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May 2, 1989:

Status Chart Column:

As the World Turns
Glenn Harrington

The Lean Years....

Days of Our Lives (Philip Collier)

August 4, 1992:

Instant Attraction

In Los Angeles, a mystery man proposes marriage to Kimberly, who accepts. She returns to Salem to delivery the news in person to both Shane and her family. When she arrives, though, the only person she can really confide in is Bo, who senses her uncertainty about her future. He convinces his sister to confide in Shane.

September 1, 1992:

Getting to Know You

The Bradys are instantly enchanted with Philip [Richard Burgi] when Kimberly introduces her fiance to them. Kimberly plays down her violent headaches so that Philip won't be concerned about her.

September 15, 1992:

A Giant Step

Philip takes a business trip to L.A., and Shane and Kimberly fall back into the old comforts of home.... Kimberly continues to act strangely....

September 29, 1992:

Paint the Town Red

Kimberly sends Shane off to Minnesota for a therapy program, drops the kids off at her parents, then gets ready to go out -- until Philip walks in the door. After they make love, she hears a voice calling her name and sneaks out to a motel, where she transforms herself into a redhead wearing sexy clothing.

Who Are You?

Philip tells his fiancee, Kimberly, that he thinks it's best if she and the children stay in Salem until the wedding day. Kim is upset when Shane questions her new drinking habits. Shane follows Kimberly when she sneaks out to Casey's Roadhouse.

Racy "Lacey"

Kimberly appears at the roadhouse in her provocative outfit and is greeted by the bartender as "Lacey." But Lacey ducks out before Shane can spot her. Later, Lacey warns Shane to stop following her around.

October 13, 1992:

Article: The Brady Family Album

Personality Plus: Kimberly Brady. She's a whiz at counseling abuse victims, but her own troubled past has finally caught up with her. Since returning from L.A. with spur-of-the-moment fiance Philip Collier, she's started developing a split personality named Lacey. Kimberly's alter ego loves the color red and trouble. Kim's kids are Andrew and Jeannie.


Shane confides to Marlena his fears that Kimberly has returned to her former life as a call girl. Kimberly continues to be haunted by her memory lapses, but her other personality, Lacey, convinces Marlena and Marcus to give her a clean bill of health. In order to get rid of Shane, Lacey calls Tarrington and talks him into offering Shane a case overseas. When Philip announces that he's returning to L.A., Lacey is thrilled.

Tres L.A.

Molly is excited when Philip asks her to do a screen test in Hollywood for a part in his film. Tanner encourages her to go.

He's Mine!

....As Kimberly's mental struggle with Lacey builds, Shane realizes that her odd behavior may endanger the children. Kimberly has a flashback to her youth when he Uncle Eric, who molested her, held a knife to her. Later, at Casey's Roadhouse, Randy makes his move on Lacey and attempts to rape her. Lacey tries to fight him off, but during their struggle, he's accidentally stabbed with his own knife! Lacey is stunned.

October 27, 1992:

Lacey panics as she stands over Randy's lifeless body. She quickly gathers up the incriminating evidence and flees the scene, accidentally leaving behind Kimberly's pearl necklace. Later, a confused Kimberly has no idea what happened. She is surprised to find strange bruises on his body and a bloody matchbook from Casey's Roadhouse.

Etch a Sketch

...Philip and Kim decide to check out the hot new bar on the outskirts of town -- Casey's Roadhouse!


...Kimberly is confused when the smoky atmosphere at Casey's Roadhouse has a strange familiarity to her. She is even more alarmed when she learns that a necklace was found near Randy's body, especially since she still hasn't found the pearl necklace that Philip gave her. Her worst fears are confirmed when she finds the bloody dress, the wig and the knife!

Unsolved Mysteries

Intrigued by Randy Huston's murder, Philip decides to make a feature film about it. Roman is also obsessed with the unsolved case. He and Taylor go to Lacey's motel room and find Lacey's son, "Somebody to Love." Meanwhile, Lacey tries to burn the wig and the dress, but Philip returns home unexpectedly. In her haste, she accidentally throws the knife in the fire, as well!

November 10, 1992:

The Me Nobody Knows

Lacey works overtime to cover up things. Meanwhile, Kimberly moves closer to discovering the existence of her alternate personality and her connection to the murder of Randy Huston. After a wild night of sex with a stranger, a horrified Kim runs to Philip and confesses her fears. Philip doesn't believe she's capable of murder and vows to protect her.

Caption Reads: Is film producer Philip Collier
(Richard Burgi) modeled after a Hollywood honcho
like Steven Spielberg or George Lucas? Burgi
responds: "He's a confident, goofy, caring mover
and shaker. But I try not to get into any influence
that might seem to be an archetype for an already
known producer."

