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May 5, 1987:

Dr. Glaser is the serial killer's first male victim. Obviously, the murderer does not appreciate the doc's theory that the "Sin Stalker" is acting out of a misdirected, childish need for approval. However, Glaser survives the attack and Sgt. Cory asks him to identify a suspect who was apprehended in the garage a few moments afterward. Adam insists that the suspect don a ski mask - what Glaser remembers the killer was wearing. But the doc can't give a positive I.D. He was hit from behind and it was too dark, Glaser explains. A relieved Chad is unmasked and protests that he is innocent. Later, as the killer watches, Quinn blasts the murderer on the local news station.

A Friend Dies

Lisa says that someone who loves Zach is in danger, but her warning comes too late to save Quinn's life. The cops race to the parking lot, where they spot Chad holding a surgical glove! There's chaos at the precinct as Rollo is led away, with a crowd of reporters and onlookers surgnig around him. Shaking with grief, Zach breaks through the mob and flattens Chad, as Josie Barton's husband screams, "Kill him!"

Hearing about the arrest, M.J. races to the Task force office, where she learns that Chad has no alibi. Security is tight, but not tight enough to stop Mr. Barton from stabbing Chad, cutting M.J. in the process. Jamie patches up the victims as the coroner's report fixes the time of death. M.J. then catches Adam off-guard: Chad was with her during the time! Adam is so humiliated and angered by her lies that M.J. offers to return her engagement ring. Cory doesn't accept it, but M.J. is sure that she's killed his love forever.

About to tell Chad he's free, M.J. is shocked to see him weeping. Chad shows her a letter from his mother, which moves M.J. greatly. Seizing the moment, Chad presses his former lover in a kiss. Then, she flees....

May 19, 1987:

A Warning

The voice which calls out to Cheryl in the gazebo turns out to be tape-recorded. The killer is warning Cheryl because he knows she's still a virgin, Adam concludes. But Cheryl intends to change that soon. She's decided that she's mature enough to have an adult relationship with Scott....

...Adam hopes to use the killer's tape to trace his voice, but discovers the words were spliced together from a commercial-real-estate tape. Using his computer, Cory determines that Peggy, Peter, Chad and Tony all had access to the tape.

June 2, 1987

Predictions Column:

M.J. and Adam will break their engagement because of her feeling for Chad (Richard Burgi).

An Uninvited Guest

In spite of the fact that she is having intuitions about the killer, Lisa agrees to go with Jamie to a surprise birthday party for Mac. Soon after the guests assemble at the Cory mansion, a thunder-and-lightning storm begins. The party turns into a nightmare as the killer enters the house and cuts off the electricity, locks the men in the den where they are playing poker, and terrorizes the woman in the living room. Although he escapes through the terrace doors, it's clear the murderer was after Nancy.


Adam and M.J. corral the guests into one room while they search for the killer. They do find someone outside - Chad! But he claims he was in Rachel's studio. When Adam tries to call the precinct for a backup-up, he learns that the a nearby bridge has been washed out. No one can leave the Cory estate. Later, however, Chad manages to slip away unnoticed. Shortly afterward, the killer gags and ties up Mary, and locks her in a closet. Then he goes after Nancy. His attempt to kill her is unsuccessful, but Nancy is now totally traumatized. The next day when Adam suggests that the only way she can save her life is to move from Bay City, Nancy agrees and leaves town. Only the police know where she is going....

A New Leaf?

Sara believes that Chad is innocent and she decides to give him a pep talk. He can change, she urges, all he has to do is make up his mind. Chad takes her advice and makes a start by refusing money from one of his prostitutes. Then he convinces the young hooker to go back home and forget everything he taught her. But when M.J. sees the girl leaving Chad's apartment, she suspects the worst. Besides, M.J. is there on official business. She wants to check Chad's jacket for evidence of a powder burn. Adam took a shot at the killer after the attack on Nancy, and Chad's a suspect. But Chad informs M.J. that he threw away his coat. It was ruined by the rain, he explains. Later, M.J. decides to take Chad at his word. She brings him to the black book and asks for his help in decoding it. Chad agrees, and tells her than he's gotten an old incriminating videotape of her which he intends to burn. But before he can destroy it, he's mugged and the tape is stolen!

