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In honor of Richard Burgi's Birthday, we're once again sponsoring a charity raffle.

Ever wanted your own, personal replica of Jim Ellison's Cascade PD basketball jersey -- signed by Richard himself -- as seen in the fourth season episode of  The Sentinel, "Four Point Shot"?  Now's your chance to win one and help the Friends of the Sea Lion Marine Mammal Center (FSLMMC)  at the same time!

The RBFC is offering two identical jerseys, both signed by Richard Burgi, in a raffle open to all Sentinel and Burgi fans, and you can enter as many times as you like.

Each chance costs US$5, all of which will go to the FSLMMC. Please make your check or money order, in US Dollars, payable to the Friends of the Sea Lion Marine Mammal Center.

For each chance, include your name, mailing address, and e-mail address on a 3 inch by 5 inch (approximately 7.5 cm by 12.5 cm) index card (or something similar) along with your check or money order.  Your card (or cards) will serve as your "raffle ticket" in the drawing.

Remember, if you are only entering once, you only need to include one card along with US$5. If you are buying five chances, send in US$25 and five cards! (Don't be lazy. We won't write them for you).

Send your card(s) and check or money order to:

RBFC Raffle
10153 1/2 Riverside Drive, #494
Toluca Lake, CA 91602

All chances must be received by Monday, July 15th. The drawing will be held by July 30th and the winner will be listed in the next issue of the RBFC newsletter and on the RBFC website News page. (The winner will also be notified by email or snail mail, if no email address is provided).

Special thanks go to Richard and Lori Burgi and Kathleen Cole for their invaluable help in in donating and signing   the jerseys offered in the Summer 2002 RBFC Charity Raffle. Without their generosity, these fund-raisers would not be taking place.

Enter early, enter often!


(Thanks to Laura Trout and Kat Cole for the images of Richard Burgi and the Jersey)

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