coincidentally also dated Veronica's coworker Olive (Kathy Najimy). Veronica is not at all pleased to discover that her new man has a large tattoo of Olive's face -- complete with her name -- on his chest. (Check your local listings for channel and time).

Remember to visit NBC's website and drop them a thankyou e-mail for chosing Richard for the role. The NBC website is at and their feedback e-mail address is To learn more about the show, take a look at the page for Veronica's Closet.

(Thanks to Dianne for the Veronica's Closet screen image. Veronica's Closet is the property of NBC and Warner Brothers).

[01/07/00] *** Look for Richard on NBC's "Providence" later on this season ***-- Friday nights at 8pm ET/PT Richard is working on an episode of NBC's popular drama "Providence" which will most likely air later this season. Information on his character and the episode storyline will be posted as it becomes available.

Visit NBC's website at to learn more about Providence and NBC's lineup, or go directly to the Providence page. Send Providence e-mail to

[01/07/00] *** Richard guests on Nickelodeon's animated "Wild Thornberrys" *** -- weeknights at 8pm ET/PT. Richard voices an evil poacher on an episode of the half-hour animated show. Due to production lead-times on animated programs, Richard's episode will probably not air until Fall. The show revolves around a "Dr. Doolittle"-like young girl, 12-year-old Eliza Thornberry, and her rather eccentric animal documentary-producing family. Richard's role might become a recurring character.

For more information on Nickelodeon's schedule and the Wild Thornberrys, visit the Nickelodeon website at (Click on "Pick a show" to learn more about Eliza and her family).

[01/07/00] *** USA Network to rerun Richard's episodes of VIPER in January ***


Look for Richard as shady "Outfit" bigwig Lane Cassidy in the following episodes of VIPER:

"One a Thief" -- Thursday, Jan 6th at 2am ET (actually Friday, Jan 7th)

"Ghosts" -- Tuesday, Jan 11th at 2am ET (actually Wednesday, Jan 12th)

"Firehawk" -- Thursday, Jan 13th at 2am ET (actually Friday, Jan 14th)

"The Scoop" -- Thursday, Jan 27th at 2am ET (actually Friday, Jan 28th)

**PLEASE NOTE** In "tv time," Tuesday's schedule carries over into Wednesday am and Thursday's schedule carries over into Friday am.

For more information on the USA Network's schedule and programming, visit their website at or e-mail them at to thank them for airing Richard's episodes.

(Thanks to Heidi for the schedule information and to Angelika for the VIPER screen images. VIPER is the property of Paramount Television and Pet Fly Productions).

[10/22/99] *** The Sentinel now part of SciFi's "Four-Play" Fall schedule *** -- Tuesdays from 7-11pm ET (4-8pm PT). Rather than "stripping" the show across a whole week, SciFi will air four episodes every Tuesday evening as their Primetime lineup (with the first two of those episodes repeating starting at 1am ET). 

SciFi Banner

[01/17/00] The current Sentinel schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, January 18

  • 7pm ET -- Preempted for movie "Army of Darkness"
  • 8pm ET -- Preempted -- see above
  • 9pm ET -- Preempted for new series "LEXX"
  • 10pm ET -- Preempted -- see above
Tuesday, January 25
  • 7pm ET -- Sentinel Too part 2 (repeats at 1am)
  • 8pm ET -- Murder 101 (repeats at 2am)
  • 9pm ET -- Four Point Shot
  • 10pm ET -- Dead End on Blank Street
February -- The Sentinel is put "on hiatus" by SciFi and replaced by "Xena: Warrior Princess." Airdate for final four episodes as yet TBA .

Additional information regarding The Sentinel broadcast schedule on SciFi can be found on the SciFi Website's Schedulebot pages.

(Visit SciFi's website for information on the network and its schedule or e-mail SciFi at or with comments on Richard Burgi and The Sentinel).

[10/05/99]The SciFi Channel has an excellent Sentinel page at its website. The page, which can be found at, contains cast and character bios, a selection of downloadable JPEG images of the cast, episode guides for all four seasons, a bulletin-board devoted to The Sentinel, and a downloadable Sentinel screen-saver in both MAC and Windows formats.

(Remember to e-mail SciFi at or with comments on Richard Burgi, The Sentinel, and their very nice Sentinel web page).
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