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Richard Burgi's television career, as with an overwhelming number of actors, has its roots in the world of Daytime TV -- the Soaps.  Though his most memorable Daytime roles were as Chad Rollo on "Another World," and as Philip Collier on "Days of Our Lives,"Richard also played shorter-term -- and lesser-known -- roles on "As The World Turns" (Glenn Harrington), "One Life to Live" (Randy Stone), and "Ryan's Hope."

Daytime fans are considered to be some of the most loyal and dedicated in the television industry, following shows, characters, and actors for years.  That loyalty and dedication has created a number of niche markets, including information -- about the shows, about the characters, about the actors.  This demand for information is catered to by a number of Daytime-themed magazines, many of which are issued weekly.

Soap Opera Digest is one of the most prominent Daytime-TV weeklies, providing fans with color photos, plotline synopses and weekly high-points to watch for, as well as lively interviews with actors and producers, trivia pages, "remember when" features and Q&A sections.  Soap Opera Digest has its own website, which can be found at

Linda "Mackie" Maclaren, long-time Burgi admirer, borrowed a friend's library of Soap Opera Digest back-issues and laboriously transcribed the text into HTML code, scanning and incorporating the photos as well.  Linda graciously agreed to allow the RBFC to include her Burgi Bits pages in our Archive.

Thankyou, Linda!

(excerpts from Soap Opera Digest)
Compiled by Mackie
Magazines provided by Wendy Rockburn

Foreword by Linda "Mackie" Maclaren

Note: These are just the excerpts that deal with the plot line involving Richard's character. Some of them are Makes me wish I had those scenes on tape! I resisted the temptation to add my own comments.[sigh].And these descriptions are taken directly from the magazine. I am *not* responsible for grammar and punctuation (whoever writes this ... really needs a beta!) When I was forced to alter text for any reason, I enclosed my changes in [brackets].

Another World (Chad Rollo)

January 27, 1987:

M.J. is Followed

M.J. decides to take Cheryl home from the party, pack an overnight bad and meet Adam at his place. But in the parking lot, she sees someone following her. She suspects it is Vince, but when she calls out, "Pops," there is no response. After she drops Cheryl off, M.J. heads to her car alone. Suddenly, a hand covers her mouth. "You're still my best baby," the man says menacingly....

February 10, 1987:

As M.J. struggles against her attacker, she realizes it is Chad! "You're still my best baby," he whispers playfully. But M.J. is terrified and leans on the car horn. Seconds later, Cheryl comes to her rescue, beating Chad with her fists until he runs off. When Adam and Scott arrive, M.J. insists that she didn't see the man who accosted her. When Cheryl says that she might be able to identify the guy, M.J. panics. "Just hold me, Adam," she cries. But as he takes her in his arms, he has no idea what is really upsetting M.J. Later, Adam asks her to look at mug shots. When she reviews them half-heartedly he asks if she knew her attacker. Of course not, M.J. lies.

Chad Moves to Bay City

M.J. is terrified when she learned that Chad has "relocated." Not only is he living in Bay City, he's been hired as the talent coordinator at Tops. Chad's first order of business is to sign up Nicole as a headliner for the club. Jamie suspects that M.J. knows the newcomer even though she won't admit it. Several casual remarks made by Chad convince Jamie that M.J. is hiding something about her past.

Against her wishes, M.J. goes to Tops for dinner with Adam. Just as she feared, there is a run-in with Chad. Adam is jealous, but Chad tells a shaken M.J. that Adam isn't even competition....

M.J. Keeps Mum

Adam wants M.J. to meet his parents. It's the next step if they're going to think of a future together, he encourages her. But, to his surprise, M.J. refuses to go. Afraid to tell him that she thinks Chad might show up and ruin everything, M.J. offers another weak excuse. Adam is hurt and angry. "What's your problem?" he demands, but M.J. still isn't able to tell him about Chad....

February 24, 1987:

Chad Haunts M.J.

M.J.'s been assigned to the vice squad. She's an undercover investigator looking into the prostitution ring which is flourishing in Bay City - despite the unsolved murders of two local hookers. When Chad learns of M.J.'s new assignment, he tries to strike a bargain with her: He'll keep quiet about her past if she'll help him keep the cops at bay. M.J. refuses, but that doesn't stop Chad from pressuring her.

Adam notices that M.J.'s been jumpy. Is it just that she's nervous about meeting his parents? He assures her that they'll love her - she's everything they've ever wanted for him: sweet, unspoiled, et cetera. M.J. isn't so sure they'll she her the way Adam does. Secretly, she's worried. Suppose Adam's parents catch on to the fact that she was a whore? She can't let Adam down, either. The first thing she decides to do is resign from the vice squad, then Chad won't be able to blackmail her...she hopes.

Tony Gets Closer

Mac allows Tony to work on a story about the prostitution ring. The cops are worried that he's going to blow their undercover operation, but Tony is dedicated to finding the truth. He's getting closer - could Chad Rollo be the main man behind the city's working girls? Meanwhile, Chad's number one girl, Linda, is being stalked. Will she be the murderer's next victim?

Mary and Vince

Just before a nervous M.J. leaves her place to meet Adam's parents, Chad surprises her with a visit. He repeats his threats to expose her past unless M.J. helps him. Luckily, Adam arrives and whisks her away. She's still tense when she meets the Cory's especially when Adam's mother remarks that posing as a prostitute must be horrible for a "nice girl like M.J." A distraught M.J. thinks of resigning from the police force altogether.

March 10, 1997:

Is M.J. Weakening?

