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January 12, 1988:

Dawn stays at Scott's apartment while she tries to recover from what looks like a bad flu. Unfortunately, she finds the reports about her mother's prostitution records - papers that Scott had decided not to show her. She is hurt that both Chad and Scott have kept the truth from her, and devastated that her mother led such an unhappy life. When Ms. Rollo's symptoms get worse, Mary insists that dawn be admitted to the hospital....

After a number of tests, Jamie discovers that Dawn has AIDS.... Jamie breaks the news to Scott and Chad, who try to be brave for Dawn's sake. She has to be told. It's her life, Jamie says, and they go to her hospital room to tell her she is dying....

February 23, 1988:

Article: Help for the Homeless

Actors from many soaps lent their support to a Night of 100 Soap Opera Stars, which benefited Partnership for the Homeless. Held in conjunction with Help the Homeless Week, the event was held at Tonino's Ristorante in New York City. Everyone donated winter apparel and even though celebrities like Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford weren't able to to attend, they did raid their closets to send help.

Caption reads: Richard Burgi (Chad) and
Anne Heche (Vicki) were among the group
from Another World who attended. Richard had
to empty the pockets of his trench coat before he
could donate it to the cause.

No Insurance

Dawn has a relapse and has to return to the hospital. This time she's angry. She wants everyone to stop talking behind her back. And since she isn't covered by any medical plan, she's worried about her hospital bills. Chad tells her that her job is to stay healthy and go to school. But some of the students don't want to go to class with an AIDS patient. Her teacher asks her to stay home while he straightens things out, but Dawn takes off for class.

April 5, 1988:

Column: Who's Going

Richard Burgi (Chad Rollo) -
It was the show's decision to let
the actor go since his story line
has come to an end.


As the World Turns (Glenn Harrington)

December 27, 1988:

Column: Who's Coming

Richard Burgi (Glenn Harrington) -
has news about Earl; viewers will recall the actor
from his role as Chad Rollo on Another World.

January 10, 1989:

A Message About Earl

Lisa is still distressed about her husband, Earl, who has disappeared after leaving an ominous message with his wife about James Stenbck having finally tracked him down. Then Lisa meets a reporter named Glenn Harrington, who says he met Earl in Alexandria while doing a story about James. He was under the impression that Earl had gone to South Africa. Glenn also met Jessica Griffin when she was in Egypt. Tom and Margo learn that Glenn is not a newspaperman at all. He is really an undercover agent.

Is Earl Faking It?

Earl Mitchell's disappearance has come under some suspicion, especially when his trench coat is found in a hotel room in South Africa. His passport's in the pocket and the coat is stained with blood. Tests reveal that the blood is not human. Glenn Harrington tries to have Earl's luggage sent to Oakdale, but learns that someone has already picked it up, with a letter signed by Earl. It's Mr. Harrington's opinion that someone is trying to make Earl look dead. Might that person be Lisa's ex-husband, Grant Coleman? He asks Doctor Bob is Earl was after Lisa's fortune, but secretly has been negotiating to take over Lisa's business affairs. Lisa tells Jessica to send Grant a copy of her will.

January 24, 1989:

FBI Man for Shannon

Glenn Harrington agrees to stay in town and work undercover on the Stenbeck/Mitchell case while pretending to be a reporter for the Argus. Privately, he tells Shannon that he works for the FBI. She also gets to hear his sad life story, a tale of paternal death, poverty and other hardships. Back on the subject of his investigation, Glenn speculates that James Stenbeck is holding Earl prisoner. Shannon would like to know who told James that her uncle was an Interpol agent; she suspects it was Duncan. But maybe it was Grant Colman, Lisa's ex. He's handling all of Lisa's business affairs now, had Earl's keys to Lisa's apartment and has refused to help Tom out at the firm while Jessica is away.

February 7, 1989:

The Ruckel - Again

Shannon finds a ruckel in a public park. That's the Scottish coin that kept popping up when everyone was looking for the Falcon. Glenn Harrington decides to hang on to the ruckel, figuring the owner will come back for it. He or she does because Duncan and Shannon find Glenn unconscious in the park.

February 21, 1989:

Pass the Ruckel

Glenn Harrington survives his brush with death, but the ruckel he sought to hang onto is missing. But it turns up again in a new place, inside a package addressed to "Barbara Stenbeck." Hal Munson wants to know what Grant Colman was doing in the park at the same time Glenn was attacked.

April 4, 1989:

Stenbeck's Contact

But the Oakdale PD is looking for the wrong man. James Stenbeck's contact in Oakdale this time is Glenn Harrington, who's been itching to lead a normal life with Shannon O'Hara but is still beholden to the Evildoer. And while reminiscing about suffocating Earl, Stenbeck tells Glenn to finish Lisa off and then gad Paul to New York. Detective Munson is sorry that Detective Roy Franklin is getting suspicious about Glenn, but it looks like the police are going to be too late again. Glenn tells Earl's lookalike Benjamin that he's waiting until Lisa is alone in the penthouse before he strikes.

Duncan's Drunken Farewell

Once it is apparent that Glenn and Shannon are lovers, Duncan hits the bottle hard and begins to sign papers and seal envelopes. He has his maid, Lotte, sign a letter verifying his signature. He gives Lotte this and other envelopes and asks to have them delivered to Jessica Griffin. Then he calls Shannon and says a final good-bye.

Lisa Faces Doom

Glenn's got Lisa alone in the penthouse. He's locked the door and drugged her brandy. A woozy Lisa tries to telephone Margo; the line is dead. Meanwhile, suspicious detective Roy Franklin has learned the blood on Earl's raincoat is synthetic. He gets a warrant and goes off with Gerry to search Glenn's apartment. He finds photos of Shannon and Lisa inscribed to Earl, and a tape of Earl's voice calling Lisa.

Lisa realizes that Earl's lookalike is working for Glenn, but too late. Glenn and Benjamin are preparing to throw the restaurateur over the railing to certain death, when Shannon knocks on the door. Glenn has a pang of conscience and Roy and Gerry storm the penthouse. Benjamin takes a bullet; Glenn escapes; Lisa is spared the cement; and Shannon realizes true love has eluded her again. But Duncan has left her his island and castle.

April 18, 1989:

Rendezvous in Gotham

James circles over the city in a helicopter, accompanied by Glenn Harrington. Margo calls out the N.Y.P.D.

Bullets, Blood, Guilt

Paul Stenbeck arrives at the heliport as his father's helicopter lands. Hank runs after Paul and James shoots him. Glenn jumps Stenbeck and runs to Hank. Stenbeck shoots Glenn, killing him. The NYPD shoots down Stenbeck's helicopter. It crashes into the waves. Barbara arrives in New York to learn her chief designer is fighting for his life in the hospital and Paul must wrestle with the cold hard facts - that he owes his life to a man he spurned because he was way [???].

Column: Who's Going

Richard Burgi (Glenn Harrington) -
The actor's story line came to an end
due to plot-line purposes.

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