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Last Updated: 18 October 2000

People Online: Welcome, Richard! How are you tonight?

Richard Burgi: Doing great!

People Online: Great! You have lots of fans here tonight. Let's get started...

Question: If you hadn't chosen acting, what career might you have pursued?

Richard Burgi: Professional boxer, because I like silk robes and silk trunks! Also, I like the idea of a cup man in my corner!

Question: Richard, after “The Sentinel” is over, would you like to continue on in TV or instead pursue movies or stage work?

Richard Burgi: After “The Sentinel,” I will do whatever feels right. Whatever swings!

Question: What do you do when people recognize you on the streets?

Richard Burgi: Pretend that I am someone else! Seriously, I am very grateful that my work is appreciated for the most part. I don't think that anyone has ever said anything bad to me. Besides, I enjoy it. I enjoy meeting people.

Question: What do you have more fun with on “The Sentinel” -- the action scenes, dramatic scenes, or love scenes?

Richard Burgi: I have the most fun with all scenes. Each one can be a lot of fun or tedious. It all depend on the circumstance and the people that I am involved with.

Question: I read a few years ago that you liked restoring churches. Are you still interested in that?

Richard Burgi: Oh, yes! I am interested in sacred architecture and architecture in general. It's been a longtime interest, but I don't have much of a chance to do it. That may change depending on my work schedule.

Question: Good evening, Mr. Burgi. My question is, I know that the entertainment field can be hard on marriages. How do you manage to keep your work and family life balanced?

Richard Burgi: I switch wives weekly. I have a rotation of about 20-30 that I have made pledges to! Ha, Ha! I coat my wedding carousel! On a serious note, behind every good man is a great woman.

Question: If you were given complete creative license to do an episode, what would you do with it?

Richard Burgi: That is my deal! Only the good part is subject to analysis! I would probably go down to the Sea of Cortes and play cops and robbers And end in a chase on the Coral Reef. Or, I would like to do an episode where the cameras would keep rolling from scene to scene -- including all the silliness and all the screwups.

Question: How about doing a crossover episode? “The Sentinel” meets a “Highlander”? An evil one, of course.

Richard Burgi: The Highlander! That's the guy with the sword. Hmmm... a crossover with the Highlander. Could I be the guy with the sword? Call the agents and make it happen!

Question: Love what you guys do on the show!! What was it like to realize just how many fans “The Sentinel” had?

Richard Burgi: Very touching, and very tingly!

Question: As you've done soaps, TV and movies, which do you find most difficult, or does it depend on the individual piece?

Richard Burgi: It depends on the individual piece. The amount of material that you do in a soap is rather extreme. Then again, the amount of detail in movies or in a nighttime show is extreme. They all have their insanities and their rewards.

Question: Which character is closest to your personality: Ellison or Mack Wolfe?

Richard Burgi: Mack Wolfe. His bubble is just a little off of center... off level.

Question: We know you enjoy surfing; is there another sport you haven't tried that you'd like to, say, skydiving perhaps?

Richard Burgi: I was just thinking of that. I've never tried it and I would sure like to sometime.

Question: Richard, you have such a great sense of humor. I get the feeling you got into trouble in school a lot for being a class clown. Am I right?

Richard Burgi: The times that I showed up for school, that is pretty much where I was at.

Question: Do you plan on staying on the show for a couple years?

Richard Burgi: If the show runs a couple of more years, then I will stay.

Question: Hi, Richard, are we ever going to see you with a permanent lady on the show?

Richard Burgi: Let's hope not; I think Blair would object if I had a permanent lady.

Question: Garett just stated he would like to direct you in something and he would make you "get down in the dirt." Would you like to direct Garett in anything?

Richard Burgi: Yes. I would like to put Garett in a tight-fitting Lycra multi-colored outfit. Then I'd parade him on a long runway and get to his emotional core with the blinking lights and an eager audience nipping at his tap shoes.

Question: In “The Rig,” what was in the oil vat that you fell into? Looked pretty yucky!

Richard Burgi: The oil vat was some awful mixture of corn oil, soybean oil and food coloring. I gag when I think about it!

Question: Can you explain what Jim's feelings are on Blair's revival, and why he felt the need to kiss the person that had murdered him?

Richard Burgi: Jim is pretty conflicted. After what appeared to be mouth-to-mouth with Blair, the audience never saw that Blair slipped Jim the tongue. And Jim was just trying to clear his mouth out... rinse off!

Question: Richard, where do you call home?

Richard Burgi: Between my chest cavity and my pubic bone. Seriously, home is wherever my family is. If they aren't there, then it's the only place I find home.

Question: Richard, Garett followed in his father's footsteps to become an actor. Would you like your son to follow in your footsteps as well?

Richard Burgi: Only if he fits into my shoes. But I want my son to do whatever strikes his fancy.

Question: Do you have any plans to do another movie?

Richard Burgi: YES. But I can't elaborate on that right now!

People Online: We have time for only one more question, Richard...

Question: Did you enjoy being a guest of honor at Santa Anita racetrack? What did you get to do?

Richard Burgi: I enjoyed the experience. They were very gracious to me. The jockey of the day gave his goggles to my son. That was a highlight. I can see becoming a permanent fixture there on a semi permanent basis. They were all very nice.

People Online: Richard, thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit with us. Do you have any closing comments for your fans?

Richard Burgi: I thank you once again for supporting me and my humble efforts to bring some fun into your lives. May the road rise to meet you. May the wind always be at your back. Until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand.

People Online: You were a lot of fun, thank you so much. Good night, everybody. Thank you for joining us this evening.

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