Dial Kim For Murder?

...Kimberly is nervous when she learns someone has substituted one pearl necklace for another in the evidence room. Faced with mounting evidence of Kimberly's guilt, Philip tells Kim he thinks it's best if they postpone their elopement until the Huston murder is solved.

While leafing through a psychology book, a bewildered Kimberly realizes that her erratic behavior is typical of someone with a multiple personality disorder. Flashing back to scenes of her abusive childhood, Kimberly suddenly remembers telling her Uncle Eric that her name was Lacey!

November 24, 1992:

The Three Faces of Kim

Philip checks out Kimberly's book on multiple personality disorders, and is dismayed to discover that the underlined passages describe Kim's erratic behavior perfectly. When Philip helps Kim undergo self-hypnosis, he is stunned by the emergency of a third personality -- Clare. Clare warns Philip that if he tells Kim about her existence, she'll get rid of Kim, just like she did Lacey.

Split Decision

A hysterical Kimberly asks Philip to tell her the truth about her condition. He reluctantly begins to open up about her multiple personality disorder, but a furious Clare winds up getting the news instead of Kim and suddenly takes control. Clare warns Philip about spilling the beans. She decides to send Andrew and Jeannie to live with Shane, and Kim is forced to bid them a tearful farewell.

December 8, 1992:

Fast Forward To Terror

Philip breaks down and tries to get psychiatric help for Kimberly, but a calculating Clare overhears and makes good on her threats by taking an overdose of pills. Desperate for Kim to learn the truth, Philip devises a plan and secretly videotapes a seductive Clare in action. His intentions go awry when Roman pays Kimberly a visit and takes the tape. Realizing that Roman has seen the tape, Philip comes clean and tells him about Kim's split personality and the Lacey/Clare connection.

A Deadly Confrontation

Roman plans to confront Lacey, but his plan backfires when Clare's personality emerges and she pulls a gun in her effort to escape. The gun goes off during the ensuing struggle, and Roman suffers a massive head wound. Philip tries to cover for Kim, but when Kim's personality returns, she insists she must have been responsible. She then makes a full confession, not only to Roman's shooting, but to the murder of Randy Huston. Kim is booked for the crimes. Roman awakens briefly after delicate surgery, but then slips into a coma.

December 22, 1992:

What Will Happen Column:

Kim and Philip reaffirm their love for each other, as Kim awaits her upcoming trial.

January 5, 1993:

Who's Going Column:

Patsy Pease (Kimberly Brady).

The Heart of the Matter

Philip asks Marlena and John to appear on Jenn's show and talk about their ordeal in the pit. Roman, who's aware of the bond between Marlena and John, surprises Marlena with plane tickets to Colorado for a vacation with the twins.

January 19, 1993:

Article: "Dazed" by The New Days of Our Lives

...From the moment alter ego Lacy emerged, Pease shined in one of the most tired plots in the history of daytime. She did her best acting work to date playing three very believable, different, people. Greatly aided by Richard Burgi in the thankless role of Philip Collier, Kim's fiance and Clare's nemesis, Pease's scenes were among the best on the show.

Column: NBC Gossip

Richard Burgi (Philip) has plenty of soap experience, including a one-and-a-half year stint as Chad The Pimp on AW, and short-term roles on As the World Turns, Guiding Light, and Ryan's Hope. "I was also Susan Lucci for a while on All My Children," he teases. "Nobody knew that." Burgi did screen tests last year for AMC (although it wasn't for the role of Erica Kane). But, even though he didn't get the part, there are no hard feelings. Quite the contrary, actually. "I was very grateful because I didn't want to go back to New York," says the L.A.-dwelling actor. "I wouldn't mind going back at some point - I hear All My Children is a great soap. But for whatever reason, it worked out perfectly."

February 2, 1993:


After hearing a co-worker's child care woes, Jenn vows to institute day care at the studio, despite Philip's warning that the show is doing poorly.

Caption Reads: Has Ariana Chase ever met Patsy
Pease, her predecessor as Kim? Chase (with Richard
Burgi as Philip) says: ....

February 16, 1993:

Column: NBC Gossip

While Richard Burgi is having a great time with his new leading lady, Ariana Chase (Kimerbly), he still hasn't forgotten Patsy Pease (ex-Kimberly). Pease says Burgi offered kind words and a friendly ear after she was dismissed from the show. And as far as Burgi's concerned, phoning Pease was the least he could do. "She's very sweet," he says. "I want to support her however I can. I give Patsy my prayers and understanding."

Running Scared

Billie tells Austin that she may leave Salem after all. She tells Philip about the missing money, and he comes up with an idea: They'll keep an eye out for anyone spending large sums of cash.

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