When one of Chad's other girls is picked up by the cops, Rollo asks M.J. to help her. He's certain that M.J. will be sympathetic to the kid's plight - after all, M.J. went through an arrest herself, Chad points out. Still trying to be a good cop, Ms. McKinnon refuses, but Chad sees she's torn. She can't forget their past either, Chad whispers as he takes M.J. in his arms.

The Serial Killer Stalks Bay City

A worried M.J. shudders when she reads the note the murderer attached to Linda's body: "All wickedness is but little to the wickedness of women." The killer may not just have prostitutes in mind for his victims, M.J. reasons. Meanwhile, a stranger stalks Maisie who is in the throes of a hot affair with a sailor named Dave.

Chad follows M.J. when she goes to Linda's apartment to look for clues. Then, when M.J.'s back is turned, he pockets a black book which contains the names and addresses of Linda's clients. Later, he mails it to an unknown address. Meanwhile, M.J. secretly believes that Chad is responsible for the hookers' deaths, but still she doesn't turn in her former lover. How long can she hold out? Adam is certain he had seen Linda somewhere before....

March 24, 1987:

M.J. Lies to Adam

Yes, she did know Linda, M.J. admits when Adam questions her. Linda was a friend of Kathleen's, M.J. lies. But Adam isn't buying it. He tells the police captain he wants M.J. off the vice squad now! The pressure is getting to her. In fact, Adam tells his girlfriend to go up to the Pinewoods Inn for a few days rest. "I'll join you as soon as I can," Cory promises. But Chad overhears Adam's plan and arrives at the inn before Cory. After sending candy and flowers to M.J., Chad, using Adam's name, had M.J. moved to a private chalet. Thinking she is about to meet Adam, M.J. is stunned when she sees a snowman wearing the scarf she knitted for Chad. Entering the chalet, M.J. pulls her gun on the man waiting there for her. When it turns out to be Adam, M.J. once again has to lie about her curious behavior.

Chad, M.J. and Adam

Leaving Adam in the chalet, M.J. invents a reason to go over to the main lodge. On her way there, she finds Chad and tells him that she almost shot Adam because of him. Chad uses this as evidence that M.J. still have strong feelings for him, but he backs off. Later, Adam pulls out a ring box and hands it to M.J. who accepts his proposal. However, they decide to keep their engagement a secret until the welcome home party for Vince.

Back in Bay City, Adam continues to investigate the murders and he questions Peter Love and Chad - both claim to have been at the gym when the attack on Maisie occurred. But Cory gets Chad to "admit" he was one of Linda's customers, and M.J. worries that Adam is getting closer to the truth about her past with Chad.

April 21, 1987:

The Way We Were

M.J. has to check out Chad's alibi for the night Josie was murdered. Rollo Hopes to distract her from her "official purpose" by lounging naked in bed. In spite of herself, M.J. still finds her ex-pimp attractive. And when Chad shows her a stuffed panda with the initials "M.J." sewn on it, she decides not to tell the cops what she knows about Chad, as long as he keeps his mouth shut about her past. But the stakes get higher when M.J. realizes that Chad is launching Cheryl's modeling career. Stay away from Chad, M.J. tells her sister. But Cheryl gets suspicious about M.J. and Chad when she sees the panda....

The Killer Stalks Crystal

Chad is elated when Crystal Gayle agrees to perform at TOPS. But unknown to Crystal, she is the killer's newest target. And when Crystal, Adam and Dr. Glaser appear on Felicia's talk show, the murderer accepts Sgt. Cory's challenge to meet face-to-face. But, at the appointed time, the killer doesn't show. Instead, Adam discovers that Peter Love owns the building where the meeting was scheduled to occur, and where the killer has left a number of obvious clues. Adam's certain that the serial killer is staging a personal battle with him.

I've Got a Little List

Meanwhile, M.J. tells Chad that she's deleted her name from Linda's black book. Now, if he doesn't leave Cheryl alone, she'll be able to turn him in. But Chad has already gotten Cheryl her first modeling job and she loves it, even though she doesn't tell her parents about it. Too bad Cheryl doesn't realize that all the time she's spending with Chad has caused Scott to turn to Patricia.

Killer on the Loose

Crystal is attacked twice more - once in her dressing room, and again when she tries to escape onto the roof of the Love Tower. Adam rescues her, but the murderer gets away. Later, M.J. finds that Dr. Glaser was attacked in the garage.

Although Crystal recovers and performs at TOPS, M.J. is shaken by the killer's personal vendetta against Adam. And by the fact that Chad has given Cheryl their old panda - which now has Cheryl's name replacing her initials....

Predictions Column:

The serial killer continues to stalk Bay city. As the police investigation closes in on the murdered, the cops themselves become his prey.

M.J. and Adam's engagement goes on the rocks when he finally discovers she has been lying to him about her past. The breakup shatters M.J.'s confidence and she is again drawn to Chad but he is putting the moves on her sister Cheryl. M.J. panics when she hears that Rollo is encouraging the teenager to take up modeling. Chad was going to launch her career, too, a bitter M.J. remembers. But when she tries to talk to Cheryl, Chad intervenes. He wants M.J. that her family still doesn't know she was a hooker. Unless she stops interfering with his plans for Cheryl, he'll make sure they learn the truth. In the meantime, Cheryl's budding romance with Scott moves on to shaky ground when Tricia, a former classmate of Scott's, makes a play for him.

Caption Reads: In spite of her love
for Adam (Ed Fry), M.J. (Sally
Spencer) can't forget her past with
her former lover, and pimp,
Chad Rollo (Richard Burgi)

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