June 16, 1987:

A Warning

Chad realizes that changing his life has consequences. The attack was a warning from Mr. Big not to reform any more hookers. When Chad explains to M.J. that the incriminating pornographic video of her in action was lost in the scuffle, she panics. But Chad promises to get it back - even if he had to kill someone to do it.

Then M.J. and Chad try to break the code in the black book. They are stumped by a symbol of a snake and an apple, and wonder if it stands for the murderer.

Scandals Column:

Cover-Up! Cop Hides Call-girl Past, but Can't Forget Pimp!

BAY CITY-Hotshot cop M.J. McKinnon was thrilled when she caught the eye of co-worker, Sgt. Adam Cory. 'I wanted a nice girl," Cory explained, "and M.J. fits the bill."

But then her former pimp, Chad Rollo, arrives in town and began to blackmail her. Unless she helped him maintain his prostitution ring, he'd tell Adam (now her fiance) all about her seamy past as a club singer and part-time hooker. When Chad became a prime suspect in the serial murder case, M.J. shocked the force by coming to Rollo's defense and breaking off her engagement to Cory. "At least Chad loves me for who I really am," the confused cop said.

June 30, 1987:

In Plain Sight

...Chad informs [M.J.] that the incriminating tape of her can be bought - for fifty-thousand dollars, in cash.

Haunted by the Past

Chad's still trying to raise the cash to buy back M.J.'s porno tape. When Wally helps Rollo pick a winning pony, Chad finally can meet "the agent's" price. But M.J. worries that this is only the beginning of what is certain to be blackmail. Her suspicions increase when a gangster roughs up Chad when they go to make the switch - cash for the tape. It's becoming clear to M.J. how much Chad really does love her. Besides, she finds herself daydreaming about him, even though she tires to convince herself she really loves Adam.

July 14, 1987:

Happy Birthday to You Column:

Richard Burgi - (Chad Rollo, ANOTHER WORLD) - July 30

A June Wedding

Adam's ready to put the sin-stalker case behind him and concentrate on his future with M.J. He wants to set a date for their wedding. She stuck by him, despite his obsession with his official duties, and Adam is certain their marriage will work out. M.J. is delighted, but she's still worried that Adam will end their relationship if he learns about her past as a hooker. Chad is determined that won't happen. He concocts a plan to recover all the copies of M.J.'s pornographic video. With Wally's help, he breaks into the backmailer's apartment and steals the master tape and six copies. "It's over," he tells M.J., who breathes a sigh of relief as they watch the tapes burn. What they don't know is that the gangster had a backup copy under his mattress. Meanwhile, a confident M.J. goes ahead with her wedding plans, and the Corys set up a bachelor party for Adam...

July 28, 1987:

A Surprise Gift

Joe decides M.J.'s shower is the perfect opportunity for a surprise screening of the porn tape. Once again, he poses as a waiter and tries to serve up some trouble. To that end, he gift-wraps the tapes of M.J. and puts it with her other gift. M.J. is shocked when she opens it. Thinking fast, M.J. manages not to play the incriminating cassette. She's certain Chad set her up, but when he denies it, she wonders how long she'll be able to hide her past. After getting up the courage to watch the tape, M.J. decides to tell Adam the truth. She tries, but she can't. Chad offers to run away with her, but M.J. turns him down. She's got to tell Adam she was hooker, before the wedding. Meanwhile, Sarah does her best to convince Chad he's got to forget M.J. Sarah starts with a kiss.

Actors to Watch Out For Column:

Article Reads: Richard Burgi (Chad Rollo, Another World), Height: 6'1";
Weight: 180 lbs; Hair: Brown; Eyes: Blue; Birthplace: Montclair, New Jersey;
Birthday: July 30, 1958; Education: Montclair High School; Marital Status:
Single; Other Acting Experience: Non-contract roles on Guiding Light and
Ryan's Hope; European theater productions, professional model; Most Interesting
Non-Acting Job: Construction Worker in Harlem, New York; Family Background:
One of four children. His older brother, Chuck, is an established rock drummer. His
father is a drummer and his mother, a singer. "My parents gave lots of parties which
turned into jam sessions with jazz musicians. I grew up with music." What People Would
Be Surprised to Know About Him: "I'm an avid UFO and inexplicable-phenomena pursuer."

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