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August 25, 1987:
News Section: AIDS comes to daytime:
AW is about to launch an AIDS story. At press time, AW was reconsidering their plan to have Scott fall in love with AIDS victim Ivy Rollo (Chad's sister), but still planned to proceed with a plot involving AIDS.
Note: Weekly episode summary was omitted due to preemptions.
TV's Sexiest Men:
September 8, 1987:
M.J. Quits the Force
But M.J. can't go on wondering who will be the next one to receive an incriminating tape. She resigns from the police force even though Adam urges her to stay. He wants to know who sent the tape, but M.J. won't reveal Chad's involvement in her past. She doesn't want Rollo to be blamed for something she chose to do. Chad hopes this means M.J. will let him manage her singing career again, but M.J. won't consider it. Meanwhile, Adam decides to do some investigating.
Interview: Sally Spencer [M.J.]
...One of her steadier dates, though, is AW's Richard Burgi, who plays. Chad. "We sort of date," she reluctantly admits. "We kind of don't talk about it. It's difficult enough being in a relationship with someone you work with and see all the time. But it's a whole lot of pressure when people start talking about it."
Although she's hesitant to give details of their relationship, one of their "sort of" dates brought them to a New Jersey state park which was closed for the night. "I was driving and there was a barrier, and I said, 'I want to go in here.' So, I drove around the barrier and we went in, and we were hanging out. Then the cops came, but luckily I had my California license plates on my car." Believing they were tourists, he let them go with a stern warning. "I definitely have a crazy side," she laughs, and then after a moment, adds, "but it's a personal one." And Sally Spencer has the sneakers and the first skeleton to prove it.
Caption Reads: Richard Burgi (Chad) and
Sally date occasionally, but they like to keep
their off-camera friendship under wraps.
However, Sally thinks they "have a chemistry
which comes across on camera."
October 6, 1987:
Article: Q: What Was Your Most Tender Scene?
Richard Burgi (Chad Rollo on Another World):
"The scene with M.J. when I told her about the letter my
mom wrote. It was right after I told the prostitute to go
back to Ohio. It was a turning point for Chad from bad
to good."
Old Dreams
Adam discovers that the people who sent him the pornographic video of M.J. were actually trying to get to Chad. He storms over to Rollo's apartment to confront him, but when M.J. shows up, Adam takes that as confirmation of her interest in Rollo. Actually, M.J. has come by to back out of a singing gig which Chad had arranged for her. She can't go back to her old life, she tells Chad. All the temptations would still be there.
Fear of Flying
But M.J. does comfort Chad when he learns that his mother has died of a heart attack. He's worried how his little sister, Dawn, will take the news. He doesn't want to tell her over the phone, so Rollo makes arrangements for Dawn to fly to Bay City. Coincidentally, Dawn flies into town on the same flight as Scott LaSalle, who's returning from an errand in New York. Scott manages to calm Dawn's flight jitters, and deliver her safely into Chad's arms.
October 20, 1987:
Chad breaks the sad news to his sister. Mom is dead, he tells her. Later, Chad admits that he, not their mother, has been supporting her for years. Although Dawn suspected that was the case, she is touched by her brother's desire to take care of her. In fact, Dawn wants to stay in Bay City and pursue her musical studies. When Chad finally agrees, Dawn isn't the only one who's happy. Scott LaSalle has definitely taken an interest in Ms. Rollo.
November 17, 1987:
Brotherly Love
Chad's not blind to Scott's attraction to his sister, and he doesn't like it - or the fact that Scott bought Dawn a piano which he is keeping for her in his own apartment. Stay away from her, Rollo warns LaSalle.
Stars At Play:

Caption Reads: PLAY BALL, PART I: During the final
Warm days of fall, many a New York soap start met at a
baseball field in Central Park for a little offscreen
competition. Seems Larkin Malloy's (Travis, All My Children)
turn at bat gave Another World's Richard Burgi (Chad) cause
for pause.

December 1, 1987:
Now Showing Column:

ANOTHER WORLD's Robert Kelker-Kelly (Sam) and Richard Burgi
(Chad) are appearing in a production of True West, in a limited run, at
the Arden Theater (First Baptist Church) in Montclair, New Jersey.
December 29, 1987:
Article: Q: How Did You Make Your First Dollar?

Richard Burgi (Chad Rollo, Another World): "The first
dollar I ever made was when I put together The New York Times -
I was a morning stuffer and sacker. Actually, I think I got fired
from my very first job, which was raking leaves."
Mum's the Word
Chad continues to worry about his sister's relationship with Scott. But when LaSalle finds out that Chad and Dawn's mother was a prostitute, he surprises Rollo by agreeing not to tell Dawn what he's learned.
Article: Year In Review
[There's a group picture of the cast, but it's so tiny, Richard is barely visible. About his character on Another World, the article reads:]
Chad Rollo, M.J.'s former manager, lover and pimp, arrived in Bay City. Hoping to win her back, he gave up his connections with a prostitution ring and became the talen coordinator at TOPS. Furious with Rollo's pullout, the mob blackmailed him by threatening to expose M.J.'s past by means of a pornographic video tape. M.J. tired, but couldn't tell he fiance, Adam Cory, about her past. Chad fought to destroy the tape but, on the morning of M.J.'s wedding, Cory received a cassette and called off the marriage. Humiliated, M.J. quit the police force and moved away.
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